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Full text of "Genealogy of the descendants of Humphrey Turner with family records : in two parts"

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family Stecotfetf. 


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1852. . 



The Second Part contains several series of descents and family records, in detail, 
f both males and females. The parents' names are in capitals. 

To illustrate the order in which descents are given, see Part Second, Eighth Series. 
Chere David Turner and his family are given ; then Deborah, his first child, and her 
lescendants are given ; Nancy and Iter's, Rhoda and her's, David and his, and so on 
hrough the whole family, in the order of their ages. 

With the children of the parents whose names stand at the head of a series, 
»egins a new series of reference numbers, 1, 2, 3, and so on in regular succession to the 
;nd of that series. These numbers are placed on the left of all children's names, who 
lave, or have had families, and which could be traced in detail, in a column on the right 
>f that, in which the parents numbers are to be found. On the left of parent's names 
ire corresponding reference numbers, also Roman numbers denoting the generation of 
iach parent. 

In tracing descents, see Eighth Series, as above. The reference number of 

Deborah, the first child of David and Rhoda, is number 1 ; run down the left hand 

X)lumn of numbers till you find VL 1., there you will find Deborah Turner, wife of 

» Freeman Josselyn. The reference number of their son Freeman is No. 9 ; now follow 

he left hand column for numbers VII. 9, and there may be seen Freeman Josselyn and 

! Abigail Bowman, his wife, and family. Then follow on in the left hand column of 

■ lumbers till you find VI. 2. There you will find Nancy Turner wife of Asa Carpenter* 

I ind second child of David and Rhoda, and their family. The reference number of their 

laughter Rhoda, is No. 10, look along the left hand column of numbers for VH. 10, and 

A fiere is Rhoda Carpenter wife of John W. Andrews. And in the same manner through 

the whole series. To trace ancestry is precisely the reverse of this. 

To trace from the First Part to the Second Part, observe the reference number 
against the name referred to in the note at the bottom of the page and the Series referred 
to, look for that Series in the Second Part and there will be found the same name and 
reference number heading the Series. For example, find IV. 16 in Part First, there 
jjrou will find Israel Turner and Deborah Lincoln, the reference number of David, their 
fifth son, is 34, the note at the bottom of the page says, " See Second Part, Eighth 
(Series." Find the Eighth Series and at the head of it you will see V. 34, David Turner 
and Rhoda Porter. 

To trace from the Second to the First Part. Begin with a child of the latest 
generation, for instance, Jonathan son of Eliza Ann, VII. 11, and Ezra Franklin. 
[Find No. 11 in the right hand column under VL 2 in the left hand column, there you 
'11 find Eliza Ann, daughter of Asa and Nancy Carpenter, then look for No. 2, Nancy's 
ference number, in right column under No.'s V. 34, there is Nancy daughter of David 
id Rhoda. Now look for David's reference number, 34, in the right hand column 



in the First Part, and against the fourth generation, and there you will find David, 
son of Israel and Deborah. Thence trace back to Humphrey by the rule in the] 
First Part. 

Abbreviations : a for age, b for born, chxl for children, d for died, dau for daughter, 
m for married, mo for month, no for number, gen for generation, r for residence in 1851. 

The place of birth, death, or residence in 1851, of the Father is in all cases stated | 
if known, and it is to be understood that those of the mother and children are the same 
as those of the father, unless different ones are named. 

If the place of birth &c. of any of the children are not the same as those of th* 
father, then the first which differs is stated, and all that follow will be taken to be the same] 
as those of that child) unless different ones are named. 




The great object of the Compiler of the following work has been to give the 
cendants of Humphrey Turner, according to their generations and families, in 
plain and convenient manner as possible. He has varied the form and manner of 
in some respects, from that of any genealogical work which has fallen under his 
ice, and flatters himself that he has in some measure improved upon them. In a 
rk of this kind, repetitions will necessarily occur; brevity, however, has been 

died, as far as consistent with convenience and perspicuity. 


Part L gives his male descendants in a general form, so far as they could be 
idily obtained ; and the females in each family are named, but not their descendants, 
til we reach the fifth generation. 

Part IL contains several series of Family Records in detail, giving datesof Births, 
images, Deaths, &c, commencing as far back as authentic records could be found. 
ie descendants of both males and females are brought down to the present time, — 
eluding* husbands and wives who have married into Turner families, and their 
scendants. \ 

Perfect accuracy can hardly be expected in a work so complex and multifarious, 
d one embracing so many abbreviations and figures. Some errors may have crept 
| through inaccurate returns of individuals ; and others, perhaps, for want of sufficient 
re, or from misapprehension on the part of the Compiler. Great care and pains, 
wever, have been taken to make the work as correct as possible, and it is hoped it 
V x>ve as much so as from the nature of the case could well be expected. 

"*th a consciousness of having endeavored to do the subject justice, and with all 
e deference, the book is submitted to the candor and indulgence of those who have 
*^ed the undertaking. 


N. B. It ia with much pleasure that the Editor acknowledges the efficient assist- 
le of the Hon. Samuel A. Turner, of South Scituate, — as well from his personal 



exertions in furnishing manuscript records, as from two printed tables on the 
subject, presented by him. 

Also, the courtesy of Dr. T. Larkin Turner, of Boston, for materials in a| 
the work, derived from a mass of records, collected by him for a somewhat similar,] 
much more comprehensive and extended work. 

Also, that of Mr. James Loring, of Boston, for records material to the pros* 
tion of the work. 

Boston, July, 1852. 


ty iff Mart Jfirsi. 

Each page contains two columns. The parents' names are in small capitals, witl" 

rence numbers on the left of the names, and Roman numbers (denoting genera) 

s) on the left of those. 

The names of children are placed under those of their parents ; those having 

erence numbers are on the right hand, with reference numbers on the right of thei 

oaes ; the other children are on the left. 

Each generation begins with number one, applied to the first child having a refer 
ce number, and continues on in a regular series of numbers, to the end of tha 
[ aeration. 

In tracing descents, look in the right hand column for the reference number of otr 
Id, as : Thomas, third son of Humphrey ; then run down the left hand column unti 
y find II, 3, and there will be found Thomas Turner and Sarah Hiland, his wife 
len take his son Charles, No. 16, then follow down the left hand column and againsi 
I, 16, you will find Charles Turner and Mercy Curtis ; and so on through the whole! 

In tracing ancestry, take for instance : Cushing, No. 30, son of Rhoda Hatch anq 
arker Baker, of VIA. generation, reference number 145. Look for No. 145 in 
ht hand column, opposite the VL generation, and there find Rhoda, daughter of 
atch and Mercy Hatch, their numbers VI, 84. Now look for No. 84 in the rigfc 

d column, against the V. generation, and there will be found Seth, son of M 

[nrner and Seth Hatch, their numbers V, 48. Look for No. 48 on the right, again 

le IV. generation, there you will find Mary, daughter of Thomas Turner and Marj 

tJryant, their numbers IV, 24. Look for No. 24 on the right, against the HL general 

jfcn, and there you will see Thomas, son of Charles Turner and Mercy Curtis; and so 

p back to Humphrey. 






^ ~» John, - 

Joseph, Johnv 

Lydia, Thomas v 

Mary, Daniel, ^ 


John Turner, Mary Brewster. 
Joseph, • Ezekiel, 

Lydia, -.-John, 

< Mary, ' .Elisha, 

Rnth, .Benjamin, 

i Isaac, Jonathan, »> 

Grace, - Amps, 

2. John Turner, Ann James. 

David, . / Japhet, 

Merriam, Israel, 

Ann, Jacob, 

Sarah, .Philip, 

'. 3. Thomas Turner, Sarah Hiland.' 

Elizabeth, Nathan, 

Eunice, Humphrey, 

Ephraim, Thomas,t 

Mary, Josiah, 

Grace, Charles, 

III. 3. John Turner, Abigail Padeshall. 

/ John, Margaret, Richard,- 1 

Lydia, Abigail, Abiel, • 2 

in. 4. Elisha Turner, Elizabeth Jacob. 
Mary, Jael, Jane, Elisha, 

Elizabeth, Mary, Elisha, 3 

IIL 5. Bex j. Turner, Elizabeth Hawkins. 

John, 4 

Grace, „ Joseph, • 3 

Elizabeth, Benjamin,' ft 

William, • 7 

Hawkins, 8 

i ■ 

nx 6. Jb^u, Tnm, I ££?,££* 




.'4. Daniel Turner, Hannah Randall. 

Hannah, ,"~ 

Bethia, Eliab, 1? 

Mary; . Abner, 1$ 

Rachel, Amasa, 19 

i Nath'l Turner, Mehitable Riqbt. 
•" Mehitable, Nathaniel, 

AV T Lydia, Samuel, , 20 

(j) Joseph Turner, Bathsheba Hobart. 
f Margaret, Bathsheba, 

r (T) Ezekiel TuRNEHf Susanna K-eney. 
Sarah,, Ruth; Mary, Ezekiel, 
Elijabeth, Lydia, Grace, 

\ Hannah, Susanna, Lucretia. 


[lu.IPart, First S«rie», and Appendix A. 




Jonathan, Mary, 
Jemima, Rnth, 


UL 7. Amos Turner, Mart Hiland, 
Seth, Jane, Mary, Amoa, 
Lydia, Anna, • Ezekiel,. 

IIL 8. Japhet Turner, Hannah Hudson. 
/ Ruth, -r * Joshua, 

Ann, n$ Japhet,' 






EEL 9. Israel Turner, Sarah Stockbbidoe. 


LTL 10. Jacob Turner,* Jane Vininq. 
Jacob, Seth, 

Mary, Jane, 

Micah, David. 

m. 11. Philip Turner, Elizabeth Nash. 










"HL 12. Nathan Turner, Oza "Wing. 
Elizabeth, Thomas, Nathan, 


Sarah, Ephraim, 


* See Second Part, Third Series. 





' ■ 
IV. 21. Thomas Turner, removed to N. CaiuUnB. 

Joseph, Jacob, James, 42 

Henry, John, Nancy, 

Hannah, Polly. 


IV. 22. Abiezer Tubner, Gracb Mott. 

Desire, Grace, 

Hannah, Abiezer, 43 

IV. 23. Charles Tubneb,* Eunicb James. 

Eunice, Mary, 






IV. 24. Thomas Tubneb, Mabt Bbtant. 

Elijah, Charles, Thomas^ 46 

George, Mercy, Lucy, 47 

Mercy, Mary, 481 

IV. 25. James Tubneb, Mabt Tubneb. 
Samuel, Desire, Nathaniel, 
Mary, Mehitable, James, 49 

V. 1. Joseph Tubneb, Zenith Hatden. 


V. 2. Consider Tubneb, Mart Bbown. 

Sally, m. Battles, 

Ruth, Samuel. 

V. 3. Abial Tubneb, Lubana Stlvesteb. 

^ >e g87» Robinson, • 1 

John, * 2 

Ephraim, ' 3 

Abial, • 4 

Hannah, * 5 

> Peggy. * e 
Clarissa, - 7 

V. 4. Roland Tubneb, Hannah Shivebick. 
















5. Eubh. To-f, { gS.'&i. 

Sarah m. James Melzar, 13 

Cushing, Hannah E lis ha, 14 

m. Jonathan Drake, Ruth, 

Deborah m. Chloe, 

William Chase, Eliakim. 

V. 6. Gbacb Tubneb, Ichabod Soul. 

Abigail, 15 

V. 7. Deborah Tubneb, Samuel Oakman. 


Mart Tubneb, Abijah Otis. 

John Turner, Mary, 

Job P., Abijah, 

Amos S., Deborah, 


Second Part, 8econd Series. 
;© Appendix E. 


V. 9. Luct Turner, Thatcher Tilden. 

Peter Thatcher, 

Lucy Turner, Edward, i 

Atherton Wales, Betsy, 

Henry, Charles. 

V. 10. Ruth Tubneb, Thomas Ccshino. 
Ruth, Caroline m. 
Spencer Cushman, Harrison, 
Josiah 7n. Louisa Emily, 
Waterman, Clarissa. 

V. 11. Rachel Turner, J. Spabrel, m. 1797. 

6. 1798, James N., 18 

6. 1800, William, 19 

6. 1802, John Turner, 20 

6. 1805, Mary Turner, 21 

6. 1807, Betsy, 22 

6. 1809, | Geo. Partridge, 23 

b. 1811, Rach. Turner, 24 

V. 12. Eu«* T^eh, { g^S-a* 

Elisha, Benjamin, Benjamin, 25 
Rhoda, Nabby, Elisha, 26 

Lucy, Prudence, _ 27 

Sopnia 771. Noah Reed, 
Abigail m. John James. 

V. 13. Peleo Tubneb, Mabt Wood. 

John, Wheatley, 

Peleg, John, Mary, 

Betty, Ann, Susanna. 

V. 14. Mebct Tubneb, Benjamin Stbtson. 
Lucy, Frances, Mercy, 23 

Benjamin, Joseph, Betsy, 29 

V. 15. Jona. Tubneb, Abigail Stockbbidgr. 

Reuben, • 



Lydia, Calvin,** 










V. 16. Lemuel Tubneb, Hannah Buck. 

V. 17. Wait Tubneb, Mabt Staples. 

Mary, Hannah, 


V. 18. Ezekiel Turner, Leah Simmons. 
Lucy, RacheL 

V. 19 . J(l aHTc,^{^»^ V 

Eunice m. Asa 
Leach, Sela m. 
Samuel Foster, 



V. 20. Jona. Tubneb, Sabah Stocebbidob. 
Nancy, Perei, 34 

Abigail, David, 35 

Sarah, John, 36 

* See Second Part, Eleventh Series. 




V. 21. Seth Tubneb, Mary Stetson, 

Jennings and Mary, 

Francis Small ; Hannah, 

Harvey, Esther. 

Charlotte to. John 


V. 22. Elisha Tubneb, Lydia Briggs. 

Y. 23. John Tubneb, Cbxob Clapp. 

Chloe, John. 

V. 24. Amos Tushes, Hannah Bass. 
Removed to Medway. 

V. 25. Amos Tubneb, Bbtst Pessy. 

Betsy, Amos, 

Ruth, Seth, 



V. 26. Elizabeth Tubneb, Thomas Colman. 

William, 46 

Charles, Betsy, 47 

Abigail, 48 

V. 27. John Tushes,* 

Maby Randall, 
Anna Kino, 
Debobah James. 


Mercy to. Ichabod John, 

Bonney, Lydia to. Adam, 

Japhet Crooker, Job, 

Usley to. David Abel, 

Crooker, Abigail to. Melzar. 
William Cashing. 


V. 28. Joshua Tubneb, Sasah Winslow. 

Joshua, 51 




V. 29. Isbael Tubneb, Abigail Holmes. 

Deborah to. Israel 
Cousins, Priscilla 
m. Isaac Philips, 
Christiana to. Pool 
Spear, Betty to. 
Robert Barker. 



V. 36. Elijah Tubneb, Maby Fosteb. 

Temperance to. Lemuel, 56 

Joshua Burr, Mary, 57 

Lueinda to. Abijah. Elijah Bailey, 58 
Goodrich. Fanny. 

V. 37. Nathaniel Tubneb, Rachel Tubneb. 
Rachel to. Ebenezer Stetson, 
Mary to. Henry J. Tnrner, 

Nathaniel, 59 

* See Second Part, Tenth Series, and Appendix I. 

v. a* J« To.™, {&£&£*• 

Betsy, John Bryant, 60 

Lucy to. Thomas Hervey Job, 61 
Pratt, Sophia, 62 

V. 39. Philip Tubneb, Luct Tbact. . 

Lucy to. Dr. Gr. John, 63 

Lowthrop, Eliza- William Pitt, 
beth Tracy to. Anna, 

Daniel Lowthrop, Sophia. 


Anna, Bela, Clarissa, 

Anna to. Hopkins, 

Lucy to. Carey, 

Lydia to. Jones, 

Bela to. Hannerford. 

V. 41. William Tubneb, Ann Dumabesq. 

William, 64 

George, Edward, 65 

Samuel, Stephen, 66 

Ann M. Dumaresq, Sophia, 67 


V. 42. James Tubneb,* 

Rebecca, Mary, 
Sally to. Mark 

Polly Anderson, 
Ann Cockban, 
Elizas. Johnston. 



Ann to. Henry Coleman. 

V". 43. Abiezek Tubneb, Hannah Thbift. 
William, Hannah, Desire. 

V. 44. Ret. Chables TusNEs,t Mast Rand4 
John to. Deborah Cushing, 
Persia, William, Charles,!! 
Mary, Eunice, 70 

Mary, Persis, 71 

V. 45. William Tubneb,* { I^C^*' 




V. 46. Thomas Tubneb, Joanna Phillips. 
Joa, Charles, 80 


V. 47. Lucy Tubneb, Nathaniel Ccsii; 



7 i 



Charles Lee, 












* See Appendix F. 
t See Appendix C. 
t See Appendix D. 
1 See Second Part, Twelfth Serie*. 

1 See Appendix J. 
5 See Appendix E 





V. 4a Mart Turner, Seth Hatch. 











V. 49. James Turner, Deborah Lincoln. 





Samuel Humphrey, Deborah, '» 













| VL 1. Robinson Turner, Lillis Ford. 

| John, 















Anna Maria m. 



Abiather Briggs, 



YL 2. John Turner, Fersis Washburn. 








Seth W., 






VL 3. Ephraim Turner, Buth Child. 

Elihu W., 

Solon C. 


Hyram, Xoa, 






Forest H., 


Nymphas to. 



Zilpha **±3±r 



VL 4. Abial Turner, j S 

rct Sylvester, 
jenb Smith. 


Thomas S., 

Humphrey, Abial, 





^^ Arathusa to. Orrin 
" Jones, 

VL 5. Hannah Turner, Daniel Child. 

Alan son, 21 

Daniel to. Hannah Farrington, 
Chloe to. Elias Whitnev, 
Adeline to. Nathaniel Eastman, 
Lurana to. John Noyes. 

"VT. 6. Pegot Turner, Isaac Robinson. 
Hannah to. ■ Gardner, 
Roland, Clarinda. 

7. Clarissa Turner,' Aaron Booers. 

William jr. Aurelia Hodgdon, 
Huldah m. Nathaniel Merrill. 
Henry, Sylvina, Henry. 

8. Shiyerick Turner, Arvilla Hatch. 
Doe, Lucy, 22 
Sally, Sally, 23 

YL 9. Benjamin Turner, Hannah Turner. 

Boland to. Polly Yinal, 

Perez, Elizabeth, 24 

David, Martha. 

YL 10. Abial Turner, Rebecca Bates. 
Henry, John, 

George, Sarah. 

YL If. Betsey Turner, Walter Jacobs. 

Mary Ann, 25 
Betsey,- Mana, 26 

Walter, Boland, 27. 

YL 12. Nabby Turner, Nathaniel Eells. 
Nathaniel, Mary, 

Hannah, Zilpah, Benjamin, 28 
Sarah. Martha, 

VL 13. Melzar Turner, Susanna Lorino. 
Hannah, Sarah, James, 
Susanna, Buth, Melzar, 
Rachel, Deborah. 

VL 14. Elisha Turner, Mary Adams. 
Mary Ann, Buth, 

Elisha, Peter. 

VL 15. Abigail Soul, Elijah Curtis. 

Abel,' 29 

Paul, Elijah, 30 

Cynthia, 31 

VL 16. Melzar Turner, 3 J"* 5819 *™***> 

'I Louisa Oakman. 






VL 17. Eunice Oakman, Thomas Rugglbs. 

John, Thomas, Eunice, 35 

Sarah to. W. Lucy, 36 

Hatch and had - Betsy, 37 

three children, Samuel, 38 

VL 18. James N. Sparrell, Desire Barrb£. 
Martha J. to. Charles W., 39 

Hosea Damon, James N., 

George H, Debby C. N., 

Mary Turner to. Henry J. Turner. 

VI. 19. William Sparrell, Caroline Fobrs, 
Juh'ana, Caroline, William Penn. 

VL 20. John T. Sparrell, Delight Clapp. 
John^T^ Edwin Forest. 

VL 21. Marx T. Sparrell, Simeon Young. 
Mary Elizabeth, Barker C. 
Henry Turner, Edwin. 

VI. 22. Betsey Sparrell, W. J. Farnsworth. 

George W., 
William Crawford, Rachel Eliza, 
Caroline Augusta, Mary Louisa. 

— — *~mm 



HI. 14. Thomas Tubneb,* Hannah Jenkins. 
Hannah, Sarah, David, 19 

Silas, Jemima, ' Ephraim, 20 

Mary, Ruth, Thomas, 21 

Lettice, Relief. 

III. 15. Jo si ah Tubneb, Hannah Holbeook. 
Josiah, Elisha, Abiezer, 22 

ITT. 16. Chables Tubneb, Mebct Cubtis. 

Merer, Ephraim, 

Memam, CI 






Sarah, Hannah, Lazarus. 


Nehemiah, Abner. 

III. 19. Amasa Tubneb, Annah Smith. 
Hannah, Amasa, Eliab. 

III. 20. Samuel Tubneb, Desibe Bakes. 

Nathaniel, Lilly, Job, 

Abigail, Samuel, James) , / 25 



John, Vine, RuthT* Joseph, 1 

Jemima, Deborah, Consider, 2 

IV. 2. Abial Tubneb, Elizabeth Robinson. 



Robinson, Anna, 
Peggy, Bethiah, 


Abial, * *_ 
Rowland, - 


IV. 3. Elisha Tubneb, Mabt. Studlbt. 



Bartlett, G race, • 

Bartlett, ^ Deborah, - 

Michael, Mary, 

Melzar, Lucy, 

John, Ruth, 

Royal, Rachel, 

IV. 5. Joseph Tubneb, Betty Stabb. 
Betty, Joseph. 

IV. 6. Benjamin Tubneb, Mebct Tubneb. 

Benjamin, Lucy, Elisha, 12 

Joseph, Elizabeth, Peleg, 13 

Thomas, Cushingj Mercy, 14 

Benjamin, Lucy. 

IV. 7. William Tubneb, Abigail Chubch. 
Abigail, Betty, William, 

AbeL,Lydia, Nathaniel 

IV. 8. Hawkins TubmIb, Luct Stabb. 
Lucretia, Dorothy, Hawkins, 
Starr, Lucy, Grace, Betty, 
Catherine, Molly. 

* See Appendix B. ~ 

IV. 9. Isaac Tubneb, Ruth Tubneb. 

Susanna, Lemuel, _ 

Ruth, Wait, 

Isaac, EzekieL, 

IV. 10. Ignatius Tubneb, Elizabeth Wilson 


Job, Jonas, 


IV. 11. Jesse Tubneb, Ltdia Nbal. 

Seth, Mercy, Seth, 

David, Nabby, Elisha, 

Lydia, John, 

IV. 12. Amos Tubneb, Eliz'th Stockbbid] 

Priscilla, Jane, Amos, 

Anna, Amos m. 
Hannah Bass, re- 
moved to Medway. 

IV. 13. E^kib. Tirca*., {f^g^l 

Ruth, Bathsheba, 








IV. 14. Joshua Tubneb, Mabt Pebbt. \ 
S Rebecca, John,* 

Hannah, Mary, Joshua, 

IV. I5 t Japhet Tubneb, Hannah Hatch. 

Japhet m. Elizabeth Morse, 
Elizabeth, Hannah, Israel, 

TV. 16. Isbael Tubneb, Debobah Lincoln] 

Benjamin m. Mary Joshua, $ 
Howard. * Jacob,|| 


IV. 17. Nathaniel Tubneb, Mabt Bails t. 

Elijah, ^ 3 



TV. 18. Philip Tubneb, Anna Ado ate. 


IV. 19. David Tubneb, - 

Sarah, Thomas, 
Mary, Abigail, 
Je mini ah, > 







IV. 20. Epheaix Inn, | j^Sjtltor 

John, James, William, 

Lettice, Dorothy, Thomas, 

Samuel m. in Load., Betsy. . 

* See Second Part, Tenth Series, 
t See Second Part, Fourth Series, 
i See Second Part, Fifth Series. 
$ See 8econd Part, Sixth Series. 
I See Second Part, Seventh Series. 
i See Second Part, Eighth Series. 
*• See Second Part, NJnth 3eries. 




VL 24. 
VL 25. 




Geo. P; Spabbrll, Aim Hujuuswkll. 


Josephine, Frederick. 

Rachel T. Spabbbll, Asahel Palmer. 
Eugene, Asahel. 

Benjamin Turner, Susan Gifford. 

Charles, Prudence, Bethnel, 40 

Prudence, Nancy, George. 

VL 26. Elisha Tubneb, Betsbt Dill. 

Eliza, 41 

Elisha, 42 

Adeline W. 43 

Lucy, 44 

VL 27. 

p™»T™ , {^b!™"' 





VL 28. Mebct Stetson, Elijah Jenkins. 
Eliza, Elijah, 

John, Frances. 

VI. 29. Betsey Stetson, Leonard Clapp. 

Mercy 1a, 


VL 31. 


Tubneb, < 











Mart Whiting, 


Polly m. Isaac Withington, 
Isaac m. Abigail Whiting, 
Betsey m. Peter Hobart, 
* William m. Sally Gowen. 


VI. 32. Lutheb Turner, Gbacb Whiting. 

Grace, 56 

Grace, Jane, 57 

Avis, 58 

Lather, 59 

George, 60 

VL 33. Zadoc Tubneb, Hannah Holt. 

Roxana, Marcus, 

Lenity, Orren. 

VI. 34, Pebez Tubneb, Hannah Cushing. 

Robert V. C, Perez, 61 

Eliza, Hannah, 62 

William, Sarah. 

VL 35. 
VL 36. 

David Tubneb, Ltdia Simmons. 

Sally, 63 

John Tubneb, Chloe Clapp. 


VI. 37. Seth Tubneb, Luct Clark. 
Joseph, Mary S., 

Charles A-, Charlotte, 

VL 38. Jesse Tubneb, Elizabeth Rider. 


VL 39. Mary Tubneb, Nathan Hunt. 






VL 40. Hannah- Tubneb, Wabben Stlyesteb. 

Charles W., 

Harvey T., Almira, 70 

VI. 41. Ezekiel Tubneb, 

Ezekiel m. Nancy 
Turner, Mary m. 

Ltdia Stetson, 
Prisc. Jossbltn, 
Mart Harding. 
Harriet, 71 

William, 72 

Lucy, 73 

Samuel S^ 74 
John, 75 

Ruth, 76 

Sally, 77 

Priscilla, 78 

Bathsheba, , 79 

VL 42. Amos Tubneb, Maby Reed. 

Mary K, 
Clarissa, Allice, 


VL 43. Seth Tubneb, Pbiscilla Beals. 

Seth m. Deborah House, 
Nathan, Priscilla, 

Priscilla, Noah. 

VL 44. Betsbt Tubneb, Daniel Keen. 
Daniel, Charles, Lewis, 
Abigail, Betsey, Betsey. 

VL 45. Ruth Tubneb, Samuel Houses 

Samuel m. Mary Josselyn, 

VL 46. William Colman, 



VL 47. Betset Colman, Edward Cushing. 


VL 18. Abigail Colman, Charles Cushing. \ 
Charles, NathanieL 

VL 49. Adam Turneb, Chloe Bonnet. 
Betsey m. Job . Oliver, 
Bearce, Melzar m. Adam, 
Bathsheba Thomp- Southworth, 
son, Southworth Abel, 
m. Lucinda Chloe, 

Thompson, Alvin. 




VL 50. Job Tubneb, 


Sally James, 
Sylvia Sampson, 
Nabby Clift. 


VTL 51. 

Bell, Betsey m. Cnloe, 

Benjamin Brigham, Abel, 

Sally, Enoch,/ 
Job to. Sarah"G. 

Paul Sampson, 91 
Sylvia S.,. 92 

Joshua Tubneb, Betty Babkeb. 
Betty to. Deborah, 

Peterson, Cela, 




VL 52. Jessb Tubneb, Bathsheba Lapham. 
Levi, Jesse, 

Luther, Isaac. 

VI. 53. Jonathan Tubneb, Maby Bonnet. 
Jonathan, Japhet, Ebenezer. 

4. Isbael Tubneb, Elizabeth Hall. 
Christiana, „ Sally, 

Nabby, Lucy, Israel, 

Daniel, George. 

VL 55. Elisha Tubneb, Sarah Keen. 
Mary, Josiah, Elisha, 

Robert, David Tilden. 

VI. 56. Lemuel Tubneb, Susannah Hatch. 


VL 57. Maby Tubneb, Joshua Bubb. 

Freeman F., Henry T., 93 

Joshua, Frances. 

V-I> 58. Elijah B. Tubneb, Lucy Standish. 

t i 

Mary B. 

Miles S. 

VI. 59. Nath'l Tubneb, Susannah R. Hatch. 
Lucy, Frances. 

VL 60. John B. Tubneb, Hannah Nichols, 
Clara m. Charles Bates, 2 chil. ; 
Job A. to. Almira Fellows, 3 sons ; 
Charles N. to. Eliz'th Foster, 2 chil.; 
i John B. to. Maria Pratt, 

/ ' Mary C, Hannah N., 

-Maria F n Ann. 

> • 
61. Henby Job Tubneb, Maby Tubneb. 
Mary w. James Hall, 1 dan. ; 

Rachel to. Flint, 

Sophia, Henry, 94 

62. Sophia Tubneb, 



VI. 4J3; John Tubneb, Hannah Huntington. 

Julia Mariette, Geo. Frederick, , 

Elizabeth H., Charles William. 

VT. 64. William Tubneb, Judith Holyokb. 

Margaret Holyoke, Edward A. H, 
J( Charles, Wm. Henry, 95 

Samuel, Samuel Epes, 96 

VX 65. Edwabd Tubneb, Elizabeth Gbxt. 

Samuel Hughes to. at the South ; 
Emily Neville, Harrison Grey, 

William Mortimer, Edw. Dumaresq, 
Sophia Skillings. 


66. Stephen Tubneb, Maby Pbince. 
Eliza to. ■ Hosmer, 

Helen, Sophia, Charles. 


VL 67. Sophia Tubneb, Nehemiah Shillings. 


VI. 68. Thomas Tubneb, Nancy Baskbbyille. 
Mary to. William William, 
Hamilton, James George, 
to. Ann Hawkins, Emma, 
Nancy, Sally. 

VL 69. Daniel Tubneb, Anna Abnold Key. 
Allice, Daniel, Rebecca, 

Frank, Emily, Mary, 

Janet, Anna, Ellen, Elizabeth. 

VL 70. Eunice Tubneb, James Tobbby. 

James, 97 

Eunice, William T., 98 

Gracey, Sally R., 100 

Charles T., Harriet, 101 

VL 71. Pebsis Tubnbb, Abneb Thayeb. 









Sally B^ 


















Harriet T., 


VL 72. William Tubneb, Elizabeth Smith. 

William, 113 

Elizabeth, Martha A., 114 

Andrew E., 115 

VL 73. Elizabeth Tubneb, Jotham Tilden. 


Elizabeth T., 
William H. r 
Horatio N., 




u I 



VL 74. Chas. L. Turner, Cascabilla Child. 

Eunice B., 



Charles Lee m. 

Maria French, 





Laura Ann, 






VL 75, Stephen Turner, Abigail Cooper. 

Stephen, Charles An 127 

Rebecca, John, 128 

W. H. Harrison, 129 

Eunice C, 130 

VL 76. Eunich Tubneb, Martin Buss. 

Harriet, 131 

William T., George T., 132 

Theodore, Adeline, 133 

Stephen M., Eunice, 134 

James, 135 

Sarah Ann, 136 

VL 77. Frances Tubneb, William Lee. 
John, John. 

VL 78. Obiens Turner, Benj. Humphbet. 

Henry B., 

Elizabeth Is 

Mary Ann, 
Francis J., 
Caroline A. 
Louisa E. 


VL 79. Nanct Tubneb, Briggs Sampson. 

Henry B~, John S., Frances E., 138 
Julia T., Albert S., Ann B., 139 

George A^ Florence. 

VL 80. Charles Turner, Ruth Thomas. 
Charles, John P., Joanna. 

YI, 82. Mehitable Cushinq, Eastabrook. 

Lucy m. in Maine. 

VL 88. Nathaniel Turner, Sarah James. 

Nathaniel, 146 
Mary, Samuel BL, 147 

Lydia, Sarah, 148 

VL 89. Jambs Turner, Ruth Stockbbidob. 


VL 90. Deborah Turner, Nathaniel Wade. 

Nathaniel, 149 
David m. Sally 


Ma t ild a, 





VL 91. Lydia Turner, Elisha Fobd. 

James T. m. A. D. Lydia T., 

Waterman, Pris- Abigail, 

cilia m. Samuel Elisha, 

Adams, Peleg m. Elizabeth, 

Sylvina Peterson, Nathaniel, 

Rosclla m. James Deborah L., 

Garder, Jane, 

Ruth A, Sarah J. 


VL 8& Ezekiel Cushtno, Delia Sawteb. 

. Polly H. m. 


Delia m. Julius Cushman, 

Ellen m. — 







VL 84* 

Seth Hatch, 

Mebct Hatch. 









VL 85. Penelope Hatch, Josiah Barker. 
Seth, Sally, Mary, 

Josiah, Ebenezer. 

VL 86. Mebct Hatch, Aldbn Bbigos. 
Alden, Thomas, 

Sophia, Harriet. 

VX 87. Sallt Hatch, Isaac Hatch. 
Isaac, Jonah, Martin, 

Sally, Nabby, Caroline. 

VL 92. Mart Tubneb, Jonathan Hatch. 

Turner, Betsy, Anson, 161 

Deborah, Artemissa, 162 

William, Mercy, 163 

VL 93. Pollt Tubneb, Nathaniel Bakes. 

Nathaniel, James, 

Andrew, James, Hannah, 164 

Mary, Ellen, Maria, 165 

VL 94. Desire Tubneb, Jonathan Chandler. 
Desire m. William Robbins, 
Ruth m. George Barding. 

VII. 1. Bbadish Turner, Abigail Bailet. 
Lydia, Abigail, Sophronia, 

Sylvester, Bradish, 

James B., Lurana, 1 


V1T. 2. Pekins Tubneb, Mart Pettengil£T? 

Augustus M^ 


VLL 3. Amos Turner, Olivh Whitman. 
Olive, Jane. 

VTL 4, Robinson Tubneb, Eliz'th Benson. 
Hollis, Sarah* 

VTL 5. Howabd Tubneb, Eliz'th Sebjant. 

Zadoc L, \ 
Robinson, Julia L. 

VTL 6. Eliza Tubneb, J Philip Andrews, 
V I Obed Griffith. 


Hiram, Charles, 
Charlotte, Mary, 

Mary Ann, 

VTL 7. Luct Tubneb, Jefferson Hall, 

Robert, Elvira. 


— "■ 


f S> 


VII. 8. Abigail Turner, Zbra Bbbry. 
Henry C, Clarissa, Charles W., 
William F., Persis W. 

Vll. 26. Maria Jacobs, Mabsh. H. Litchfield. 
Ellen, George, 

Walter, Horace. 









9. Clarissa Turner, Daniel Edgcomb. 

James I., John T. 

10. Persis Turner, Ozias Babtlett. 

Stedman, Henry. 

11. Zilpha Turner, Nymphab Turner. 

Persis M^ Don Alonzo, 

Zilpha L., Clarissa, 

Nymphas, Rebecca. 

12. Seth W. Turner, Elizabeth Jones. 

Seth W., Oscar, Oliver A, 
Elizabeth, Lucia. 


13. John Turner, Francbs E. Bbiggs. 

Tabitha, Persis B n Daniel B^ 

14. Solon C. Turner, Sarah Finrham. 

Hiram, Diana, 

Nathaniel, Phebe, 

Rebecca, Ephraim. 

15. Sydney Turner, Temp. Turner. 

Augusta, Ellen. 

16. Lyman Turner, Merriam Flanders. 

Lewis, Levi, 

Melly Frances, Lyman. 

17. Forest H. Tubneb, Keziah Freeman. 

Clara, Ruth, 

Ezra, Harriet. 

18. Rebecca Tubneb, Nbazbb Daily. 

John Hi. Iris Bean, Aurora, 

Elisha W, Franklin, 

Lydia, Neazer, 

Elon, Persis. 

19. Ruth Turner, Charles Torre y. 


Vn. 20. Temp'nce Tobneb, Sydney Tubneb. 




21. Alanson Child, Harriet Noyes. 


22. Lucy Turner, Martin Curtis. ^^ 

Martin Turner. 

23. Sally Turneb, David Stockbbidgb. 

David BL, Andrew. 

24. Elizabeth Turner, Wm. Merritt. 

Sarah E., Walter H. 

25. Mabt Ann Jacobs, Milo Kellog. 

Julia m. Francis Kidder 


VLL 27. Roland Jacobs, Emily Blab chard. 

Charles, Lyman, 



Vn. 28. Benjamin Eells, Lydia Haws. » 
Josephine, NathanieL 

VH. 29. Abel Curtis, Desibb Curtis. 

Abel, Asa, Paul, 

Cynthia, Maria. 

( Rachel Clapp, 
VIL 30. Elijah Cubtis, < Phebb Otis, 

( Sally Tobbby. 

Rachel, Elijah, Abigail S., 
Lydia, May, 

Paul, and by 2d ( Cynthia, 

wife, ( Julia. 

VEL 31. Cynthia Cubtis, Noah Nichols. 
Abigail, Betsey, 

Cynthia, Lucy. 

VLL 32. Persis Oakman, Abnbb Hablow. 
Harriet, Abner, 

Amos, Patience. 

Vn. 33. Polly Oakman, Elisha Rogers. 


VIL 34, Rachel Oakman, Charles Jones. 

Melzar Turner. 

VTL 35. Eunicb Ruggles, Charles Fostbb. 
Charles T- Walter. 

Vn. 36. Lucy Rugoles, | G* OTO _f *±™* 


Lem. Tubneb. 

VH. 37. Betsey Ruggles, Henbt Bbiggs. 
Caroline, Mary, George H, 
Elizabeth, Deborah, 

Wales, John K, 

Lucy, Sarah. 

VLL 38. Sam'l. Ruggles,! Hab't Litchyield, 

' ( Litchfield. 


Sarah L. 

VH. 39. Cha's. W. Spabbel, Emelinb Glbason. 
Emily, James N^ Herbert 

VIL 40. Bethuel Tubneb, Frances — 
Lewis, Benjamin, 

James, Susan. 



- , — -r. _- 


VIL 41. Eliza Turner, Joseph Cobb. 

Joseph, Elizabeth, 

Joseph, Elisha, 

Emma J., Mary K. 

VIL 42. Elisha. Turner, 


VIL 43. Adeline "W. Turner, John Augustus. 
John, George, 

John, Adeline. 

VJJL 44. Luct Turner, Charles ILBickpord. 
Charles Turner, Henry A. 

ViL 45. Will'm. Strapptn, Sophia Bartlett. 
William, Sophia. 

VIL 46 Da vttj Strafvin i E^"^ 11 Otis, 

VII. 46. UAVID bTRAPPIN, | Sasah g pAIJ>1NG> 

David F., 
Sarah J., 

Hannah Otis, 
Eliza Ann, 
Charles H. 

VJLL 47. Henry Clapp, Frances Perry. 
Mary F., Oscar. 

VJLL 48. Chandler Clapp, Hannah Foster. 

Maria F r 


VIL 49. Rupus Clapp, Nancy Hall. 
Albert, Alfred, Nancy. 

VLL 50. Alp'd. Clapp, Catharine Litchfield. 

Mandana to. Morris, 



ViL 51. Albert Clap, Martha Weston. 
Maria, Augustus. 

VIL 52. Sarah Clapp, George Wetherbee. 
Sarah, George, Orlando, 

Thomas, John, Orianna, 

Georgianna, Henrietta, 

Rebecca, Amand^ , 

VII. 53. Lucy Clapp, Calvin Damon. 
Eveline, Howard, Alphonso. 

VJLL 54. Frances Clapp, Turner Hatch. 
Henry- T., Leonard, 

Elizabeth F., George A., 

Cushing, Luther J., 

Jonathan, Marshall, 

Hannah C, Marshall 

VII. 55. Thos. Clapp, Ann Rosina Cud worth. 
Ann Rosina, Henry Turner, 


VJLL. 56. Grace Turner, Joseph Foster. 

Marv, Harriet, 

Reuben, Edward* 

Andrew, Joshua, 

Louisa, Sylvia. 

VLL 57. Jans Turner^ Dattd Hazen. 
David, and others. 

VXT. 58. Avis Turner, Willlam Lapham. 
William Turner. 

VTL 59. Luther Turner, Luctnda Whiting. 
George, Luther. 

VLL 60. George 

Turner, < 

Avis Whiting, 

Polly to. Isaac Within^ton, 
Isaac to. Abigail Whiting, 
Betsey to. Peter Hobart, 
William to. Sally Gowen. ^ rt ^ 

VXT. 61. Perez Turner, Hannah Cushing. 

Robert V. C, William, 

Perez, Eliza, 

Sarah, Hannah. 

VJLL 62. Hannah Turner, Benjamin Turner. 

Perez, David, Roland, 

Eliza, Martha. 

VLL 63. Sally Turner, Thomas Clapp. 
Roger, David. 

VJLL 64. Chloe Turner, Lendall Tildex. 
Eliza Ann to. Joseph Sprague, 
Charles L., Thomas. 

VLL 65. Mary S. Turner, Daniel French. 


VLL 66. Charlotte Turner, George Sinclair. 
John, George, Charlotte. 

VLL 67. Elizabeth Hunt, William Dyer. 
Elizabeth, William, 

Mary to. John Green, 


VJLL 68. Nathan Hunt, Catherine Odey. 
John, Charles. 

Vn. 69. Mary Hunt, \ ^ter Pray, 
' ( John Simmons. 

William, Charles EL 

VJLL 70. Almira Sylvester, Geo. A. Bobbins. 
Elizabeth, George W. 

VIL 71. Harriet Turner, John Mann. 


John to. Chamberlin, 

Andrew to. Torrence, 

Lucy to. Danbar, 

Harriet to. Lane, 

Gustavus to. ■ Vining. 

VII. 72. William Turner, Betsey Randal 




/ l- 


VTL 73. Lucr Tubmbh, 


VTL 74. Samuel S. Tubbeb, Abb Tbibou. 
Charles E., Nathan, 

Julia Ami, Jane G., 

Walter F., George G. 

VTL 75. Johb Tubbeb, Julia 

Mary Ann, 

VIL 76. Ruth Tubbeb, James 


VIL 77. Sallt Tubbeb, Theodobb Hobart. 


VTL 78. Pbiscilla Tubbeb^ Mabtih. 

William, George. 

VTL 79. Bathshbba Tubbeb, Chas. Whitibg. 
Charles, George. 

"VTL 80. Mabt K Tubbeb, Almor Richards ox. 
Dexter, Clarissa. 

VTL 81. Alice Tubbeb, Job Tisdale. 
Ann Maria m. Dexter Whiting, 

Charles Dexter. 


Clarissa. v jr 

ITENB. ^* 

Chloe. _«*» 

' VTL 83. Oliteb Turbeb, Bettt Ste've 

VTL 84. Adam Turbeb, Hanbah Cole. 




VTL 86. Deborah Tubbeb, Samuel Adams. 

Sally, Sylvia, 


VTL 87. Nabbt Tubbeb, William Hart, 
Sarah, William, Abby, 
Almira, William, 

VTL 88. Ltdia Turner, Isaac Keen. 
Anna, Betsy, Sally, 

Mary, Lydia, 

VTL 89. Chloe Tubbeb, David Lemoyne. 

Ann Maria, Abby Jane, 8 

Eliza Ann, Enoch Turner, 9 

VTL 90. Abel Tubbeb, Ellis Rogers. 

Alfred Rogers, Henry Edw'd, 10 

Abel, Charles A., 1 1 

y Francis, Job, 12 


TIL 91. Paul S. Tubbeb, Chablotte Tirbell. 
<*«* Armanella, Charlotte. 


VTL 92. Sylvia & Turner, Johb Sparrell. 

Sarah, John, ^^ 13 

Emeline, Kirkwood, 

Josephene, Everett, 

Angelina, John. 

93. Henry T. Bcrr, Lucrbtia Blood. 
Edward, Horace, Sophia L. 

94. Henry Tubbeb, Ruth Bailby. 
Mary T. Sparrell, Rath. 

95. Wm. H. Turner, Roiaba Moore. 

Borealis Holyoke, Marcus Anrelios, 

Rox ana Aurora. 

96. S am'l E. Tubbeb, Clar'da S. Miller. 

Xathaniel Vial, Samuel Epes, 

Judith Pickman. 

97. James Tobbey, Bethiah Clapp. 

Horatio, Mary T., 14 

Elijah C, William K, 15 

Perkins C, Charles, 16 

Augustus, Eunice, 17 

James, Sally B~, 18 

VTL 98. William T. Tobbet, Eliz'th James. 
Charles W n Francis, 

Joiiah J., SamneL 

100. Sally R Torrey, William Brooks. 

John, Harriet, William T., 19 

James, Delia, Sally R, 20 

Charles, Eunice, 21 

Eliza, Gracey. 

VTL 101. Harriet Torrby, Samuel Tubbeb. 


VTL 102. Abbeb Thay^ {^f <&£; 






Harriet E., 
Harriet B., 

Emma J n 
Abigail O. 
Gilbert M. 

VTiT 103. Sally R. Thaybb, Chas. Cushibg. 
Francis, Deborah, 

Persis, Charles, Mary R, 
Lucy, Emma, Sarah, 22 

William W, John T. 

VTL 104. Charles Thaybb, Amelia Towbb. 
Persia T., Emma, 

Harriet, Charles. 

VTL 105. Rush. Thaybb, Harriet Walbeb. 
Rushbrook, Abner, 

Martha, Abner, Persis. 

VTI. 106. Johb Thaybb, Temp'bcb Cushibo. 

Elizabeth BL, 
Lydia AniL, Robert CX 

VTL 107. Evelina Thaybb, Elisha Daoobt. 
Mary T n Matilda, Evelina. 





VIL. 108. William Thayeb, Hadassah Davis. 
Harriet E-, Thomas W. 

V1X 109. Mabhp Thayeb, Zbchabiah Hall. 
Edward P., Jane T. 

VLL 110. Lucius Thayeb, Soph. Chabdleb. 

Mary E., Eveline, Henry D., 

VLL Ill* Francis Thayeb, Lois Walker. 
Huldah, Sarah. C n Francis H. 

VIL 112. Har't T. Thayeb, Micaiah Kellet. 

Charles T. 

Harriet E. 

VLL 113. Wm. Tubneb, Rebecca Cabtebbuby. 
Rebecca, Henry, Joseph. 

VTL 114. Mabtha A. Tubneb, Joshua Barnes. 

Martha Ann, Adeline, 


VIL 115j Andbew E. Tubneb, Mabt Baker. 

VIL 116; Jot** Tildeb, Hab't Chittenden. 
• Frederick, Nathaniel, 

Allen O, William H. 

VIL 117. Geobge Tilden, { fg^teSSr. 

George W. 

VIL 118. Eliz'th T. Tilden, David Habdieo. 
Sarah, George. 

VIL 119. Maria Tilden, Elijah Brooks. 
Maria E., \ Franklin. 

VIL 120. Wm. H. Tilden, Sabah Rains ford. 

Sarah A., Jnsiah R., 

Charles W., Harriet F., 

Mary L., Mercy C. 

VLL 121. Hobatio N. Tildee, Mebcy Fobd. 
Mercy N. f Horatio' N n 

Helen J., Calvin, Chestina. 

VLL 122. George Tubneb, Mabt Bbtant. 

George W., John E., 

William, Charles L. 

VIL 123. Wm. Tubneb, Elviba Bradford. 
ChloeB., „ William M. 

VIL 124. Lau. A. Tubneb, Henrt Humphbey. 
Ebenezer, Louisa. 

YJUL 125. Green leaf Tubneb, Ltdia Crane. 

Louisa C, Louisa C 


VLL 126. Eunice Tubneb, Robebt Wieb. 
Mary, Mary Ann, Aphia. 

VIL 127. Chas. A. Tubneb, Minerva Gobham. 
Abijah A., Jalia Ann. / 

VTL 128. John Turner, Eliza Witt. 

John Henry. 

VLL 129. W. H. H. Tubneb, Eliza Nbwtoh. 

VIL 130. Eunice C. Tubneb, Lean's Dunham. 

m i3i. iu^t b™, { SS^^SS* 

Martha, Adeline, Eunice, 
John, Cynthia, Jonathan. 

VIL 132. Geobgb T. Burr, Sabah Cox- 
Sarah Ann, George. 

VTL 133. Adeline Bubb, John F. Ellert. 

Ester S. 

VLL 134. Eunice Bubb, Ebenezer Goff. 

VIL 135. James Bubb, Caroline Neal. 

Adeline C. 

VIL 136. Sabah A. Bubb, Jona. H. Cheebt. 

Henry, Sarah M, 

Francis A-, Eunice H. 

VTL 137. Maby A. Humphbey, F. W. West. 
Mary Ann, Margaret C. S. 

VLL 138. F. E. Sampson, 

VIL 139. Ann B. Sampson, 

— Richardson 


VTL 140. Nath'l Cushino, Eliz'th Bars tow. 


VTL 141. Lucy Cushino, Lot West. 
Edward Ik, Charles, 

Lucy, Franklin. 

VIL 142. Seth Hatch, 0. Rice. 

Duro, Ezra, 


VIL 143. Polly Hatch, Holbrook Tubi 
Edward, Josiah, DanieL 

VLL 144. Lucy Hatch, Barstow Carver* 
Ira, Lucy, Abel, 

Caroline, Cyrus. 

VIL 145. Rhoda Hatch, Barker Baker. 

Caroline m. Melzar J. Elms, 

VLL 146. Nathaniel Tubneb, Mary, Elms 
James, Mary. K 







FIX 147. Sam*l B.Tubbbb,Elixa Washburn. 

Samuel H., 
Benjamin T., Ellen E. 

VIL 148. Sarah Turner, Augustus Cole. 

Mercy, Augustas, 31 

Sarah, 32 

Esther m. Horatio Heed. 

VIL 149. Nathaniel Wade, Betsey Clapp. 
Nathaniel m. Lillis Parker, 
Mmuxiiwtr Elizabeth. 

VIL 150. Henry Wadb, Raciiel Otis. 
Rachel. Ellen, Clarissa, 

Mary, Henry, John K. 

VIL 151. Pattbncb Wadb, Stephen Webb. 
Stephen, John, Charles, 



VH 152. Julia Wadb, Abiel Vinal. 
Abel, Julia, Edmand, 

Turner, William. 

VTL 153. Matilda Wadb, Joshua Damon. 


VTL 154. Ltt>ia T. Ford, Anthony Thomas. 


Avis, Persia, 


VIL 155. Abigail Fobd, Elijah Ames. 

Elijah m. Sarah A. Thomas, 
. Mary D. m. David Hatch, 

Abigail m. Israel Hatch, 
Elisha F. m. Aurilla Park, 
Nathaniel, Samuel A. 

TIL 156. Elisha Fob,, { g££ j*£> 

Stephen N., 

James T. 

YIL 157. Elizabeth Ford, Ira Guild. 
Elisha m. Amanda Corbett, 
Hannah B. m. Horace C. Tolman, 
Lvdia T. w. Bums Cushman, 
Elizabeth J n Priscilla A. 

VTL 158. Nathaniel Ford, Huldah Stetson, 
Jonathan S n George W. 

VTL 159. Deborah L. Ford, Seth F. Spraoub. 
Seth EL, Franklin, 

Elizabeth J., Deborah. 

VTL 16a Janb Ford, Seth F. Spraoub. 
George I*, Albert, Marcus T. 

Deborah, Mary J., William S. 
YIL 162. Artemissa Hatch, Ira Brtant. 


Ira, Joshua, 


Mercy, Sarah nu James Whitton. 

vn. i6s. M.HCT mxcH, {&££"&,». 

Stearns Heard, 

George A 

VIL 164. Hannah Baker, Ephraim Stetson. 


VIL 165. Maria Baker, Samuel Pool. 
Ann Maria, Andrew, 

James, Mary, Ethan. 

VHL 1. Luraba Turner, Everett Conant. 

Sylvia Ann, 



VIIL 2. William Adams, Hannah Turner, 
Sarah, Abby, Elizabeth, 

Ann, Helen, Maria. 

VIII. 3. Abby Adams, Eliphalrt L. Vaughn. 

Samuel Turner. 

VHL 4. Abby Hart, Leonard H. Drurt. 

Abby, Leonard, 

Francis, Timmi. 

VHL 5. William Hart, Agnes Jones. 
William Henry, Owen Jones, 
Leonard IL, Drury, 

John Dominis. 

VHL 6. Sally Eebb, Ichabod Sturtevant. 
Sarah, Isaac, Austin, 

Francis, Abby. 

VHL 7. Lydla Keen, David Stea. 
Everett Turner, Abby. 

VIII. 8. Abby J. Lemoyne, Geo. R. Sampson. 
George, Abby, Augustus. 

VLIL 9. E. T. Lemoyne, Bbtsbt P. Kingslbt. 

George Sampson; 

Vin. 10. Itarw & Tdbh™, { ^SSS 
Joseph Francis, Henry Edward. 

VHL 11. Chas. A. Turner, Mary Cummin as, 

Mary Ellis. 

VHI 12. Job Turner, Mart James. 

VHL 13. Sylvia Sparrel, Albert Butters. 


VLLL 14. Mary T. Torrbt, Addison G. Hows- 
James IL, Julia, Gracey T. 

VHI. 15. Wm. H. Torrey, Mary H Howe. 

Roscoe, William IL, 

Persis H, Mary Ellen. 

VHL 16. Charles Torrby, Ruth Turner. 
Harriet W., Perkins C 

20 5 

vm. 17. 

vm. is. 

vm. 19. 

vm. 20. 

vm. 21. 

VHX 22i 

VIEL 23. 

vm. 24. 




Sarah, Henry C. 

Sallt R. Tossit, Wm. S. Young. 

Wm. T. Brooks, Pamela Bailey. 

Saixt R. Brooks, C. A. Fuller. 
- Margaret. 

Erotics Brooks, Rowell Thomas. 

Sarah Cushing, Richard P. Park. 

Ezra Rice, Harriet Hall. 

Ezra W., Harriet, 

Ezra W., Andrew. 

Ltdia Rice, Ephraim Randall. 

Lydia, Mercy, Emeline, 

Julia, Joan. 

Ym. 25. Sophia Baker, Barker Turner. 
Israel Augustus, Edwin, 
Polly, Frederick. 

VUL 26. Calvin Baker, Delia. Turner. 
Calvin L., Andrew H, 

Luther O, Delia T. 

VLTL 27. 

Luther Baker, Jane T. Rogers. 

RhodaA. ' 

VLTL 28. William Baker, Mart A. Turner. 
Lucy A^ Mary E., Elmina T n 
Calvin F., William H. 

Viii. 29. Mart Baker, William Rideoixt. 
Elvira B., Mary E., 

Nancy T . , Cordelia A. 

VTLL 30. Cushing Baker, Caro'b B. Totman. 
William C, Helen A. 

Viii. 31. Augustus Cole, Paulina A. Brown. 


VUL 32. Sarah Cole, Otis Elms. 

Mary E M George 0. 

Viii, 33. Olive Thomas, Charles Sampson. 




* Humphrey Turner, J. and m. in England, d. 1673, Scitnate, N. Bi, a. abont 80. 
Lydia Gamer, b. England^ d. before 1678, Scitnate, Mass. 

John rru Mary Brewster K Nov. 12, 1645, Scituate, Mass., was alive in 
Scituate, 1683.. .. N , 
^ 1. John m. Ann James, April 25, 1649, d. 1687, Scitnate, Mass. . 
/^ Thomas m. Sarah Hiland, Jan. 6, 1652, d. Nov., 1688, Scituate, Mass. 
Joseph never married. 

Daniel m. Hannah Randall, Jan. 20, 1665, alive in 1699, Scitnate, Mass. 
Nathaniel m. Mehitable Rigby, Mar. 29, 1665, d. Jan. 31, 1715, 

Scituate, Mass. i 

Mary m. William Parker, Nov. 13, 1651, Scituate, Mass. 
Lydia m, James Doughty, Aug. 15, 1649, Scituate, Mass. 

1. John Turner, cjV1687, Scituate, Mass. 
Ann James m. April 25, 1649, Scituate, Mass. 

2. Japheth b, Feb. 9, 1650, Scituate, Mass., m. Hannah Hudson, d. 

Ann b. Feb. 23, 1652, m, Joseph Green, 1695. 
Israel b. Feb. 14, 1654, m. Sarah Stockbridge. 
Miriam b. April 8, 1658, ro. Nathan Pickles, 1687. 
Sarah b, July 25, 1665, m. Ichabod Holbrook. 
? Jacob b. Mar. 10, 1667, m. Jane Vining. 
— « David k Nov. 5, 1670, m. Elizabeth Stockbridge. 
Philip b, Aug. 18, 1673, m. Elizabeth Nash* 
Ichabod b. April 9, 1676. 

: 2. Japheth Turner, J. Feb. 9, 1650, Scituate, Mass., d. 1690, «. 40. 

Hannah Hudson, d. subsequent to 1690, they were m. in then Duxbury, now 
Pembroke, Mass. 
Ann b. Aug. 18, 1679, Pembroke, Mass., m. Thomas BicknelL 
Joshua b. April 9, 1681, m. Mary Perry, d. July 24, 1728, a, 47. 

3. Japheth b. Jan. 4, 1682, m. Hannah Hatch. 
Ruth b. Mar. 19, 1685, m. Clark. 

3. Japheth Turner, b. Jan. 4, 1682^ Pembroke, Mass. 
Hannah Hatch b. Feb. 16, 1682, Scituate, Mass. 

4. Japheth b. in Pembroke, probably, m. Elizabeth Morse, Jan. 17, 1725, 

Middleborough, Mass. 
f Israel m, Abigail Holmes, d. Sept. 24, 1760, Pembroke, Mass. 
Hannah m. William Thomas. 
Elizabeth m. John Pratt. 

lee Appendix A. " . .. „• , 

iditlon says that Humphrey hronght four children with him from England, and had roar more after his arrlTal, ont we 
no means of determining with certainty the order of their ages. 

grael Turner was much employed In public business, and In 1788 represented the town of Pembroke In the General 
t of Massachusetts. 


V. 4. Japheth Tubneb b. in Pembroke, probably. 

Elizabeth Morse m. Jan. 17, 1725, Middleborough, Mass. ^ 

Betty b. May 12, 1726, Middleborough, Mass. 
Hannah, b. Jan. 30, 1729, Middleborough, Mass. 
Abigail b. Aug. 11, 1731, MMdleborough, Mass. 
Joseph b. Sept. 24, 1733, <L in infancy. 

5. Joseph b. July 23, 1734, m. Mercy French, Oct. 5, 1756. 
Joshua b. Mar. 3, 1736, Middleborough, Mass. 

6. Samuel b. April 17, 1742, m. Lucy Pratt, April 29, 1762. 
' — * Mary b. May 31, 1745-, Middleborough, Mass. 

YL 5- Joseph Tubneb m. Oct. 5, 1756, is said to hare held a commission and d. uj 
the French War, about 1757. 
Mebct Fbench d. in Chester, Vt. 

7. Joshua b. Dec. 13, 1757, m. Lydia Drury, Aug. 22, 1781, d. Dec 21 

1820, a. 63. 

YII. 7. Joshua Tubneb b. Dec. 13, 1757, Middleborough, Mass., d. Dec 2? 
1820, a. 63. 
* Lydia Dbuby 5. Dec 3, 1763, Grafton, Mass., d* Mar. 25, 1849, Antwerp. 
N. T 1 ., a. 86. 

8. Larkin b. Dec 7, 1781, Grafton, Mass., m. Sally Gould, Sept. 11, 180? 

and Lucy Pierce, May 23, 1833, r. Lexington, Mass. 

9. Lydia b. Sept. 10, 178?, m. Allen Thompson, Oct. 2tf, 1811, Marlboro 


10. Joshua b. July 4, 1786, Chester, Vt, m. Christy Cook, Oct. 13, 1811. 

11. Mary b. June 22, 1788, m. Carrie. 

12. Luke b. Aug. 18, 1790, m. and has issue in Pa. 
Joseph b. Aug. 13, 1792, d. young. 

13. Lucy i.Oct. 26, 1794, m. Henry Adams, Mar. 31, 1816, Ogdensburg, N.V 
Thomas b. May 1796, m. and has a family in Pa. $ 

14. Martha i.April 20, 1800, m, George Draper, Feb. 13, 1823, Hadfey, N.Y 

15. Lucius b. June 1, 1802, m. Catherine Houghton, Jan. 26, 1824, Corinth 

Alden Howland J. Nov. 1805, d. at sea, a. 18. 

YOT. 8. Labkln TuBNEBf b. Dec 7, 1781, Grafton, Mass., r. Lexington, Mass. 

Sally Gould} b. Marrl7, 1791, Reading, Mass., m. Sepfc 11, 1808, d. x A^ ; - 
24, 1832, Charlestown, Mass, a. 41. p* (j 

Lucy Piebce b. July 25, 1803, Lexington, Mass., m. May 23, 1833. f« j 

16. f Sarah Eaton J. June 22, 1810, Charlestown, Mass., m. Isaai 
Smith, Jan. 24, 1832. 

Thomas Larkin b. Aug. 17, 1812, m. Elizabeth Deffiner Whiton, Al 1 

3, 1843, r. Boston, Mass. 
Lydia Drury b. Feb. 20, 1820, m. George L Browne, Aug. 23, if f 
Helen Georgiana 6. July 18, 1826, r. Charlestown, Mass. 
Josephine Maria 6. Sep* 6, 1831, d. July 26, 1834, CharW « 
Mass., a. 8. 
Harriet Josephine b. July 18, 1834. 
Grace Ardelle b. July 1, 1838. 
Eugene Drury b. Dec 30, 1842, Lexington, Mass., d. Nov. 4, 1843 

Isaac Wlliams Smith b. Sept. 7, 1809, Charlestown, Mass., d. June 5, If b 
Havannah, Isle of Cuba, a. 26. ( '1/ 

IX. 16. Sabah Eaton Tubneb b. June 22, 1810, m. Jan. 24, 1832, r. Charleston 

• 8ee Appendix Y. t See Appendix W. $ See Appendix X. 

2 17. 


Sarah Maria* b. Oct 29, 1832, Charlestown, Mass. 

Frances Ellah b. Oct 2, 1834, Charlestown, Mass., d May 2, 1838. 

17. Thomas Labels Tubneb b. Aug. 17, 1812, Charlesfown, Mass^ r. Eoston, 
Mass. * 

Elizabeth Deefineb Whitox b. April 9, 181?, Hingham, Mass., m. April 
3, 1843. They had one child, d. an infant 

Geobge Isaac Bbowne wi. Aug. 23j 1838, r. Mobile, Ala. 
X. -18C Lydia Dbuby Tubneb b, Feb. 20, 1820, tv Mobile, Ala, 
Ella b. Oct I, 1840, Mobile, Ala 
Hinman b. 1844, Mobile, Ala. 
Eve b. Mobile, Ala. 

George Paul i. Dec. 8, 1847, Mobile, Ala. 
• * Sherman. 

Allen Thompson m. Oct 20, 1811, Marlboro', Mass. 
rUL 9. Ltdia Tubneb b. Sept. 10, 1783, Grafton, Mass. 

Joseph T., Lydia M., Joshua W., Christy A., Alden H., Mary C. 

HUL 10. Joshua Tubneb J.3uly 4, 1786, Chester, Vt, d. 1851, Warren Gcx, Pa. 
Chbisty Cook b. Mar. 31, 1792, m. Oct 13, 1811. 

Lydia i. Dec. 8, 1812, Warren County, Pa^ <f. Aug. 16, 1813, a. J 
19. George W. b. Sept. 25, 1814, m. Mary Jane McMillen, Nov. 2, 1845? 
William A. b. Dec. 25, 1816. 

X. 19. Geobge W. Tubneb b. Sept 25, 1814, r. Deerfield, Warren Co., Pa. 
Mabt Jane McMillen b. Dec. 3. 1823, m. Nov. 2, 1845. 
Christy b. Dec 10, 1846, Tidioute, Pa. 

- Cubbie d. Oct 7, 1846, Bedford, Canada East. 

11. Mart Tubneb b. June 22, 1788, r. Bedford, Canada East 

Curtis m. in Kentucky, r. Cincinnati, Ohio, has one dau. 
Joshua Turner m. and r. Warren Co., Pa. 
Robert Wellington r. in 1850, Canada West. 
20. James Luke b. 1820, m. 1845. • 

Henry Allen m. f in 1850 was in Bedford, Canada East 
Nelson Horatio r. Bedford, Canada East. 
George Earl r. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

[X. 20. James Luke Cubbie b. 1820, Canada East 

Habbiet Semantha Robinson m. 1845, b. Vt, two daughters and one son, 
b. Bedford, Canada East 

PUT. 12. Luke Tubneb b. Oct 18, 1790, Chester, Vt, m. and had five children, 

of which Larkin is Postmaster, Brownington, Butler County, Pa. 

Henbt Adams b. 1793, d. April 10, 1836, Antwerp, N. Y., cu 43. 
VIH. 13. Lucy Tubneb b. Oct. 26, 1794, Chester, Vt, w. Mar. 31, 1816, Ogdensburgh, 
N. Y. 
Eliza, Martha, 
Zilpha b. 1821, d. May 12, 1842, a. 21. 
' Francis, Joseph, Lucy A., Henrietta, 

Lorinda b. 1832, d. May 22, 1851, a. 19. 
Sally. All b. Antwerp, Jefferson County, N. Y. 

In 1844 Sarah Maria dropped her own name and assumed that of hex deceased slater, " Frances Ellah." 



George Draper m. Feb. 13, 1823, Hadley, N. Y., r. Fowler, St. Lawrence 
County, N. Y. 2 

VIII. 14. Martha Turner b. April 20, 1800, Chester, Vt. , 

Daniel A. b. June 14, 1824, George L. b. Jane 14, 1826. 

Thomas Larkin b. Oct. 4, 1828. Lydia Ann b. Dec. 30, 1830. 
Henry E. b. Oct. 20, 1833, Curias G. b. Aag. 1, 1837., 

Martha Jane b. May 31, 1841. Lewis E. *. Mar. 2, 1845. 

Vm. 15. Lucius Turner b. June 1, 1802, Chester, Vt. 

Catharine Houghton m. Jan. 26, 1824, Corinth, N. Y. 
Lucy Ann b. Aug. 19, 1825, Hadley, N. Y. 
Lydia D. Lucius D. Polly M. Martha S. 

VT. 6. Samuel Turner b. April 17, 1742, Middleborough, Mass. 
Lucy Pratt m. April 29, 1762. 

David b. Dec. 28, 1762. ' , 

Elizabeth b. Dec. 18, 1764. 
Joseph b. Dec 10, 1766. 


IV. 23. Charles Turner b. Sept. 7, 1705 old style, Scituate, Mass., m. 1728, d. 

Oct. 23, 1782 new style, Scituate, Mass., a. 77. 
Eunice James b. January 27, 1707 old style, d, August, 1799 new style 
a. 92. 

1. Chariest Oct. 26, 1732, m. Mary Rand, 1756, d. Aug. 10, 1818, 
Turner, Me., a. 75. * % 

William* b. 1744, m. Betsey Oakman, 1769, and Eunice Clapp, Nov 
y 18, 1773, d. Turner, Me. They had five other children, who all 

d, in infancy. 
; \ 

V. 1. Rev. Charles TuRNERf 6. Oct. 26, 1732, Scituate, Mass., m. 1756, d, Aug. 

10, 1818, Turner, Me., a. 86. 
Mary Rand J b. Aug. 14, 1731, Kingston, Mass., d. Dec. 15, 1815, a. 84. 
2". Eunice b. June 9, 1758, Duxbury, Mass., m. James Torrey,^/. 
1815, a. 57. 

3. Charles§ b. Jane 20, 1760, m. Hannah Jacobs, Sept. 28, 1789, d. May 

16, 1839, Scituate, Mass., a. 79. 
William 5. April 8,- 1762, d. Oct. 11, 1785, North Carolina, a. 23. 
Mary b. June 5, 1764, d. June 26, 1769, Duxbury, Mass., a. 5. 
John b. July 7, 1766, m. Deborah Cushing, 1806, d. 1842, Turner, 

Me., a. 76. - 

Persis b. April 19, 1768, d< July 5, 1769, Duxbury, Mass., <r. 1. R 

Mary b. Nov. 27, 1770, d. April 21, 1801, Scituate, Mass., a. 31. 
Persis b. July 13, 1776, m. Abner Thayer, Maine, 1791. 
• . . 

James Torret m. Eunice Turner. V 

VI. 2. Eunice Turner b. June 9, 1758, Duxbury, Mass., d. 1815, Scituate, Mai ' 

a. 57. They had seven children, viz : 
James. William Turner. Eunice. 

4. Charles Turner, who m. Hannah Tollman Turner. 
Sally R. Harriet. Gracey. 

« S«e Appendix E. t See Appendix C. x See Appendix D. | See Appendix 


Jh' 4. Charles Turner Torrey b\ 1791, Scituate, Mass.,^t. Mar. 21, 1813, d, 

1815, Scituate, Mass., a. 24. 
TL 8. Hannah T. Turner b. Jan. 28, 1794, Scituate, Mass., d. Mar. 29, 1817, a. 28. 

5. Charles Turner b. Nov. 21, 1813, m. Mary Ide, Mar. 29, 1837, d. 1846, 

Baltimore, McL, a. 33. 
Hannah & April 14, 1815, d. Mar. 28, 1816, a. 1. 

vHCLL 5* Charles Turner Torret, the Abolition Martyr, so called, b. Nov. 21, 1813, 
Scituate, Mass., d. in the State Prison at Baltimore, 184% a. 33. 
Mart Ide b. Med way, Mass., m. Mar. 29, 1837, r. Medway, Mass. 
Charles Henry b, Dec. 27, 1838, Providence, R. L 
Mary Elizabeth b. 1840, Salem, Mass. 

?L 3. Charles Turner* b. June 20, 1760, Duxbury, Mass., d. May 16, 1839, 
Scituate, Mass., a. 79. 
Hannah Jacob b. April 4, 1763, Scituate, Mass., m. Sept 28, 1789, r. 
Charlestown, Mass. 

6. Charles Henry b. Nov. 21, 1790, Scituate, Mass., m. Deborah Turner, 

Nov. 14, 1814, d. Aug. 26, 1821, Isle Cuba, a. 31. 

7. Samuel Adams b. Mar. 22, 1792, m. Lydia Turner, Oct. 16, 1814, r. 

5. Scituate, Mass. 

8. Hannah Tolman b. Jan. 28, 1794, m. Charles Turner Torrey, Mar. 21, 

1813, d. Mar. 29, 1817, a. 23. 

9. Theodore b. Sept. 13, 1795, m. Hannah Main, Dec. 1, 1825. 

10. Mary Rand b. Dec. 26, 1796, m. Galen C. James, May 20, 1817, dL 

Dec. 13, 1831, Medford, Mass., a. 35. 

11. Francis b. Oct 6, 1799, m. Temperance Foster, Dec. 1, 1828, <L Dec 

6, 1851, Charlestown, Mass., a. 52. 
Matilda b. Jan. 21, 1801, d. July 5, 1822, a. 21. 
Julia b. Oct 13, 1803, d. April 25, 1825, a. 22. 

12. William b. Mar. 16, 1805, w. Sarah Tilden, April 16, 1829. 

6. Charles Henry Turner b. Nov. 21, 1790, Scituate, Mass., m, Nov. 14, 

1814, <L Aug. 26, 1821, I. Cuba, a. 31. 
3. Deborah Turner! b. May 12, 1790, after death of her first husband m. 

Timothy Foster, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 
Deborah b. Sept. 11, 1815, d. June 4, 1837, a. 22.) Children of first 
Hannah b. Jan. 11, 1819, d. Sept. 1837, a. 18, ) husband. 

TIL 7. Samuel Adams Turner^ b. Mar. 22, 1792, Scituate, Ms., r. S. Scituate, Ms. 
Lydia Turner b. Sept 11, 1793, m. Oct. 16, 1814. 
Abigail b. Sept 23, 1819, Scituate, Mass. 
Matilda b. Oct 19, 1824, m. Stephen Curtis, Aug. 1846, d. Oct 2, 

1847, a. 23. 
Charles b. Sept 3, 1826, r. San Francisco, Cat 
j John L Nov. 1, 1829, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 

Elizabeth b. June 18, 1837, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 
EL 9. Theodore Turner b. Sept 13, 1795, Scituate, Mass., m. Dec 1, 1825, r. 
j S. Scituate, Mass. 

Hannah Main b. 1 802, Marblehead, Mass. 

Thomas 6. Feb. 27, 1827, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 

Julia b. Mar. 17, 1829, m. John C. Tenney, 1851, r. Somerville, Mass. 
♦ Theodore b. Oct 14, 1831, rf. Oct 23, 1834, a. 3. 

Mary Rand b. July 17, 1833, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 
Theodore b. Mar. 15, 1835, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 


• Se« Appendix J. f |* Fifth Series No. i. * 8«« App«n<ltx S, 



Galen C. James ft. Scituate, Mass., m. May 20, 1817, r. Medford, Mass. i 
VII. 10. Mary Rand Turner ft. Dec 22, 1796, d. Dec 13, 1831, Medford, Mass., a. 35' 
Horace ft. May 6, 1818, Medford, Mass., r. Wrentham, Mass. j 

Edwin ft. Aug. 3, 1819, rf. Sept. 2, 1822, a. 3. 
John ft. July 1, 1821, d. Sept. 2, 1822, a. 1. 
Matilda Turner ft. Dec 4, 1822, m. William Haskins, 1851, r 

Medford, Mass. 
Aaron Warner ft. July 29, 1824, d. Feb. 14, 1825, a. 7 months. 
Galen ft. Feb. 25, 1826, d. Aug. 13, 1826, a. 7 months. T 

John Edwin 7 a tit 99 i«9Q 1^ Sept 7, 1829, a. 4 months. 
Galen Warner J *' ma ^ "*> 10J *> \d. Aug. 31, 1829, a. 3 months. 

VII. 11. Francis Turner ft. Oct 6, 1799, Scituate, Mass., d. Dec 6, 1851, Charle* 

town, Mass., a, 52. 
Temperance Foster m. Dec 21, 1828, r. Charlestown, Mass. 

Henry ft. Aug. 18, 1830, Charlestown, Mass., d. Feb. 13, 1838, o. 7. 
Edwin ft. Oct 30, 1831, r. Charlestown, Mass. 
Francis Henry ft. 1839, r. Charlestown, Mass. 
Catherine Stetson ft. 1841, <*. 1850, a. 9. 
Maria ft. 1843, Charlestown, Mass. 

VIi: 12. William Turner ft. Mar. 16, 1805, Scituate, Mass., m. April 14, 1829, 

S. Scituate, Mass. 

Sarah Tilden ft. April 24, 1809, d. Jan. 4, 1844, a. 35. 

Humphrey ft. Sept 28, 1831, Scituate, Mass. 

William Francis ft. Mar. 29, 1833, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 

Arabella ft. May 9, 1837, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 

Udora ft. June 19, 1839, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 

Waldo ft. Aug. 22, 1843, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 
SopHronia Ford, his second wife. 

Sarah Evelyn ft. Aug. 30, 1848, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 
, Charles Colman ft. Feb. 27, 1851, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 


HI.- 10. Jacob Turner ft. Mar. 10, 1667, Scituate, rru Jane Vining, 1692, in We) 

mouth, d. Nov. 29, 1723, a. 56. 
Jane Vining 6. July 7, 1672, Weymouth, m. again, 1728, Samuel Allen, c 
Bridgewater, Mass., 

1. Jacob ft. April 4, 1693, Weymouth, Mass., m. Elizabeth Ripley, 17 1? 

2. Seth ft. April 7, 1695, m. Sarah Shaw, 1720, d. Oct 21, 1730, a. V 
Jane ft. April 13, 1698, m. John Shaw, 1719. 
Benjamin ft. Jan. 29, 1706, d. Mar. 27, 1713, a. 7. 
Elisha ft. Mar. 5, 1708, d. Mar. 1, 1724, a. 14. 

3. Micah ft. July 8, 1710, m. Bethiah Allen, 1734. ' 
^Mary ft. April 1^ 1713, alive in 1725. , 

IV. 1. Jacob Turner ft. April 4, 1693, Weymouth, Mass. 
Elizabeth Ripley m. 1718, " u 

Elizabeth ft. Jan. 16, 1720, " " 

Jerusha 6. Aug. 18, 1726, " " ; I / 

Mary ft. Dec 17, 1732, " u l 

Lydi*ft. Nov. 9, 1736, cL Nov. 26, 1736, a. 17 days.. 


F. 3. Micah Turner b. July 8, 1710, Weymouth, Mass. 
Bbthiah Allen, of Bridgewater, Mass., *». 1734. 

Sarah b. Mar. 5, 1736. Elisha b. May 11, 1748. 

Jacob b. Dec 7, 1737. Jane & Mar. 25, 1750. 

Bethiah b. Sept 26, 1741. Jane b. Mar. 30, 1754. 

Micah K July 12, 1744. Jacob b. April 7, 1756. 

Lydia *. April 12, 1746. Bethia b. May 3, 1759. 

4. Micah b. May 31, 1752, Weymouth, Mass., m. Mary Pratt, Jan. 16, 1779. 

4. Micah Turner b. May 31, 1752, Weymouth, Mass. 
Mary Pratt, of Weymouth, Mass., m. Jan. 16, 1779. 
Molly b, Nov. 5, 1779, Weymouth, Mass. % 

Susannah 5. July 14, 1781, Weymouth, Mass. 

5. Laban b. Dec. 16, 1785, nu Rebecca Burditt, Jan. 18, 1807, and Ruth 
Damon, July 16, 1815, d. July 8, 1844, Charlestown, Mass^ a. 59. 

yi. 5. Laban Turner b. Dec 16, 1785, Weymouth, Mass., d. July 8, 1844, Charles- 
town, Mass., cu 59. 
Rebecca Burditt m. Jan. 18, 1807, Charlestown, Mass. "■■— 

Ruth Damon m. July 16, 1815, Charlestown, Mass. 

James Russel, son of Rebecca, b. Oct. 27, 1807, Charlestown, Mass. 

6. Laban b. Jan. 9, 1809, nu Eliza Merriam, July 13, 1830. 
Rebecca b. Dec. 10, 1810, rf. Oct. 15, 1811, cu 1. 
Rebecca B., dau. of Ruth, b. April 30, 1817.. 
Susan W. b. Oct. 9, 1818, Charlestown, Mass. 
George W. b. May 16, 1820, " " 
Lewis L. b. May 9, 1821, " u 

. Harriet E. b. Sept 27, 1823, " « 

Maria b. Oct. 2, 1826. " " 

Charles b. Dec 29, 1828, " u 
Ruth M. b. May 5, 1830, - 


VLL 6. Laban Turner b. Jan. 9, 1809, Charlestown, Mass. 

Eliza Merriam nu July 13, 1830, Charlestown, Mass. 

Helen Elizabeth b. Aug. 1, 1831, Charlestown, Mass. 
Laban b. July 1, 1835, Charlestown, Mass. 

IV. 2. Seth Turner b. April 7, 1 695, Weymouth, Mass., cL Oct. 21, 1730, Weymouth, 

Mass., a. 35. 
Sarah Shaw, of Weymouth, m. 1720. 

Benjamin b. May 30, 1721, Weymouth, Mass. 
Sarah &. Jan. 18, 1723, « " 

Jane ft. Mar. 30, 1725, " " 

7. Seth b. April 7, 1727, m. Rebecca Vinton, 1750, <L Jan. 29, 180^5, 

Randolph, Mass., a. 79. » ' 

Merriam b. May 27, 1729, Weymouth, Mass. * 

V. 7. Seth Turner b. April 7, 1727, Weymouth, Mass., d. Jan. 29, 1806, Ran- 

dolph, Mass., cu 79. 
Rebecca Vinton b. 1729, Stoughton, Mass., d. Sept. 22, 1801, Randolph, 
Mass., a. 72. 

8. Rebecca b. 1754, m. Enoch Penniman. 

£l 9. Seth 6. Nov. 15, 1756, Randolph, Mass., m. Abigail Wales, <£ Oct. 2, 

| 1842, a. 86. 

H 10. Sally K 1760, nu Richard Thayer, £ July 14, 1797, a. 37. 


11. Samuel Vinton b* July 29, 1764, m. Abigail ^RTfldV d* in Maine, by the] 

fall of a tree. 

12. Benjamin b. Sept. 22, 1765, wi. Avis Davenport, <L June 16, 183l ; | 

Framingham, Mass., a. 66. 
/ 13. John 4. Nov. 4, 1768, m. Lucy Sargent, <£ Sept. 29, 1839, Dorchester 
Mass., a. 71. 

14. Olive b. 1771, m. Luther Thayer, d. Sept 5, 1818, Randolph, Ma., a. 4 

Enoch Penniman d. in Stoughton, Mass. 
VL. 8. Rebecca Turner b. 1754, Randolph, Mass. 

Enoch m. and settled in Randolph, where he now lives with a larg* 

Rebecca m. — — - White, and removed "West 

VI. 9. Seth Turner k Nov. 15, 1756, Randolph, Mass., d. Oct. J, 1842, Randolpl | 

Mass., a. 86. 
Abigail Wales was a dau. of Jonathan Wales. 

15. Sarah Wales b. Oct. 6, 1788, m. John Ring. 

16. Royal b, Dec. 6, 1792, m. Maria White, r. Randolph, Mass. 

John Ring m, Sarah Wales Turner, r. Randolph, Mass. 
VEL. 15. Sarah Wales Turner 6. Oct. 6, 1788, Randolph, Mass. 
John m. Lucy Bingham, of Dedham. 

Sarah Wales Turner m, Lucius Howard and has two chiL, August 
and Lyman. 

VII. 16. Royal Turner* b. Dec. 6, 1792, r. Randolph, Mass. 

Maria White, a dau. of Maj. John White, of Weymouth. 
Seth b. July 29, 1821, Cashier Randolph Bank. 
Royal White b. Mar. 10, 1823, m. Mary B. Maguire. 
Ann Maria b. Nov. 15, 1825, m. Isaac Sweetser, Dec. 27, 1849, 

Randolph, Mass. 
Abby Wales b. Feb. 10, 1830, r. Randolph, Mass. 

Richard Thayer m. Sally Turner for a second wife. 
VL 10. Sally Turner b. 1760, d. July 14, 1797, a. 37. 

Lucinda m. Aminidab Thayer, had three children. 
Rebecca m. and settled in Exeter, N. II., had one child. 



■ « 

VL II. Samuel Vinton Turner b. July 29, 1764, d. in Maine, crushed by the fal» 

of a tree. 
Abigail Wild, had ten children. 

Abigail b. 1786, m. and moved West, had eleven children. 
JO live b. Dec 19, 1788, m. John Whiting, and had six children. 
John b. Mar. 28, 1790, d. young. 
Rachel b. July 14, 1792, m. William Whiting. 
Seth b. Feb. 13, 1795, d. young. ] 

Sarah b. Feb. 12, 1796, m. and had six children.. 
Samuel b. Jan. 18, 1800, m. and had six children, viz: — 

Abigail Mann, David, i Samuel, 

Elly, Warrren Clapp, Joseph Franklin. 

Seth m. A. Jones and had five children, viz : — 

Jones, George, Seth, Charlotte Jane, William. 
Eliza d. single. 
Benjamin m. and has one child, John. ' Mi 

* See Appendix U. ( 



12. Benjamin Turner* &. Sept. 22, 1765, <f. June 16, 1831, Framingham, 
Mass., a. 66. 
Avis Davenport, dan. of Nathaniel Davenport, Milton, Mass. 
Seth b. July 20, 1795, d. Oct. 14, 1836, N. Y., a. 41. 
Nathaniel Davenport b. April 4, 1797, <L April 9, 1842, Lowell, 

Mass., a, 45. 
Lydia Davenport b. June 28, 1803, d June 30, 1803. 
Benjamin Franklin b. April 2, 1805, m. Harriet Ellis Chandler, 
settled in Lowell, have one child, Adelaide b, Nov. 8, 1842. 

r. 13. John Turner b. Nov. 4, 1768, settled in the ministry in Alfred and Bidde- 

ford, Me., d. Sept. 29, 1839, Dorchester, Mas*, a. 71. 
(/ Lucx Sargent, had nine children. 

Lucy Sargent b. June 29, 1795, m. David Hale, of N. Y., has four chil. 
Lucy Turner, Laura, Charlotte, Martha Eliza. 

Mary Sophia b. Aug. 30, 1797, m. Rev. Joseph Searle, has one child, 
Joseph Turner. 

Charlotte Saunders b. Sept. 2, 1801, not married. 

Rebecca b. June 26, 1803, <L in infancy. 

Martha Walker h Sept 24, 1806, <L young. 

Martha Walker b. Feb. 13, 1809, m. Edward Dunning, of Mobile, 
had one child, William Hale. Second husband, Arthur Wilkinson, 
had two children, Arthur and Martha Elizabeth. 

John Newton b. Jan. 6, 1811, m. Harriet Dana, had two children, 
Nathaniel Dana k June 28, 1840. 
^ Catharine Winthrop b. Feb. 10, 1842. 

Samuel Hubbard b. Feb. 9, 1814, not married. 

Catharine Winthrop b. June 22, 1819, <L Jan. 25, 1839, a. 20. 

Luther Thayer m, and settled in Randolph, Mass. 
TL 14. Olive Turner b. 1771, d. Sept. 5, 1818, Randolph, Mass., a. 47. 

George Washington m. Catharine French and settled in Boston, where 

he now resides with a large family. 
Luther m, Eliza Ann Strong, removed from Randolph to Boston and 

d. at Brookline, leaving one son and one daughter. 
Isaac m. Perry and settled in Boston ; it is believed he now 

resides in N. Y. with a large family. 
Seth Turner m. Eliza Davis, is a merchant in Boston, his residence in 

Brookline, Mass., and has seven sons and two daughters. 
Charles m. Martha Alden and settled in Randolph, has a second wife 

and only one child. 


?• 30. Philip Turner b. Feb. 9, 1741, Scituate, d. Jan. 22, 1793, Scituate, a. 52. 
Judith Hatch b. Feb. 16, 1744,' Pembroke, m. Nov. 2, 1771, d. 1777, a. 33. 
Sarah Vinal b. 1764, m. 1780, her 2d hus., Lazarus Bowker, cL 1837, a. 73. 

1. Harris, son of Judith, b. 1772, m. Jale. Whiting, 1795, </. Feb. 19, 1830, 

Townsend, Mass., <u 58. 
Joshua d. at Scituate, Mass., a. 13. 

2. Sally, dau. of Sarah, b. Mar. 7, 1785, m. Capt Elisha Foster, May, 
1804, r. S. Scituate, 

^Judith d, young, at Scituate. 

• S«e Appendix T. List of Physician*. 



VX h Harris Turner b. 1772, Scituate, Mass., m. 1795, £ Feb. 19, 1830, Tow^ 

send, Mass., a. 58. 
Jalb Whiting b. 1777, Hingham, Mass., d. July 19, 1827, Townsen 
Mass., a. 50. 
3. Joshua Davis b. Jan. 20, 1796, m. Elizabeth Copeland, Dec. 31, 182; 

cL Sept. 29, 1836, o. 40. 
4 Judith Hatch b. Noy. 19, 1797, wt. CoL Samuel Tollman, Feb. 
1819, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 

5. Amasa b. 1800, m. Julia Morse, r. Oakland, Texas. 

6. Eunice Whiting b. 1803, m. William Davis, May, 1826, r. Chester 

field, N. H. 
William b, 1806, Townsend, Mass.,i7i. Belinda Woodbury, r. Alabama 
Lydia Jacob b. 1817, £ Jam 5, 1825, a, 8. 

VII. 3. Joshua Davis Turner b. Jan. 20, 1796, Scituate, Mass., m. Decl 31, 182 ; 

d. Sept. 29, 1836, Hingham, Mass., a. 40. 
Elizabeth Copeland &. Feb. 6, 1800, Hingham, Mass., r. Hingham, Mav. 
Joshua Davis b. Feb. 15, 1825, m. Hannah Beals, July 15, 1849,', 

Hingham, Mass. 
Elizabeth Copeland k April 7, 1827, <L Jan. 15, 1832, a. 5. 

Samuel Tolman b. Aug. 8, 1785, Scituate, Mass., r. S. Scituate, Mass. 
VII. 4. Judith Hatch Turner b. Nov. 19, 1797, m. Feb. 21, 1819. 

Samuel b, Feb. 28, 1820, m. Sarah Waterman, June, 1851. 
James Turner b. Aug. 22, 1825, Scituate, Mass. 

VII. 5. Amasa Turner b. 1800, Scituate, Mass., r. Oakland, Texas. 
Julia Morse b. Sharon, Mass., m. Amasa Turner. 
George Quincy b. 1828, r. Oakland, Texas. 
Marcellus Granville b. 1830, r. Oakland, Texas. 
Julia Amanda b. 1838, r. Oakland, Texas. 

William Davis b. 1806, Townsend, Mass., m. May, 1826. 
VH. 6. Eunice Whiting Turner b, 1803, Scituate, Mass., r. Chesterfield, N. J \ 

one daughter wi; Charles P. Dudley, iv Chesterfield, N. H. 

Elisha Foster b. July 17, 1775, Scituate, Mass., d. July, 1852, S. Scituat 
Mass., o. 77- 
VL 2. Sally Turner b. Mar. 7, 1785, Scituate, Mass., m. May, 1804. 
Elisha b. Sept. 27, 1805, r, N. Y. City. 

7. Grace b. Jan. 7, 1808, m. N. Barstow, May, 1833, d. April 3, 1834, a. - 

8. Joshua Turner b. Jan. 31, 1810, m* Emily Sprague, June 12, 1837, 

Medford, Mass. 

9. George b. May 9, 1812, m. Frances Burr, April 6, 1843, r. Californi 

10. Sally 6. Mar. 17, 1816, m. Isaac H. Haskins, Dec 10, 1843. 
Philip b. Oct. 17, 1818, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 

11. Mary b. May 3, 1821, m. Capt. William H. Talbott, Aug. 18, 1844. 
Henry b. May 4, 1823, r. California. 

^^ Nathaniel Barstow m. May 4, 1833, r. Scituate, Mass. 

VTI. 7. Grace Foster b. Jan. 7, 1808, Scituate, Mass., <L April 3, 1834, a. 26. 
Grace Foster b. April 3, 1834, r. Pepperell, Mass. 

V1X 8. Joshua Turner Foster b. Jan. 31, 1810, Scituate, Mass., r. Medford, M, 
Emily Sprague m. June 12, 1837, has several children. 5. 


H 9i George Foster ft. May 9, 1812, Scituate, Mass., r. California. 
Frances Burr to. April 6, 1843, r. California. 

George Albert b. Jan. 30, 1844, Charlestown, Mass. 

Isaac H. Haskins m. Dec. 10, 1843, r. S. Scituate, 
U. 10. Saxlt Foster ft. Mar. 17, 1816, Scituate, Mass. 

Esther Foster b. Dec 1844, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 
Edward ft. Aug., 1846, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 

William H. Talbot m. Aug. 18> 1844, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 
XL 11. Mart Foster b. May B T 1821, Scituate, Mass. 

William Foster b. July 1, 1845, Scituate, Mass. 
Frank Hale ft. July 1, 1848, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 


» 31. Israel Turner b. June 17, 1745, Scituate, ^Mass^ m. 1783, £ 1799, Scituate, 
Mass., a. 54. 
Mercy Oakman b. 1755, Marshfield, Mass., d. 1821, a. 66. 
Israel ft. Nov. 2, 1784, Scituate, Mass., d. 1849, a. 65. 

1. Mercy b. Mar. 5, 1785, m. Samuel Hatch, 1813, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 

2. Samuel b. Feb. 22, 1788, m. Harriet Torrey, 1818, and Lydia Turner, 

Sept 5, 1828, d. Sept 22, 1843, a. 55. 

3. Deborah ft. May 12, 1790, m. Charles Henry Turner, Nov. 14, 1814, 

and Timothy Foster, May 20, 1829. 
Betsy b. Aug. 12, 1792, d, July 4, 1844, a. 52. 

Samuel Hatch ft. Sept 3, 1770, Scituate, Mass., <L Jan. 4> 1844, Scituate, 
Mass., a. 74. 
L 1. Merct Turner ft. Mar. 5, 1785, m. Nov. 1813, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 

4. Eunice ft. Aug. 24, 1814, m. Thomas M. Hatch, 1837. 
Mercy ft. 1817, Scituate, Mass. 

Sarah b. 1819, m. Benjamin Jacob, June, 1848. 
Adeline ft. July 20, 1820, Scituate, Mass. 

5. Samuel ft. May 10, 1823, m. Cornelia M. Rogers, Feb. 2i, 1848, r. 

Cincinnati, Ohio, t 
Benjamin Jacob ft. Sept 14, 1825, r. S. Scituate. 

Thomas M. Hatch wi. Eunice Hatch, 1837, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 
^ 4. Eunice Hatch ft. Aug. 24, 1814, Scituate, Mass. 

Lucretia Thomas ft. Feb. 14, 1838, Scituate, Mass. 
Deborah Nash ft. 1840, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 
Mercy Turner ft. 1842, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 
Eunice ft. 1844, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 

^ 5. Samuel Hatch ft. May 10, 1823, Scituate, Mass., r. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Cornelia M. Rogers ft. 1828, w. Feb. 21, 1848. 
I Augustus ft. Feb. 24, 1848, Scituate, Mass. 

I Willard ft. Aug., 1849, Scituate, Mass. 









2. Samuee Tubneb ft. Feb. 22, 1788, Scituate, Mass^ d. Sept 22, 1843, a. 5c 
Habbiet Tobbey ft. about 1795, m. 1818, d. 1820, a. 25. 
Ltdia Tubneb ft. Sept 19, 1796, m. Sept. 5, 1828, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 

6. Sally, dau. of Harriet, ft. Nov. 8, 1819, m. Joseph S. Clapp, Jul 
18, 1843. 
Harriet Torrey, dau. of Lydia, ft. June 18, 1829. 
Samuel ft. May 2, 1831, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 
David Warner ft. May 9, 1833, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 
Caroline Gushing ft. May 31, 1835, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 
Maria Wade ft. Sept. 20, 1837, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 
Gustavus James ft. Dec 11, 1839, r. S. Scituate, Mass. 

Josepep S. Clapp m. July 18, 1843, r. S. Scituate, Mass. \ 

6. Sally Tubneb ft. Nov. 8, 1819, Scituate, Mass. [°* 

David ft. Sept. 16, 1844, r. S. Scituate, Mass. f\ 
Roger ft. Nov. 28, 1846, d. 1849, a. 3. 

6. Chables Henbt Tubneb* ft. Nov. 21, 1790, Scituate, Mass^ <L Aug. W 
1821, Is. Cuba, a. 31. 
Timothy Fosteb m, wid. Deborah Turner, May 20, 1829, r. S. Scituate, Ms! 

3. Debobah Tubneb ft. May 12, 1790, m C. H. Turner, Nov. 14, 1814. 

Deborah, dau. of Charles, ft. Sept. 11, 1815, d. June 4, 1837, a. 22. 
Hannah ft. Jan. 11, 1819, d. Sept. 1837, a. 18. 
Ellen, dau. of Timothy, ft. Aug. 31, 1833. 


32. Joshua Tubneb ft. Aug. 31, 1747, Scituate, Mass., d. Mar. 18, 1831, Oxfor 
Mass., a. 84. 
Eunice James ft. about 1750, m. about 1777, cL Dec. 9, 1825, a. 75. 

Eunice ft. July 3, 1779, Oxford, Mass., m. Philip Eastman, Feb., 180< 

d. Dec 28, 1800, a. 21. 
Mary ft. Feb. 11, 1782, Oxford, Mass., r. Chicago, 111. 
I 1. Deborah ft. July 5, 1785, m. Bela Tiffany, Feb., 1813, d. April 1 
1839, Southbridge, Mass., a. 54. 


Bela Tiffany ft. Oct. 7, 1785, South Brimfield, (now Wales,) Mass^ d. Jufff 
29, 1851, Southbridge, Mass., a. 65. 
1. Deborah Tubneb ft. July 5, 1785, Oxford, Mass., m. Feb., 1813, d. Apr 
16, 1839, a. 54. 

2. Samuel Slater ft. Nov. 30, 1813, Webster, Mass., nu Isabella Mea< I 

Oct., 1843, r. N. Y. City. 

3. Ann Howe ft. April 30, 1815, m. Franklin H. Cutting, Sept. 2, 18^ 

r. Westport, N. Y. 

4. Luvan Turner ft. Sept. 21, 1818, w. Martin O. Walker, April 1- 

1850, r. Chicago, HI. 
Caroline T. ft. Mar. 15, 1820, m. La Fayette Stow, Oct. 15, 1840, 

Eufaula, Ala. 
Amelia Mary Ann ft. 1822, N. Y. City, d. 1822, a. 9 months. 
. • Dexter ft. Nov. 30, 1825, Wales, Mass., r. N. Y. City. 

* 9— Second Serie*, No. 6. 







% Samuel Slateb Tiffant ft. Nov. 30, 1813, Webster, Mass., r. N. Y. City* 
Isabella Mead m. Oct, 1843, r. N. Y. City. 
Isabella ft. Aug, 24, 1844, N. Y. City. 
Ellen Banker ft. July 12, 1846, r. N. Y. City. 
Loraine ft. Aug., 1848, r. N. Y. Gty. 
Jane Mead ft. June, 1850, r. N. Y. City. 

Franklin H. Cutting ft. in Windsor, Vt, r. Westport, N. Y. 

3. Ann Howe Tiffany ft. April 30, 1815, Oxford, Mass., m. Sept 2, 1840. 

Annie Tinany ft. July 4, 1845, Westport, N. Y. 
Mary Hunter ft. Oct 26, 1848, r. Westport, N. Y. 

Mabtin O. Walkeb b. June 9, 1809, Whiting, Vt, r* Chicago, ID. 

4. Lutan Tubner Tiffany ft. Sept 21,1 818, Oxford, Mass., m. April 18, 1850. 
Martin Tiffany ft. April 26, 1851, Chicago, DL 

?. 3a 



Jacob Turner ft. Nov. 26, 1749, Scituate, Mass^ m. 1779, d. Jan. 22, 1804, 

Lyme, N. H., cu 55. t 
Rachel Cushing* ft. June 15, 1757, Scituate, Mass., cL Sept 5, 1835, a. 78. 
Samuel Cushing ft. 1780, Lyme, N. H., d. Aug. 20, 1798, a. 17. 

1. Jacob ft. Mar. 5, 1783, m. Abigail Dimick, Nov., 1809, and Mary W. 

Emerson, Oct 17, 1821, r. Boston, Mass. 
Israel ft. 1785, d. Feb. 18, 1787,^o. 2. 
Sarah ft. Jan., 1788, m. Calvin P. Fairfield, d. Jan. 17, 1838, a. 50. 

2. Mary ft. Mar. 29, 1790, m. Salmon Washburn, Jan. 6, 1811, d. Aug. 3, 

1845, a. 55. 
Lydia ft. 1792, cL May 25, 1796, a. 4. 
Israel ft. Aug. 29, 1794, m. Nancy Franklin and Eliza Wyman, r. 

Boston, Mass. 

3. Harris ft. July 4, 1797, m. Lucy Gilbert, Nov., 1836, r. Lyme, N. H. 

4. William ft. Dec. 18, 1799, m. Aurora Brace, May 1, 1833, d, April 

25, 1842, Salina, N. Y., a. 42. 
. George ft. 1802, <L Mar. 4, 1824, cu 22. 

jf. Jacor TuBNEBt ft. Mar. 5, 1783, Lyme, N. H., r. Boston, Mass. 
Abigail DimiceJ ft. April 5, 1791, m. Nov., 1809, d. Mar. 26, 1813, a. 22. 
Mart Wright Emerson§ ft. July 19, 1799, Chelsea, Vt, m. Oct 17, 1821. 

5. Lydia, dau. of Abigail, ft. Dec 19, 1811, Lyme, N. H., m. Samuel 
Stone, Nov. 21, 1838, r. Lowell, Mass. 

6. Elizabeth, dau. of. Mary, ft. Aug. 27, 1822, m. Charles Bailey Sawyer, 
• July 31, 1851, r. St Louis, Mo. 

7. Abigail Dimick ft. April 26, 1824, m. John C Caryl, June 18, 1845, 
r. Wolfborough, N. H. 

Mary Emerson ft. Mar. 14, 1826, d. April 23, 1826, a. 39 days. 

Mary Emerson ft. Jan. 31, 1827, r. Boston, Mass. 

Sarah Fairfield ft. Oct 29, 1829, r. Boston, Mass. 

Cornelia Cushing ft. Feb, 27, 1832, r. Boston, Mass. 

George Henry ft. May 12, 1834, Lowell, Mass., d. Nov. 8, 1835, a. 1 1-2. 

Henrietta Webster ft. Jan. 3, 1839, r. Boston, Mass. 

Maria Louisa ft. Nov. 6, 1842, r. Boston, Mass. 

*8«e Appendix G. 

t Se« Appendix K. 

t Sea Appendix L. 

S See Appendix it. 


Samuel, Stone b* Jane 28, 1791, Watertown, Mass., m. Permelia Hove^j 

Nov. 28, 1816, r- Lowell, Mass. 
Permelia Hovet b. Oct. 10, 1793, Dracut, Mass., d. Aug. 17, 1835, Provi 
deuce, R. L, a. 42. 
VLX 5. Ltdia Tubneb 5. Dec 19, 1811, Lyme, N. H., m. Nov. 21, 1838. 

Charles Watson, son of Permelia, b. Dec. 27, 1819, Providence, R. 1 

<L Sept 17, 1846, Pawtucket, R. I., a. 27. 
Samuel Augustus b. Mar. 1, 1822, d. Sept 24, 1826, a. 4. 
Albert Henry b. April 30; 1824, c7. May 4, 1824, a. 4 days. 
Edward b. Jan. 27, 1827, d. Jan. 28, 1827, a. 1 day. 
Augustus & Dec. 10, 1827, d. Feb. 10, 1828, a. 2 months. 
Henry Abbott ft. Dec 31, 1829, r. Lowell, Mass. 


■ - m 

Charles Bailey Sawyeb ft. Aug; 7, 1819, "Warwick, Ms., r. St Louis, Mo. 
VH. 6. Elizabeth Emebson Tubneb ft. Aug. 27, 1822, Lyme, N. H., m. J*ly 31, 1851 

John Clabk Cabtl ft. May 20, 1819, Stockbridge, Vt., r. Wolfborough, N. R 
VLT. 7. Abigail Dimick Tubneb ft. April 26, 1824, Lyme, N. H., m. June 18, 184?* 
Mary Helen b. July 6, 1846, Chelmsford, Mass. 
Lizzie Jane b. Feb. 28, 1848, Montpelier, Vt 
Charles Henry ft. Mar. 3, 1850, Lowell, Mass. 


Salmon Washbubn 5. Feb. 28, 1786, Lyme, N. H., m. Jan. 6, 1811, d. Jan 
4, 1847, Lyme, N. H., a. 61. 
VI. 2. Mabt Tubneb b. Mar. 29, 1790, d. Aug. 3, 1845, Boston, Mass., a. 55. 
Mary Cushing ft. April 1, 1812, rf. April 18, 1813, a. 1. 
8. Sarah b. Feb. 11, 1814, m. Joseph F. White, Oct 30, 1836, s 
Boston, Mass. 
i 9. Salmon J. April 20, 1820, m. Mary E. Draper, Feb. 11, 1850, r. Vt 

Burensburg, Bl. 
\ Mary Sloan b. June 25, 1823, Boston, Ms., d, April 6, 1824, a. 11 mo- 1 
Caroline Augusta b. Jan. 6, 1826, d. Dec. 27, 1826, a. 10 months. 
Phoebe Augusta b. June 29, 1828, <f. Oct. 20, 1835, a. 7. 
Adaline Elizabeth ft. Mar. 4, 1831, <*. Dec. 17, 1832, a. 1 yr. 9 mos 

Joseph Fobd White ft. June 17, 1815, Milton, Mass., r. Boston, Mass. 

VLT. 8. Sabah Washbubn b. Feb. 11, 1814, Lyme, N. H., m. Oct 30, 1836. 

Joseph Warren b. July 2, 1838, Boston, Mass. 

Charles Henrv ft. Dec. 30, 1840, d. July 9, 1852, a. 11 1-2. 

Sarah Vesta ft. Nov. 7, 1843, r. Boston, Mass. 

Salmon Washburn b. April 30, 1847, d. Mar. 20, 1848, a. 11 mont 

VLT. 9. Salmon Washbubn ft. April 20, 1820, Lyme, N. H., m. Feb. 11, 1850, B> 

Van Burensburg, 111. 
Mabt Elizabeth Drapeb b. Jan. 31, 1831, Delhi, 111. 

Charles William ft. Nov. 8, 1850, Van Burensburg, HI. 

VL 3. Harris Tubneb ft. July 4, 1797, Lyme, N. H., r. Lyme, N. H. 
Lucy Gilbert ft. Mar., 1808, m. Nov., 1836. 

Sarah Fairfield b. April, 1837, r. Lyme, N. H. 

Susan Gilbert ft. Jan., 1839, r. Lyme, N. H. 

Webster A. C. ft. Sept, 1842, d. Aug., 1843, a. 11 months. 

Mary Lucy b. Aug. 17, 1844, r. Lyme, N. H. 

Harris b. Aug., 1847, d. Feb., 1848, a. 6 months. 



I, William Turner &, Dec 18y 1799^ Lyme, N. H., <L April 25, 1842, Salina, 

N. Y„ a. 42. 

Aurora Brace 5. Oct 17, 1813, Salina, N. Y., m. May 1, 1833, r. 
Syracuse, N. Y. 
Aurora b. April 22, 1834, Boston, Mass., r. Syracuse, N. Y. 
Ellen b. Aug. 26, 1836, Boston, Mass., r. Syracuse, N. Y. 
William b. Aug. 23, 1838, d. July 27, 1839, Salina, N. Y., a. 11 mos. 
Sarah Brace b. May 15, 1840, Salina, N. Y. 
David Arnts b. Oct 11, 18i2, r. Syracuse, N. Y. 


34 Davxd Turner b. Aug. 16, 1753, Scituate, Mass., m. Dec, 1781, <L Sept 6*, 
1826, Lyme, N. H., o. 73. 
Rhoda Porter* L July 24, 1764, Coventry, Ct, d. April 15, 1850, a. 86. 

1. Deborah bf Oct. 13, 1783, Lyme, N. H., m. Freeman Josselyn, April, 

1801, d. Oct 9, 1822, a. 39. 

2. Nancy b. Dec 24, 1787, m. Asa Carpenter, Oct;, 1808, d. May 25, 

1843, a. 55. 
& Rhoda J. June 29, 1789, m. Joseph Smith, Oct 1, 1812, r. Boston, Ma. 
4. David b. April 19, 1791, m. Lavina Jenks, Dec. 9, 1813, and Phoebe 
K Andrews, Jan. 22, 1823, r. Lyme, N. H. 
•% 5. Philip b. April 5, 1793, m. Sarah Steele, Nov. 20, 1817. - 

6. Thomas Porter b. Dec 26, 1796, m. Lydia Gilbert, Dec, 181$, r. 

Oberlin, Ohio. - 

7. Joshua b. Sept 23, 1798, m. Phoebe Porter, May 1, 1822, r. Boston, Ms* 

8. Benjamin b. Aug. 9, 1804, m. Charlotte Hamilton, Jan. 27, 1831, r. 

N. Danvers, Mass. 
Luther b. Aug. 12, 1807, m. Sylphina Gillet, r. W. Newton, Mass. 

Freeman Josselyn b. Aug. 25, 1778, Pembroke, Mass., m. Deborah Turner, 
April, 1801, r. Lyme, N. H, 
1* Deborah Turner b. Oct. 13, 1783, </. Oct 9, 1822 r Lyme, N. H., a. 39. 
Dolly Pusher £. Nov. 3, 1781, Lvme, N. H., m. May, 1824. 

9.. Freeman, son of Deborah, L Aug. 20, 1803, m. Abigail Bowman, 
Mar. 25, 1827. 
Deborah, dau. of Deborah, b. Sept 18, 1805, d. 1823, a. 18. 

9, Freeman Josselyn b. Aug. 20, 1803, r. Lyme, N. H. 
Abigail Bowman b. Aug. 19, 1805, Henniker, N. H., m. Mar. 25, 1827. 

Deborah Turner b. Dec. 15, 1827, m. Bela Sawyer, Aug. 18, 1847, r. 

Thetford, Vt 
David Turner b. Feb. 12, 1831, r. Lebanon, N. H. 
Maria Rose b. Feb. 17, 1833, m. Henry E. Josselyn, June 1, 1851, r. 

Salem, Mass. 
Harlan Page b. Sept 1, 1838, r. Lyme, N. H. 
Arthur b. May 24, 1841, <L Feb. 27, 1843, a. 1 3-4 

Asa Carpenter b. Sept 17, 1784, Lyme, N. H., m. Oct 4, 1808, r. Man- 
chester, N. H. 
2. Nancy Turner b. Dec 24, 1787, cL May 23, 1843, Lyme, N. H., a. 56. 
Anna b. Sept 9, 1809, rf. Feb. 29, 1813, a. 3. 
10. Rhoda k Jc 8, 1811,m.JohnW.Andrews,Dec27,1831,r.Lyme,N.H. 

* See Appendix H. 

Oi ^W". ' M>igi^ i «.^jL ' ji. i u* pi i » A IJiJ^iw-l . 



Calvin Porter 5. Sept. 29, 1812, r. Boston^ Mass. 
Asa ft. Aug. 1, 1814, d. May 31, 1832, o.J7. 

11. Eliza Ann ft. Aug. 24, 1816, m. Ezra Franklin, Dec- 14, 1841, 

Lyme, N. H. i 

Jesse ft. Feb. 11, 1819, <L Dec 20, 1820, a. 1. 
Mary ft. Mar. 2, 1821, m. Nehemiah Williams, r. Vernon, Ct 
Sarah Pillsbnry ft. April 3, 1823, m. Anstin Brooks, Feb. 13, 1850, 

Manchester, N. H. 
Mirriam ft. April 6, 1825, r. Manchester, N. H. 
David Turner ft. July 9, 1827, r. Springfield, Vt 
Baxter Perry ft. Aug. 3, 1831, <L Dec* 11, 1832, a. 1. 

John Wyman Andrews ft. 1800, Pembroke, N. H., r. Lyme, N. H. 
VII. 10. Rhoda Carpenter ft. June 8, 1811, Lyme, N. H., m. Dec 27, 1831. 

Ezra Franklin ft. Oct. 5, 1813, Lyme, N. EL, r. Lyme, N. H. 
VXL 11. Eliza Ann Carpenter ft. Aug. 24, 1816, m. Dec 14, 1841. 
Jonathan ft. Sept. 3, 1842, r. Lyme, N. H. 
Chester ft. Sept. 16, 1845, r. Lyme, N. H. 
Catharine ft. Feb. 6, 1849, r. Lyme, N. H. 

Joseph Smith ft. Jan. 18, 1789, Lyme, N.H., cL Dec 14, 1822, Lyme, N.H., a. 3 
VL 3. Rhoda Turner ft. Jan. 29, 1789, m. Oct. 1, 1812, r. Boston, Mass. 
Joseph Turner ft. Oct. 20, 1814, r. St. Louis, Mo. 
William ft. Dec 6, 1817, d. May 16, 1818, a. 5 months. 
George Washington ft. July 6, 1820, d. Jan. 6, 1823, cu 2 1-2. 

12. David ft. April 27, 1822, m. Caroline Davis, June 6, 1847, r. Boston, 3J 

VIL 12. David Smith ft. April 27, 1822, Lyme, N. H., m. June 6, 1847, r. Boston, M 
Caroline Davis ft. April 15, 1824, Bolton, L. Canada. 
Rhoda Caroline ft. June 15, 1848, Boston, Mass. 
Henry Arthur ft. Mar. 19, 1850, r. Boston, Mass. 

'■ * 

VL 4. David Turner ft. April 19, 1791, Lyme, N. H., m. Lavina Jenks, Dec 

1813, r. Lyme, N. H. 

Lavtna Jenks* ft. Nov. 1, 1794, Lyme, N. H., d Dec 5, 1821, a. 27. 

Phcebe Kelly ANDREWsf ft. June 21, 1800, Pembroke, N. H., m. J& 

* 22, 1823. 

Lavina, dau. of Lavina, ft. Oct. 22, 1814, d. June 22, 1834, at. 19. 

David J ft. Dec 9, 1815, r. Richmond, Va. 

13. Louisa ft. Sept 28, 1816, m. Sidney S. Grant, June 24, 1837. 

14. Maria Augusta ft. June 19, 1818, m. Moses tWood, Sept. 6, I8ffl 

Boston, Mass., d. May 10, 1852, a. 34. ^ 
George ft. June 22, 1820, r. Lyme, N. H. 

15. Rhoda Ann, dau. of Phoebe, ft. Oct. 25, 1823, m. Varnum J. Bloo 

July 29, 1851, r. Galena, HL 
Janette Matilda ft. Sept 13, 1833, r. Boston, Mass. 
Phoebe Lavina ft. Aug. 15, 1838, r. Lyme, N. H. 
Julia Adelaide ft. Dec 22, 1842, r. Lyme, N. H. 

' Sidney Smith Grant ft. Mar. 16, 1816, Lyme, N. H., r. Lyme, N. H. 

VLI. 13. Louisa Turner ft. Sept 28, 1817, m. June 24, 1837. 

Maria Churchill ft. Sept 29, 1838, r. Lyme, N. H. 
Turner Smith ft. July 18, 1840, r. Lyme, N. H. 
Caroline Louisa ft. Feb. 7, 1843, r. Lyme, N. H. 
Mary Emeline ft. April 3, 1849, r. Lyme, N. H. 

* See Appendix N. 


t See Appendix P. 

i See Appendix T. 




Moses "Wood i. Jane 13, 1812, S. Andover, Mass., m. Mary Porter Con- 
verse, May 14, 1835, r. Boston, Mass. 
Mary P. Converse &. Mar. 8, 1814, Lyme, N. H., cL Oct 9, 1839, a. 25. 
14, Ma t*t a. Augusta Turner b. June 19, 1818, Lyme, N. H., m. Sept. 6, 1842, 
<L May, 1852, a. 34. 
.William Converse, son of Mary, b. Jan. 24, 1839, Boston, Mass. 
Samuel Abbott, son of Maria A., b. Oct. 6, 1848, Boston, Mass. 

Varnum Jewett Blood b. May 21, 1808,, Mason, N. H., nu Mary A. 
Woodcock, Dec I, 1836; Isabella Oliver, Mar. 18, 1841, n 
Galena, HL- 
Mart Ann Woodcock b, Aug. 29, 1812, Needham, Mass., oU Feb. 29, 

1840, Galena, HI., a. 27. 
Isabella Oliver b. Sept. 22, 1811, Shirmers Valley, Pa., <L Mar. 14, 
1842, a. 30. 

ILL 15. Rhoda Ann Turner b. Oct 25, 1823, Lyme, N. R, m. July 29, 1851. 
Benjamin Wisner, son of Mary Ann, b. Jan. 6, 1838, Galena, HL 
Edward b. Feb. 8, 1840, d. Feb. 9, 1840, a. 1 day. 
Thomas Duffield, son of Isabella, Mar. 4, 1852, <L July 18, 1842, 
cl 4 months. 

X 5. Philip Turner* 6. April 5, 1793, Lyme, N. H., r. Lyme, N. H. 
Sarah Steele b. Dec 20, 1796, Tolland, Ct., m. Nov. 20, 1817. 
16, Sarah b. Oct 13, 1818, m. Thomas L. Dimick, June 6, 1840. 
Orlando Eldred b. Oct 17, 1821, r. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Deborah b. Sept 19, 1823, d. Mar. 19, 1824, a. 6 months. 
Emetine Robinson, b. Mar. 19, 1825, r. Boston, Mass. 
. Daniel Steele b. May 28, 1827, d. Mar. 19, 1828, a, 10 months. 
Phcebe Lavina b. Aug. 24, 1837, r. Lyme, N. H. 

Thomas Lathrop Dimick b. Sept. 19, 1815, Lyme, N. H., r. Lyme, N. H. 
IL 16. Sarah Turner b. Oct. 13, 1818, m. June 6, 1840, r. Lyme, N. H. 
Sarah Cornelia b. May 14, 1843, r. Lyme, N. H. 
Arthur Milton b. Nov. 16, 1848, r. Lyme, N. H. 

L 6. Thomas Porter Turner b. Dec 26, 1796, Lyme, N. H., r. Oberlin, Ohio. 
Ltdia GiLBERTf b. Jan. 3, 1799, wi. Dec. 2, 1819, r. Oberlin, Ohio. 

17.- Lydia Laurette b. July 26, 1821, m, Edwin T. Branch, Feb., 1847, r. 

Genesee, Mich. 
18. Marjr Jane b. Nov. 8, 1823, m. C. H. Churchill, Nov. 1846, r. Oberlin, 
Sarah Gilbert 5. Nov. 15, 1826, Thetford, Vt, <L June 4, 1827, a. 7 

Benjamin Franklin b. Oct. 10, 1829, r. Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Sarah Gilbert b. Nov. 15, 1831, r. Oberlin, Ohio. 
Thomas Lathrop b. Aug. 16, 1836, Oberlin, Ohio, d. Dec 30, 1836, 

a. 4 months. 
Martha Miner b. June 8, 1838, r. Oberlin, Ohio. 
Frances Dimick b. Feb. 18, 1841, r. Oberlin, Ohio. 
Henry Lathrop b. Aug. 26, 1844, r. Oberlin, Ohio. 

Edwin Thomson Branch b. 1815, Ct, r. Genesee, Mich. 
^ 17. Ltdia Laurette b. July 26, 1821, Lyme, N. H., m. Feb., 1847. 
Franklin Turner o. Sept, 1848, r. Genesee, Mich. 
Alice Cowles b. Feb., 1850, r. Genesee, Mich. 


* See Appendix Q. 

t See Appendix O. 


Charles Henr* Churchill ft. 1824," Lyme, N. H., r. Oberlin, Ohio. 
VIT. 18. Mart Janr Turner ft. Nov. 8, 1823, m. Nov., 1846, r. Oberlin, Ohio. 
Charles Carroll ft. Dec, 1847, Oberlin, Ohio. 
Franklin Henry ft. Sept, 1851, r. Oberlin, Ohio. 

Yli 7. Joshua Turner ft. Sept. 23, 1798, Lyme, N. H., r. Boston, Mass. 
Phosbe Porter b. Nov. 20, 1798, m. May 1, 1822. 

Phcebe Diantha ft. June 4, 1823, Thetford, Vt, cL Aug. 28, 183 

Boston, Mass., a. 16. 
Mary & May 9, 1829, Boston, Mass., r. Boston, Mass. 
Louisa ft. Oct 2, 1831, r. Boston, Mass. 
George Washington b. Sept 27, 1834, r. Boston, Mass. 

VI. * 8. Benjamin Turner ft. Aug. 9, 1804, Lyme, N. H., r. N. Danversy Mass. 
Charlotte Hamilton ft. April 24, 1812, m. Jan. 26, 1832. 
La Prelate ft. Sept 22, 1833, S. Andover, Mass. 
Newton Lambert ft. Sept 25, 1835, r. N. Danvers, Mass. 
Charles Heber ft. July 28, 1838, r. N. Danvers, Mass. ? 

Horatio Bardwell ft. Feb. 28, 1840, d. Oct 19, 1841, a. 8 months.,- 
Erdix Tenney ft. Sept 19, 1843, N. Danvers, Mass. 
i Loren Thayer ft. Jan. 11„1848, d. Aug. 9, 1848, a. 7 months. 
Charlotte Elizabeth ft. Dec^ 1849, d. July 6, 1851, a. 2. 


Briant Stephenson ft. June 15, 1759, Boston, Mass., cL Sept 27, 183 j 
Lancaster, N. H., a. 76. 

V. 35. Deborah Turner ft. Oct 26, 1756, Scituate, Mass., m. Feb. 1, 1783, 4 

June 13, 1836, a. 80. 
\ 1. Briant Parrott ft. Nov. 25, 1784, Scituate, Mass^m. Abigail G. Balkan 
\ Dec 22, 1814, d. July 7, 1841, Robinstown, Me., a. 56. 

2. Reuben ft. Sept 5, 1786, m. Mary K. Baker, Feb. 25, 1810, r. Lai I 

caster, N. H. 

3. Benjamin ft. Nov. 14, 1788, m. Mary Wilson, Oct 24, 1819, r. "We*; 

Newton, Mass. 
Luistanus ft. July 20, 1790, r. Lancaster, N. H. 

4. Eliza Parrott & Feb. 19, 1794, Lyme, N. BL, m. John H. Willarc 

Nov. 2, 1837, r. Wilton, Me. - 

5. Debby Turner ft. April 18, 1796, m. William D. Spalding, Feb, 1821? 

d. Nov. 16, 1824, a. 28. 

6. Turner ft. April 4, 1798, m. Eluthera Porter, Jan. 6, 1830, and Phoebe 

Oaks, Jan. 11, 1841, r. Lancaster, N. H. 

VI. 1. Briant Parrott Stephenson h. Nov. 25, 1784, Scituate, Mass, d. July ~ 

1841, Robinstown, Me., a. 56. 
Abigail Gilbert Balkam ft. April 10, 1796, Norton, Mass.. rru Dee. 22i 
1814, r. N. Y. City. 

7. Abigail Deborah ft. Mar. 8, 1816, Robinstown, Me., m. Samuel C 

Bugbee, May 12, 1836, r. Boston, Mass. 
John Briant ft. Sept 5, 1817, r. N. Y. City. 

8. Benjamin Turner ft. Aug. 18, 1819, m. Nancy K Hall, Feb. 28, 1844 

r. Boston, Mass. 

9. Reuben MacLean ft. July 5, 1821, m. Charlotte P. Bayley, Nov. 27 

1845, r. San Francisco, CaL 


George Balkam b. Mar. 20, 1824, St Andrews; N. B., r. at sea. 
Charles Frazer b. Oct. 25, 1828, r. N. Y. City. 
Mary Eliza b. July 26, 1830, <L Mar. 23, 1837, Eobinstown, Me., o. 7. 
Howard Benton b. Dec. 16V 1834, Bobinstown, Me., r. N. Y. City. 

Samuel Chables Bugbee ft. Jan. 20, 1812, St Stephens, N. B., m. May 
12, 1836, r. Boston, Mass. 
OL 7. Abigail Deborah Stephenson b. Mar. 8, 1816, Bobinstown, Me. 
Charles Lewis b. Mar. 8, 1837, Calais, Me., r. Boston, Mass. 
John Stephenson b. May 31, 1840, Bockville, N. B. 
Sumner Weld b. Aug. 16, 1846, Roxbury, Mass. 
Agnes Stephenson b. Oct. 22, 1849, d. Dec 31, 1850, a. 1. 

f£L 8. Benjamin Turner Stephenson ft. Aug. 18, 1819, Bobinstown, Me., r. 
Boston, Mass. 
Nancy Kelleban Hall b. June 16, 1818, Cashing, Me., m. Feb. 28, 184C~ 
Harris Marshall b. Jan. 18, 1845, Boston, Mass. 
Alice Briant b. May 9, 1847, Cambridge, Mass. 
Benjamin Turner b. Mar. 27, 1849, Boston, Mass. 
Charles Frazer b. Sept. 13, 1851, N. Y. City, r. Boston, Mass. 

7JJL 9. Beuben MacLean Stephenson b. July 5, 1821, Bobinstown, Me., r. San 
Francisco, CaL 
Chablotte P. Bayley m, B. M. L. Stephenson, Nov. 27, 1845. 

Charlotte Elizabeth 5. Warren, Ohio, r. San Francisco, CaL 
Flora b. Dorchester, Mass., r. San Francisco, CaL 

TL 2.. Reuben Stephenson b. Sept. 5, 1786, Scituate, Mass., r. Lancaster, N. H. 
'Maby King Baker b. Mar. 27, 1789, Lancaster, N. H., m. Feb. 25, 1810. 
Beuben Briant b. Dec 29, 1810, <L April 8, 1813, a. 2 1-2. 

10. Elizabeth Vasa b. Aug. 11, 1812, m. John H. Webster, Esq., Feb. 1, 

1838, r. Norridgewock, Me. 
Charles b. Nov. 27, 1814, d. Feb. 17, 1841, Van Buren, As., a. 27. 

11. Briant Oscar b. Aug. 4, 1816, m. Persis F. Eastman, Sept 11, 1843, 

r. St Johnsbury, Vt 
Mary Baker b. Jan. 11, 1819, m. Eev. Elihu T. Bowe, Aug. 7, 1845. 

r. Meriden, N. H. 
Lucinda b. Mar. 16, 1821, <f. June 22, 1821, a. 3 months, 
Beuben Henry b. June 4, 1822, r. Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Deborah Turner b. Mar. 28, 1825, r. Lancaster, N. H. 
John Gould b. Mar. 1, 1828, r. Terra Haute, Indiana. 
Oliver Gustavus b. Sept 16, 1829, r. Lancaster, N. H. 

John Hammond Websteb, Esq. m. E. V. Stephenson, Feb. 1, 1838, r. 
Norridgewock, Me. 
HL 10. Elizabeth Vasa Stephenson b, Aug. 11, 1812, Lancaster, N. H. 
John Reuben b. Oct 18, 1838, New Portland, Me. 
Charles b. Aug. 15, 1840, New Portland, Me, 
Mary Cheever b. June 15, 1845, New Portland, Me. 
Elizabeth Stephenson b. June 27, 1848, N. Anson, Me. 
Willie b. Dec 3, 1849, Norridgewock, Me. 

r TL 11. Bbiant Oscab Stephenson b. Aug, 4, 1816, Lancaster, N. EL, r. St 
Johnsbury, Vt 
Pebsis Fayette Eastman b. Jan. 3, 1816, m. Sept 11, 1843. 
Mary Lucinda b. May 25, 1844, r. St Johnsbury, Vt. 
Charles Briant b. April 11, 1850, St Johnsbury, Vt 

v 6 I 


GaaaiLLocrr.^^ part ni—r ninth semes. 


8. Benjamin- Stephenson J. Nov. 14,178s, Scituate, Ma, r. Wt Newton, M 
Mary Wilson b. Feb. 3, 179$ Lancaster, N. H., m. Oct. 24, 1819. 
• 12. John Hubbard b. Aug. 4, 1320, m. Emily F. Willard, April 16, 184| ! 

13. George Augustus b. Aug. 7, 1822 r m. S. M. Lincoln, Oct. 21, 1846. I 1 

14. Briant 5. Feb. 5, 1825, m. Sarah P. Hall, June^lO, 1851, r. Non| 
umberland, N. H. 

15. Mary Eliza 6. April 3, 1827, m. C. H. Blanchard, Oct. .20, 1846, | 
Oct. 29, 1850, <u 22. 

Edward Luistanus b. Jan. 31, 1830, d. Oct. 11, 1844, Lancaste 

N. H., a. 13. 
Francis Wilson K Mar. 15, 1835, r. W. Newton, Masst 

VTL 12. John Hubbabd Stephenson b, Aug. 4, 1820, Lancaster, N. IL, r. T% 

Newton, Mass* 
Emily Fisk Willard b. Oct. 27, 1816, Boston, Mass., m. April 16, 1845 
Anna Willard b. Feb. 22, 1847, Roxbury, Mass. 
Edward Mabin b. Feb. 22, 1849, Roxbury, Mass. ; 
Hubbard b. Nov. 21, 1850, W. Newton, Mass. 

VUL 13. George Augustus b. Aug. 7, 1822, Lancaster, N. H., m. Oct. 1, 1846, 

W. Newton* Mass. 
Susanna Marsh Lincoln b, Boston, Mass., d. Oct. 31, 1847, Boston, Mas 
Susanna Lincoln b. Oct. 18, 1847. 

Vil. 14. Briant Stephenson b. Feb. 5, 1825, Lancaster, N. H, r. Northumbei 

land, N. H. 
Sarah P. Hall b. May 7, 1830, Guildhall, Vt, m. June 10, 1851. 

Charles H. Blanchard b. April 18, 1822, Boston, Ms., r. W. Newton, M 
VIL 15. Mary Eliza Stephenson b. April 3, 1827, Lancaster, N. H., m. Oct 2i 

1846, d. Oct. 29, 1850, W. Newton, Mass., a. 22. 
Mary Eliza b. Dec. 12, 1848, Boston, Mass. 
George Augustus b. Oct. 14, 1850, W. Newton, Mass., (L Sept 2f j 

1851, a. 11 months. 
Charles Edward b. Oct 14, 1850, W. Newton, Mass., d. Sept 23,; 
1851, a. 11 months. 

John Haven Willard b. Feb. 4, 1795, Lancaster, N. H., r. Wilmot, Mf 

Reede Mart Cooper b. May, 1796, Stewartstown, Vt, m. Feb. 4, 1816, f 

April 18, 1837, Lancaster, N. H., a. 41. 

VL 4. Eliza Parrott Stephenson b. Feb. 19, 1794, Lyme, N.H.,m. Nov. 2, 183^ 

Alonzo Joseph *. Feb. 4, 1817, Lancaster, N. H.,*r. Chicago, N. 1 

Sarah Jane b. Dec. 16, 1818, m. Rev. S. W. Streeter, 1843, r. Her 

^ rietta, N. Y. 

'§ Louisa Alice b, Aug. 15, 1821, Canaan, Vt, m. Rev. Jeremiah But 
TS ler, 1847, r. Clarkson, N. Y. 

«^ Jesse Cooper b. Dec 4, 1823, <*. May 1, 1848 at sea, a. 22. 
^ Reede Mary b. April 10, 1826, m. James L. Brooks, Aug., 1842, r 
a Skowhegan, Me. 

,| John Haven b. April 11, 1828, Lancaster, N. H., d. June 12, 182& 
^s a. 2 months. 

§ Fanny Lydia and twin brother *. Mar. 21, 1830. Twin brother <* 
Mar. 25, 1830. 
Laura Dwight b. Sept 11, 1834, d. Dec 2, 1834, a v 3 months. 

William D. Sbaulding m. D. T. Stephenson, Feb., 1821, r. Lancaster, N.# 
VL 5. Debby Turner Stephenson b. April 18, 1796, d. Nov. 16, 1824, a. 28. 
Eliza Turner & Lancaster, N. H., m. Benjamin F. WTridden, 1851. 




6. TtntNB* Stephbksoic 5. April ^. 1798, Lyme* N. IL, r. Lancaster, N. H. 
Eluthera Porter b, Dec 7, 1807, Charlestown, N. BL, m. Jan. 6, 1830, rf. 

Dec 8, 1830, a. 23. 
Ph<ebe Oaks & Feb. 23, 1816, Barnet, Vt, m. Jan. 11, 1841. 

Turner Porter, son of Eluthera,*. Not. 27, 1830,rf. May 1, 1832, a. 1 1-2. 




27. John Turner* b. 1712, Pembroke, Mass* dL.Feb. 6, 1794, Pembroke, 

Mass., a. 82. 
Jjf Mart Randall J. 1717, m. 1738, rf. May 9, 1759, a. 42. 
^ Anna King A. 1714, d Nov. 27, 1763, a. 49. 

Deborah James b. 1715, d. Dec 14, 1804, a. 89. 

1. John, son of Mary, b. 1739, m. Mary Little, 1760, d. Dec 22, 1820, o. 81. 
Adam & 1741, m. Chloe Bonney, Oct. 18, 1763, removed to Maine. 

^-WLydia b. Nov. 29, 1745, m. Japhet Crooker, Mar. 10, 1768.) 
f v Mercy 5. 1747, m. Ichabod Bonney, Sept. 14, 1760. 

Ursula b. April 12, 1749, m. David Crooker, Oct. 51, 1771. 

Job & April 2, 1751, m. Sarah. James, May 5, 1776, ct Feb. 17, 

1823 a. 72 
Melzar b. Feb. 4, 1753, dL April; 7, 1776, o. 23. 
Abigail b. April 9, 1755, w. William Cushmg, Jan. 23, 1777. 
Abel b. Oct. 10, 1757, <L 1777, S. Carolina, a. 20. 

I. John Turner! b. 1739, Pembroke, Mas&, <L Dec 22, 1820, Pembroke, 
Mass., a. 81. 
Mart Little b. 1741, Marshfield, Mass., m. 1760, & Dec 10, 1830, a. 88. 

2. William J. April 25, 1761, m. Sarah Chubbuck, Aug. 7, 1790, <£ Aug. 

15, 1810, a. 49. 

3. John b. July 11, 1763, m. Joanna Runey, June 14, 1795, d. June 13, 

1836, Charlestown, Mass., a. 73. 
Mary b. Aug. 26, 1765, d. Sept. 28, 1765, a. 1 month. 

4. Fobes b. Oct. 26, 1766, nu Betsey Malcomb and widow Little, cL 1847, 

>, Bath, Me., a. 81. 
Japhet 6. April 30, 1769, cL July 4, 1799, Savannah, Ga^ a. 30. 

5. Otis 3. June 13, 1771, m. Margaret Bender, 1793, cL 1827, Boston 

Mass., cl 56. 
Humphrey 5. Oct. 2j6, 1773, d. Oct. 1, 1815, Pa., a. 42. 

6. Mary b. July 7, 1776, m. Asa Hall, Au^. 10, 1795, d. July, 1830, 

Boston, Mass., a. 54. 

7. Constant 6. Mar. 22, 1779, m. Mary Wilde and widow Benjamin, d. 

Mar. 10, 1830, Pembroke, Mass., a. 51. 

8. LaFayette 6. Nov. 12, 1781, m. Charles Stodder, Jan. 23, 1806, r. 

Boston, Mass. 
Nancy b. Aug. 20, 1784, r. Boston, Mass. 

^ 2. William: Turner b. April 25, 1761, Pembroke, Ms., d. Aug. 15, 1810, a. 49. 
Sarah Chubbuck m. Aug. 7, 1790, Pembroke, Mass. 

9. John b. Dec 7, 1791, m. Betsey Mann, Nov. 25, 1817, r. Hanover, Ms. 

» See Appendix L 

t See Appendix B. 


VHL- 9. John Turner ft. Dec 7 r 1791 r Pembroke, Mass., r. Hanover, Mass. 

Betsey Mann J. Pembroke, Mass., m. Nov. 25, 1817. nm 

Charles ft. May 3, ..1818, Pembroke, Mass., d. Mar. 5, 1835, a. 17. 
10. Caroline Prndence ft. Jul? 7, 1822, ro. Edward A. Ward, Nov. 16, 

1843, r. Charlestown, Mast. 

Andrew S. ft. Oct. 8, 1824 d. June 6, 1834, cu 9. 
Isaiah Mann b. Sept. 8,. 1830, r. Hanover, Mass. 
George Franklin ft. July 19, 1832, r. Hanover, Mass. 
Hannah Smith ft. July 18, 1835, r. Hanover, Mass. 

Edward A. Ward b. Mar. 2 r 1816, Salem, Mass., m. Nov* 16, 1843, r. 
Charlestown, Mass. 
IX. 10. Caroline Prudence Turner ft. July 7, 1822, Pembroke, Mass. 

Caroline Augusta b. Sept 5, 1844, Charlestown, c£ Feb. 17, 1851, 

a. 2 1-2. 
Ella Maria ft. Feb. 7, 1852, Charlestown, Mass. 

VIL 3. John Turner ft. July 11, 1763, Pembroke, Mass., d. June 13, 1836, Charles- 
town, Mass., a. 73. 
Joanna Runet m. June 14, 1795, Charlestown, Mass. 

Joanna ft. 1796, Charlestown, Mass., d. June 1, 1844. Charlestown, 
- Mass., a. 48. 

11. John Turner ft. 1797, m. Ana Gardner, Nov. 11, 1830, r. Boston, Ms. 

12. Robert Runey ft. Aug. 12, 1799, m. Pamelia W. Merriam, Aug. 12, 

1844, r. Charlestown, Mass. 

George Runey b. 1801, Charlestown, Mass., dead. 
George Runey ft. Dec 1803, Charlestown, Mass., dead. 
/ William Little b. Mar. 4> 1805, m. Sarah Maria Baird, Nor. 19, 1845, 
r. Charlestown, Mass. She was b. Sept 8, 1820, Boston, Mass. 
t Charles b, 1807, Charlestown, Mass., dead. 
Mary Little ft. 1809, cL Nov., 1843, a. 34. 

VI1L 11. John Turner b. 1797, Charlestown, Mass., r. Boston, Mass. 
Ann. Gardner mu Nov. 11, 1830, r. Boston, Mass. 
George Ann ft. Sept* 1831, Boston, Mass. 
William ft. 1833, Boston, Mass. 


VTLT. 12. Robert Runet Turner .ft. Aug. 12, 1799, Charlestown, Mass., r. Charles- 
town, Mass. 
Pamelia Wtman Merriam ft. Aug. 20, 1805, m, Aug. 12, 1824. 

13. James Runey ft. May 27, 1825, m. Charlotte Hutchinson, April 30, 
1848, went West 
George Runey b. Aug. 2, 1827, is now in California. 
Abigail Elizabeth b. Dec 18, 1829, <L Dec 15, 1831, o. 2. 
Robert Augustus ft. Sept. 22, 1832. 
Caroline Elizabeth b. Oct. 16, 1834. 
Edward Everett ft. April 15, 1837. 

IX. 13. James Runet Turner b. May 27, 1825, Charlestown, Mass^ ro. April 30, 

1848, went West 
Charlotte Hutchinson b. Mar. 12, 1830, d. Mar. 4, 1852, a. 22. 
George Edwin ft. Mar. 1, 1849, d. Oct 11, 1849, a. 6 months. 
Emma Gertrude ft. Sept 26, 1850, d. Sept 10, 185L a. 1. 

VII. 4. Fobes Turner ft. Oct 26, 1766, Pembroke, Ms., d. 1847, Bath, Me., a. 81. 
Betsey Malcomb, and for 2d wife widow Little. 

Rebecca ro. Coombs. Mary Little, John Vinal, Fobes, Betsy, 

Cynthia, Fayette, Hiram, Frances Ann. 


n li fa i Mfi i. 

i* ■■■in — — 




YIL 5. Otis Turner & June 13, 1771, Pembroke, Ms., d. 1827, Boston, Ms., a. 56. 
Margaret Bender b. 1772, m. 1793, «L 1844, a. 72. 
-T" 14. Catharine £. 1794, Boston, Mass., w. Alexander Simonds, 1820, r. 

Boston, Mass. 

15. Otis b. Oct, 1796, m. Sarah Loring House, 1832, and Cordelia Mun- 

roe, 1842, r. Boston, Mass. 

16. Abigail b. 1790, m. Reuben Hatch Cheever, 1819, r. Boston, Masai 
17* Mary Ann Little b. 1801, m. John Smith, 1829, <L 1851, a. 50. 

/Alexander Simonds b. 1790, Philadelphia, Pa, d. 1830, Boston, Ms., o. 40. 
William Smith, 2d husband, r. Boston, Mass. 
VHT. 14. Catharine Turner b. 1794, m. 1820, r. Boston, Mass. 
Catharine Turner b. 1821, Boston, Mass. 
Margaret Bender b. 1823, Boston, Mass. 
Esther Maria b. 1826, Boston, Mass. 
Alexander b. 1828, Boston, Mass. 
Otis Turner b. 1830, Boston, Mass. 

VIIL 15. Otis Turner b. Oct., 1796, Boston, Mass., m. 1882, r. Boston, Mass. 
Sarah Loring House b. Boston, Mass., d. 1835, Boston, Mass. 
Cordelia Munroe b. Sept 15, 1824, m. 1842; 

Sarah Loring, daughter of Sarah, b. Nor. 6, 1833. 
Otis Edward b. 1835, d. 1835, a. 4 months. 
Isabel Munroe, daughter of Cordelia, b, Nov. 15, 1842. 
Francis Otis b. April 1, 1844, r. Boston, Mass. 
Edward b. Jan. 22, 1846, r. Boston, Mass. 

Reuben Hatch Cheever b. Chelsea, Mass., d. 1835, Boston, Mass. 
V11I. 16. Abigail Turner b. 1799, Boston, Mas3., m. 1819, r. Boston, Mass. 
Henry Otis b. 1821, d. at sea, 1839, a. 18. 
Thomas Hatch m. Mary Deland, of Salem, Mass., 1850, r. N. T. 
Sarah A. b, Boston, Mass. 

John Smith b. 1803, Boston, Mass., d. 1843, Boston, Mass., a. 40* 

VUL 17. Mary Ann Little Turner b. 1801, nu 1829, <L 1851, Boston, Mass., a. 50. 
Mary Emeline b. 1829, r. Boston, Mass. 
Helen Maria b. 1831, r. Boston, Mass. 
John Franklin b. 1833, r. Boston, Mass; 
Caroline Otis 5. 1835, r. Boston, Mass. 
Georgiana Little b. 1838, £ 1840, a. 2. 
Henry Harrison b. 1840, cL 1848, a. 8. 



Asa Hall b. Rainham, Mass., nu Aug. 10, 1795. 

6. Mart Turner b. July 7, 1776, Pembroke, Mass., rf. July, 1830, a. 54. 

Lorenzo Turner b. Aug. 15, 1796, Boston, Mass. 
Mary Little &. Dec 27, 1798, r. Boston, Mass. 

7. Constant Turner b. Mar. 22, 1779, Pembroke, Mass., <L Mar. 10, 1830, 

Pembroke, Mass., a. 51. 
Mart Wilde b. April 2, 1781, Braintree, Mass., d. June 22, 1815, a. 34. 
Widow Benjamin, for 2d wife. 

Constant b. Jan. 18, 1803, Salem, Ms., went to sea and never heard from. 

18. Hannah Boyd b. Sept. 2, 1804, m. William Adams, June 13, 1830, r. 

Boston, Mass. 
Japhet Otis b. April 4, 1806, went to sea and never heard from. 
Edward Augustus b, Dec 24, 1807, m. in England, *•. Staten IsL, N. Y. 

19. John b. Mar. 16, 1810, m. Marsraret P. Homnn. 

/ - 
i£ gbn&alogy; — pabt n. — klbvhntb series. 

William Adams b. June 3, 1805, Kingston, Mass., *v Boston, Mass, 
VUL 18. Hannah Boyd Tubneb b. Sept 2, 1804, Salem, Mass., nu June 13, 1830. 
Sarah Elizabeth b. April 13, 1831, Boston, Mass. 
Abba Ann b. Feb. 9, 1834, Boston, Mass. 
Helen Maria b. Oct 9, 1838, Boston, Mass. 

VUL 19. John Tubneb b. Mar. 16, 181fr, Salem, Mass., now in California. 
Margaret P. Hop pin b. Sept 30, 1822, Boston, Mass. 
Josephine Green b. Jan* 12, 1841, Boston; Mass. 
Mary Little b. Jan. 30, 1843, Boston, Mass. 
John b. Sept 15, 1846, Boston, Mass. 
Edward Augustas b. Sept 2, 1848, Boston, Mass. 

Charles Stoddeb b. Dec 29, 1776, Cohasset, Mass., m. Jan. 23, 1806, d. 
Mar. 28, 1824, Norfolk, Va., a. 48. 
VUL 8. LaFatette b. Nov. 12, 1781, Pembroke, Mass., r. Boston, Mass. 

Charles b. Nov. 9, 1809, Pembroke, Mass., m. Anne Homans Whitwell, 

Sept, 1849, r. Boston, Mass. 
Mary Anne Turner b. June, 1813, Westford, Ms., cL Sept 1814, a. 1 1-4. 
Harriette Anne Turner b, June 20, 1815, r. Boston, Mass. 
John William Turner b. Sept 23, 1818, rru Julia Collamore, June 17, 
1849, r. Boston,. Mass. 
20. Mary Hall b. Sept 25, 1822, Pembroke, Mass., m. David Loring, 
Oct 27, 1847. 

David Losing b. Dec 19, 1822, Barre, Mass., r. Boston, Mass. 
VUL 20. Mart Hall Stoddeb b. Sept 25, 1822, Pembroke, Mass^ro. Oct 27, 1847. 
Frederick W. b. Dec 12, 1848, Boston, Mass. 
David b, April 7, 1852, r. Boston, Mass. 


VL 30. Asa Tubneb b. Feb. 20, 1743, Scituate, Mass., wi. June 30, 1771, d, Aug. 
25, 1821, Norridgewock, Mc, a.-78. 
Abigail Mann b. Sept 9, 1751, Hanover, Mass., d April 16, 1823, a. 72. 

1. Abigail b, Dec 14, 1771, m. Charles Kempton, Jan. 22, 1794, <L Mar. 

9, 1796, Frankfort, Me., a. 25. 

2. Asa b. Nov. 6, 1773, Scituate, Mass., m. Lydia Hancock, Jan. 28, 

1796, r. Clinton, Me. 
Reuben b. Oct. 21, 1777, m. Eleanor Scott, June 9, 1806, <L Mar. 28, 

Susan b. Sept. 14, 1779, ro. Charles Fairbrother, Dec 30, 1802, 

removed West 

3. Ezra b. July 21, 1782, m. Rebecca Steel, Dec. 31, 1811, r. Castine, Me. 
Olive b. April 12, 1785, rru Ephraim Ward, Nov. 15, 1808, <L Jan. 11, 

1839, Palmyra, Mc, a. 53. 
Ruth b. Jan. 24, 1787, w. John D. Waldron, Oct 8, 1807, r. 
Princeton, Me. 

4. Silas b. April 24, 1790, m. Esther Goff Walker, Mar. 3, 1814, r. Nor- 

ridgewock, Me. *o^</%- t>| Y 

Perez b. Jan. 23, 1793, Penobscot, Me., r. Princeton, Me. 
Seth b. July 15, 1796, m. Eliza Lamb, r. Minnesota. 



Charles Kempton m. Jan. 22, 1794, r. Norridgewock, Me. 
VH. 1. Abigail Tubneb b Dec 14, 1771, Hanover, Mass., d. Mar. 9, 1796, Frank- 
fort, Me., a, 25. 
Charles T. Kempton, r. Norridgewock, Me. 

VII. 2. Asa Tubneb 5. Nov. 6, 1773, Scituate, Mass., rv Clinton, Me. 

Ltdia Hancock m. Jan. 28, 1796, cL Nov. 3, 1840, Brighton, Me., a. 44. 

5. Lewis A Dec 19, 1798* Orland, Mc, m, Ruth Bradbury, April 15, 
1823; and Cyrene Bartlett, Jan. 14, 1833, r. Kingsbury, Mc 

6. Lyman b. Feb. 13, 1803, m. Sarah Littlefield Lock, 1823, r. Athens, Me. 

7. Lee b> Aug. 8, 1804, m. Betsey Harwich, 1830, and Sarah E. Jones, 
r. Woodland, Pa. 

8. Asa b. Mar. 15, 1810, m. Deborah Soul Whittier, 1834, r. Moscow, Me. 

9. Elijah b. May 24, 1812, m. Mary S. HunneweU, Aug. 31, 1843, r. 
Augusta, Me. 

10. Cyrus b. June 30, 1814, m. Jane Howard, 1840, r. Searsmont, Me. 

11. Alonzo Perry b. Dec 9, 1816, Norridgewock, Mc, M Ann Barr, 1846, 
r. Madison, Me. 

12. Abigail Mann b. July 17, 1818, Brighton, Mc, nu Luther Barr, 1842, 
r. Athens, Me. 

^v 13. Caroline b. Oct. 4, 1820, m. Samuel Edwin Knox, 1835, r. Clinton, Mc 
Harriet b, June 13, 1823, m. Solomon Holmes, 1847, r. Litchfield, Me. 

VHT. 5. Lewis Tubneb b. Dec 19, 1798, Orland, Mc, n Kingsbury, Me. 
Ruth Bradbury m. April 15, 1823„ d. Jan. 15, 1832. 
Cyrene Babtlett m. Jan. 14, 1833, r. Kingsbury, Mc 

Lee b. May 24, 1834, Livermore, Me. 

Wesley b. Oct. 20, 1835, d. July 5, 1836, Brighton, Me., a. 9 months. 

Angelica Amanda b, June 21, 1837, Livermore, Mc 

Reuel Davenport b, Feb. 19, 1839, Livermore, Mc 

George Frederick b. May 19, 1840, Moscow, Me. 

Alonzo Perry b. Jan. 28, 1842, rf. Aug. 29, 1846, Brighton, Me., a. 4 1-2. 

Martha Bartlett b. Jan. 21, 1844, d. Aug. 25, 1846, Brighton, 
Mc, a. 2 1-2. 

Martha Caroline b. Mar. 13, 1847, Kingsbury, Mc 

VHL 6. Lyman Tubneb b. Feb. 13, 1803, Orland, Mc, r. Athens, Mc 
Sarah Littlefield Lock m. 1823, r. Athens, Mc 

. Samuel Lock b, Feb. 11, 1825, m. Ann Russell, 1851, r. Athens, Mc 
Betsey b. June 7, 1827, Brighton, Me. 
Lydia b. Mar. 10, 1829, Brighton, Me. 
Lyman Warren b. May 10, 1831, Brighton, Mc 
Lewis b. Sept. 13, 1834, Athens, Me. 
Sarah Lock b. Aug. 1, 1836, Athens, Me. 
Darius b. Dec. 11, 1838, Athens, Me. 
Mary Adeline J. Feb. 6, 1840, Athens, Mc 
Jane b. Aug. 21, 1842, Brighton, Me. 
Martha b, April 20, 1846, Athens, Me. 

VHT. 7. Lee Turner b. Aug. 8, 1804, Orland, Me., r. Woodland, Pa. 
Betsey Harwich b. N. Y., m. 1838, d. 1844, Woodland, Pa. 
Sarah E. Jones r. Woodland, Pa. 

Alonzo W. b. 1834, N. Y. 

Sarah Jane b. 1836, N. Y. 

Alphonso W. b. 1838, N. Y. 

Catherine Florence b. 1850, Woodland, Pa. 


VTEf. 8. Asa Turner b. Mar. 15, 1810, Orland, Me., r. Moscow, Meir ^ 
Deborah Soul Whittieb m, in 1834, r. Moscow, Me. 
Frances Emeline b. July 5, 1835, Brighton, Me. 
Olive Reed 5. June 30, 1837, Brighton, Me. 
Sumner Waldron b. June 14, 1839, Brighton, Me. 
John Chandler b. Oct. 28, 1841, Moscow, Me. 
Charles Leonard b. "Nov, 7, 1843, Moscow, Me* 
Albert Franklin J. Feb. 28, 1845, Moscow, Me. 
Ozro Wallace i. April 30, 1847, Moscow, Me. 
Aimed* Jane b. Mar. 17, 1849, d. May 31, 1850., a. 1. 
Emma Armeda & July 7, 1851, Moscow, Me. 

VHT. 9. Elijah Turner J. May 24, 1812, Oland, Me^ fl Augusta, Me. 
Mart S. Hunkewell m. Aug. 31, 1843, r. Augusta, Me. 
Emily Caroline b. Sept. 31, 1844, Moscow, Me. 
Alvin b. Mar. 18, 1847, <L Aug. 14, 1849, Augusta, Me^ a. 2. 
Henry Oscar b. Jan. 19, 1850, Augusta, Me. 

Vm 10. Ctrus Turner b. June 30, 1814, Orland, Me., r. Searsmont, Me. 
Jane Howard m. 1840, r. Searsmont, Me* 

Angeline b. Mar. 3, 1841, Belmont, Me. 
Nancy Jane Deveraux b. Oct 23, 1843. 
Cyrus b. Aug. 13, 1846, d. May 23, 1851, a. 4 1-2. 
Abigail Mann b. Oct 11, 1848, Belmont, Me. 
Adelia Caroline b. Mar. 21, 1851, Searsmont, Me. 

VHT. 11. Alonzo Perrt Turner b. Dec. 9, 1816, Norridgewock, Me., r. Madison, Me. 
Ann Barr m, 1846, r. Madison, Me. 

■ Franklin, b. July 22, 1847, Moscow, Me. 
Alonzo Perry b, Jan. 19, 1849, Moscow, Me. 

Luther Barr m. 1842, r. Athens, Me. 

Vm. 12. Abigail Mann Turner b. July 17, 1818, Brighton, Me. 
Angela Marion b. 1844, Solon, Me. 
Annette Flora b. July, 1848, Athens, Me. 
Asa Turner b. Oct 27, 1850, Athens, Me. 

^Samuel Ed win Knox m. 1835, r, Clinton, Me. 

VUL 13. Caroline Turner b. Oct 4, 1820, r. Clinton, Me. 
Harriet b. Mar. 17, 1847, Clinton, Me. 

VET. 3. Ezra Turner b. July 21, 1782, Scituate, Mass., r. Castine, Me. 
* Rebecca Steel m. Dec. 31, 1811, r. Castine, Me. 
Jane, Orrin, Betsey, Jonas. 

VH. 4. Silas Turner b. April 24, 1790, Scituate, Mass., r. Norridgewock, Me. 
Esther Gofp "Walker m. Mar. 3, 1814. 

14. Silas Walker b. Feb. 7, 1815, Norridgewock, Me., m. E. H. W. Hill, 

June 28, 1842, r. Skowhegan, Me. 

15. Julia Ann b. Mar. 15, 1818, m. Joseph P. Buswell, d Sept 1847, a. 29. 

16. Charles Kempton b. Dec 15, 1820, m. L. H. Page, r. Bloomfield, Me. 
Mary Ann b. April 12, 1823, d. June 2, 1845, a. 22. 

Pamela Spalding b. Aug. 9, 1825, Norridgewock, Me. 

Franklin Currier b. May 1$ 1829, Norridgewock, Me. 

Emily Augusta b. June 7, 1831, Norridgewock, Me. 

Esther Frances b. April 23, 1834, Norridgewock, Me. \ 



VIEL 14. Silas Walker Turner b. Feb. 7, 1815, Norridgewock, Me^ n Skow- 

hegan, Me. 
Eliza H. W. Hill m. June 28, 1842. 

Mary Frances b, Aug. 15, 1845, Norridgewock, Me. 

Joseph P. Bus well wt. Julia A. Turner, r. Solon, Me. 

YILL 15. Julia Ann Turner b. Mar. 15, 1818, Norridgewock, Me. 

Turner b. Nov. 30, 1844, Solon, Me. 

Julian & June 21, 1846, Solon, Me. 

VHT. 16. Charles K. Turner b. Dec 15, 1820, r. Bloomfield, Me. 
Lucenda H. Page m. May 18, 1846, r. Bloomfield, Me. 
Clara Kempton b. July 7, 1847, Solon, Me. 
Charles Edwin b. Mar. 16, 1850, Solon, Me. 


VL 81. Thomas Turner b. Dec. 22, 1782, Pembroke, Mass., <£ July 8, 1829, a. 47. 
Deborah Stourbridge b. Nov. 4, 1790, m. May 8, 1811. 

Thomas b. Dec. 21, 1812, Pembroke, Mass., <f. Jan. 21, 1815, cu 3. 
Ruth S. b. Dec 17, 1813, m. Dr. Ira Warren, Not. 27, 1834> r. Bos- 
ton, Mass. 
1. Thomas b. Nov. 22, 1815, m. Susan M. Thayer, Mar. 29, 1838, r. 
Hanover, Mass. 
Jane R. b. Dec. 26, 1817, <L Aug. 9, 1819, a. 2. 
Charles P. b. June 13, 1823, <L Sept. 26, 1847, Boston, Mass., a. 24 

Y1L 1. Thomas Turner b. Nov. 22, 1815, Pembroke, Mass., r. Hanover, Mass. 
Susan M. Thayer m. Mar. 29, 1838. 

Thomas b. Feb. 1, 1841, Boston, Mass., d. same day. 

Susan S., dau. of 2d wife, b, Jan. 18, 1842, Boston, Mass. 

Thomas b. July 17, 1844, Boston* Mass., d. May 18, 1849, Boston, 

Mass., a, 5. 
Adelaide W. b. Sept 22, 1848, Boston, Mass. 


— - A»- 

Humphbbt Turneb, according to tradition, came from Essex in England, and, with" 
his family, arrived at Plymouth about 1630. In the absence of records to verify the 
tradition, doubts are entertained of Essex being his former place of residence. Dr. T. 
Larkin Turner, of Boston, has, for several years past, had an agent in England for th\) 
purpose of examining the records in Essex and other counties, for some account of 
Humphrey and his ancestors ; but, up to the present time, nothing has been found. In 
the county of Devonshire, however, there are records of several families of Turners, 
and from a general similarity of christian names prevailing in those families and in those 
of Humphrey and his descendants, and other circumstances, it may be assumed as some- 
what probable that Humphrey and his ancestors were of that county ; and hopes are 
still entertained of finding records of them. It may be that when he came over, he 
sailed from some port in Essex, which gave rise to the tradition that he had there 

Rev* Samuel Deane, the able author of the "History of Scituate" say9, page 360, 
u Humphrey Turner, tanner, arrived with his family in Plymouth, 1628. He had a 
house-lot assigned him, 1629, and erected a house and resided there until 1633, probably ; 
the latter being the date of the laying out of his house-lot on Kent street," in Scituate. 
u The farm, however, on which he resided was east of Column's Hills." And again, 
speaking of the settlements on and about those hills, he says, pages 8 and 9, " Here 
Humphrey Turner, had a house and farm — though as yet a Plymouth man before 1633," 
but u The earliest notice of a settlement at Scituate which has record to verify it, bears 
date 1628." Deane makes these statements as facts, without qualification, having records, 
probably, as authority for his assertions. * 

That Humphrey Turner was among the earliest and most efficient in the settlement 
of Scituate is abundantly evident He was decidedly a practical man, — a tanner by 
trade, and possessed of that judgment, discretion, energy and perseverance of character, 
which eminently fitted him to be one of the pioneers in beginning and carrying forward 
a new settlement. 

The old colony records bear ample testimony to the truth of the remark of Deane, 
page 360, that " He was a useful and enterprising man in the new settlement, and often 
employed in public business." He was a member of the first church, represented the town 
several years as Deputy to the General Court, and was Commissioner, Constable, &c 
_ Very few, if any of the early settlers of New England, it is believed, have^had 
descendants more numerous or more widely spread throughout the country than chose 
of Humphrey Turner. And, without ostentation, we think truth will bear us out in 
saying that on the score of morality, piety, intelligence and usefulness as members of 
the community, they will not suffer in comparison with any other class or portion of the 
citizens of the United States. 

Two of his sons were named John, and designated in his will as "John" and "Young 
son John;" so named, tradition says, at the instance of godfathers. Both brought up 
families and died at a good old age, in Scituate. 

Samuel Humphrey Turner, of the seventh generation, now owns and occupies the 
old farm in Scituate where Humphrey Turner lived and died, and over whose grave it* 
is in contemplation, in the course of the present year, to erect a suitable monument. 



Thomas Turner, Esq., grandson of Humphrey, was a distinguished lawyer of 
facetious memory, and co temporary with and a familiar friend of Michael Wanton, a 
leader of the Society of Friends. Turner was often playing off his jests and sarcasms 
upon Wanton, who, though not so witty, perhaps, yet had his pertinent answer, and always 
received Turner's raillery with good humor. On one occasion Wanton had been quite 
successful on a fishing excursion, and, on his return to White's Ferry, he found an assem- 
blage of gentlemen attending a reference trial, and among them Esq. Turner, who thus 
addressed him, u Friend Wanton, you are like tho apostle Peter; in the first place he 
was a fisherman, and so are you ; he was a preacher, and so are you ; he denied his 
Lord, and so do you." Wanton was so much pleased with the witticism that he caused 
an entertainment to be prepared of his fish, and invited the whole company to dine. 
Tradition has it that the company, after partaking of the feast of fat things, and notwith- 
standing their high appreciation of the sarcastic wit of the lawyer, decided that Wanton 
had the advantage on that occasion, his display being much more substantial and useful. 

Rev. Charles Turner was & Oct. 26, 1732, O. S., m. Mary Rand, daughter of 
Rev. William Rand* 1756, d. Aug. 10, 1818, Turner, Me., a. 86. « He graduated at 
Harvard College in 1752, and three years afterwards became the settled minister of 
Duxbury, Mass. In 1773 he was elected a member of the Senate of Massachusetts, 
and continued a member of that body until 1778, and was a member of the Convention 
which ratified the Constitution of the United States. In 1791 he removed his family 
to the town of Turner, in the then District of Maine. In 1803 he was one of the 
electors of President and Vice President, and visited Boston in the discharge of that 
duty. As a divine and a patriot, he was conspicuous, and as a man without reproach." 


Maht Rand. Her father, Rev. William Rand, was b. Mar., 1700, m. Bridget Cook, 
1724. They had five children, viz : — 

Perais b. Oct. 19, 1726, d. Aug. 26, 1748, a. 17. 

Mary b. Aug. 16, 1731, m. Rev. Charles Turner, 1756, <L Dec. 15, 1815, a. 84. 

William 5. Oct 25, 1733, rf. Mar. 10, 1769, a. 36. 

Sarah b. Aug; 5, 1737, d. June 14, 1777, a. 40. 

Thomas b. Nov. 14, 1739> d. Aug. 14, 1743, a. 4. 
He was a settled minister in Kingston, Mass., more than half a century. 

V — E. 

"Col. William Turner, youngest son of the venerable Charles, graduated at 

Harvard College, 1767. At the commencement of the Revolution, he raised a company 

of volunteers in Scituate and marched for the relief of Boston. In opening the effective 

batteries upon Dorchester Heights, he displayed the intrepidity of his character and 

soon afterwards was appointed aid to Gen. Washington, with the rank of Major. He 

served in every active campaign of the Revolution. * * * In 1777 and 1778 he was a 

member of the General Court of Massachusetts. He was also a member of the Con- 

vention which formed the Constitution of that State, and also of a special Congress of 

Delegates, holden at Concord, to adjust the public currency. * * * He served, at 

different periods of the war, as Aid to Generals Washington, Lee, Green, Lincoln and 

[nox. After the close of the Revolution, he represented the town of Scituate several 

rears in the Massachusetts Legislature. In 1801 he removed his family to Turner, Me., 

j; where he d, 1807, a. 62, and where a suitable monument has been erected to his memory, 

^by the filial affection of his daughter, Mrs. Oriens Humphrey, of Boston." ^ 

52 appendix; 



Gov. James Turner was a descendant of Thomas, third son of Humphrey. His 
father, Thomas, removed from Boston to Southampton, V&, about 1760, and afterwards 
to N. Carolina. He had five sons and three daughters, Joseph, Jacob, Henry, John, 
James, Hannah, Folly, and Nancy. The four first were never married ; Jacob was a 
Captain in the war of the Revolution and fell at the battle of German town. James, tfie 
youngest of the sons and the subject of this sketch, became Governor of N. Carolina, 
and was several years in the Senate of the United States. His grandfather, Thomas, was 
Hie most distinguished lawyer ever raised in the old colony. Ephraim, his father's 
brother, established schools of politeness, so called* in Boston, which were continued 
many years by his son William. These schools, it is said, did much towards polishing 
the manners of the city of Boston. Hon. Daniel Turner, son of Gov. James, has been 
several years a member of Congress, and now resides in Warrenton, N. Carolina. 

g. I 

Rachel Cushing was a descendant of Dea. Matthew Cushing, who came to this 
country in 1638 and settled in Hingham, in the colony of New Plymouth. His son, 
Hon. John Cushing, m. Sarah Hawke. He was Deputy and assistant in the old colony, 
and Representative to the General Court at Boston, in 1692. His son James, her 
grandfather, was Town Clerk of Scituate, Mass., m. Sarah House, 1710, and Lydia 
Barrel, 1713. He had a son James, who served in the French "War in 1757, resided 
on Cushing Hill, Scituate, Mass., and m. Mary Souther, of Cohasset They had nine 
children, viz : — 

James b. Jan. 9, 1739, and resided on Cushing Hill, Scituate. 
Benjamin b. Dec 15, 1741, d. June 12, 1808, Scituate, a. 67. 
Lydia b. Dec. 3, 1743, m. George Cushing, cL 1828, Scituate, Mass., a. 85. 
Samuel b. Sept. 3, 1745, d. 1765, a. 20. He was drowned in the Penobscot River 
while conveying- wood from the shore to a coasting vessel, by the sinking of 
his boat.\ He and his brother Benjamin were the only persons on board the 
vessel. Benjamin recovered the body of his brother and set sail immediately, 
and under those solemn and trying circumstances, alone navigated the vessel 
safely back to Scituate. 
. Sarah b. April 14, 1750, lived with Capt Souther, her uncle, and inherited his 

estate at Hull, where she d., a maiden lady, May 27,. 1828, a. 78. 
Mary &. June 6, 1752, m. — — - Lathrop. 

Lucy b. May 11, 1755, m. Joseph Bobbins, of Mason, Me., where she died. 
Rachel b. June 15, 1757, m. Jacob Turner, of Scituate, removed to Lyme, N. H., 

and there cL Sept 5, 1835, a. 78. 
Content b. Mar. 22, 1761, m. Thomas Knox, keeper of the Boston Light house, d. 
Oct., 1825, a. 64. 


Rhod a Porter. Her father, Thomas Porter, m. Anna Woodward, and they, with their 
children, Anna, Elijah, Calvin, Luther, Eleazer, Elizabeth, Dr. Thomas, 
and Rhoda, removed from Coventry, Ct, to Lyme, N. H., about 1771. 
He was one of the early settlers and an original proprietor of the town. 
Thomas Porter b. Sept 27, 1723, d. 1807, a. 84. 
Anna Woodward b. Dec 24, 1721, d. 1806, a. 85. 
Anna b. Feb. 28, 1747, d. young. 
Elijah b. Aug. 24, 1748, m., had several children, lived a few years in Lyme, and 

removed to Danville, Vt 
Calvin b. Jan. 14, 1750, m. Rhuhamah Fairfield, and had rib issue; he lived with 
and took care of his parents in their old age, and inherited the 
homestead farm. 


Luther b. Jan. 21, 1752, m. and had two sons, Benoni and Lather. He d. in the 
army of the Revolution. 
Benoni m. ■ Waite, of Lyme, N. H., had children, and removed to 

Castleton, Vt. < 
Lather m., had a family, and settled in Eastern New York. 
Eleazer b. Feb. 11, 1754, m Hannah Fowler, settled in Hanover, N. BL, and had five 
children ; his 2d wife, widow Richardson, removed to Marcellus, N. Y. 
Anna m. Justin Cook, and had Hannah, George Porter, Francis Newton, Mary 

Ann and Justin Aurelian. 
Eleazer m. Lucy Smith, d. Lyme, N. EL, June, 1819. They had eight children^ 
Sophronia, Chastina, Irene, Rosella, Lacy Ann, Hannah, Amelia 
and Eleazer Smith. 
Sophronia m. Capt Asa Carpenter, r., in 1852, Boston, Mass. 
Rosella d. Lyme, N. H., a. 28. 

Amelia m. James O. Brown, and resides at Jamaica Plain, Mass., and 
her mother lives with her. 
Hannah m. Robert Turner, lived several years at Lyme, had two children, 

Joel Lewis and Harriet, and removed to Canada. 
Calvin m, Janette Thompson and removed West. 

Rhuhama nu Nathan Wright, had two children, Helen and Cynthia, r. 
Lyme, N. H. 
Elizabeth b. June 22, 1755, m. Shubael Dimick, lived many years in Lyme and 
then removed to Canada. They had seven children, viz: Lydia m. 

Nathaniel Phelps, Hannah m, Reuben Morey, Sarah m. Mat son, 

Abigail m. Carrier, Adolphus nu Priscilla Pelton, Lewis, 

Dr. Thomas b. Mar. 19, 1759, m. widow GoodeH, whose maiden name was Rachel 
Skinner, they had one child, Rhoda. He lived and died in Vershire, 
Vt. His widow, with her daughter and son in law, Baldwin, 
removed to N. Y. 
Rhoda m. David Turner. See Part Second, Eighth Series. 

Judge John Turner was a man of strong powers of mind, active, courteous, and 
correct in business, of unimpeachable integrity and possessed the confidence of his fellow 
citizens in an eminent degree. He was employed in public business almost constantly 
during a long and useful life, and filled many honorable and responsible offices in his 
native town of Pembroke, and in the county of Plymouth. He was one of the Select- 
men, Town Clerk, a Justice of the Peace throughout the State, Judge of the Court of 
Common Pleas, and represented the town many years in the General Court of Mass. 
In short, he was one of the most useful, influential and distinguished men in that vicinity. 


Col. Charles Turner, son of the Rev. Charles, was engaged in public business of 
various kinds for more than half a century. His urbanity, readiness, accuracy and 
facility in doing business, made him a favorite of all classes. He was a Justice of the 
Peace throughout the commonwealth, several years a member of both branches of the 
Mass. Legislature, five years a member of the Congress of the United States, and four- 
teen years steward of the Marine Hospital in Chelsea. He d. at Scituate, 1839, a. 79. 

Jacob Turner, Esq. "At the age of twenty-eight years, he was appointed a Justice 
of the Peace for the county of Grafton, in the State of N. IL, and served in that capacity 
in his native town of Lyme, twenty years. Daring that period he also served as one of 

► 8 


the selectmen of the town some eight years, represented Lyme in the Legislature of the 
State two years, and rendered many other important services to hia fellow citizens in 
capacities less public, such as surveyor of lands, scrivener of Wills, Deeds, and other 
legal documents. 

In 1833, he removed with his family to Lowell, Mass., and in 1842 received a com- 
mission of the Peace for the county of Middlesex, in that State, and held the same seven 
years. In 1848, he removed to Boston, Mass., where he compiled this Genealogical 
Work, and where he now resides." — D. Turner, Jr. 

Abigail Dimick. Her grandfather, Shubael Dimick, was b. in Tolland, Conn., m. 
Lydia Stearns and Lydia Polk. He, with his second wife and seven children, removed 
to Lyme, N. IL, about 1775. He had eleven children by his first wife, the second had 
no issue. 

Hannah m. Jacob Wilson and remained in Tolland. "> rp . 

Lydia m. Thomas Hall and resided in Lyme, N. H. j 

Edward m. and remained in Tolland. 

Shubael m. Elizabeth Porter, of Lyme, lived there many years, had a large family, 
and at length removed to Canada, where he died. 

Dorcas m. Dr. Oliver Baker, lived and d. in Plainfield, N. H. 

a. Samuel m. Abigail Cook and Rachel Nelson. 

John rru Abigail Gilbert, had a large family and lived and d, in Lyme, N. H. 

Elizabeth m. John Baker, and remained in Tolland* 

Sally m. Maj. Thomas L. Gilbert, resided affrd d. in Lyme, N. H. 

Capt. David in. Sally Perkins and Rachel Allen, residence and death, Lyme. 

Dea, Adolphus m. Betsey Gilbert, lived and <L in Lyme. 


a. Samuel Dimick* b. Sept. 3, 1762, Tolland, Cl, d. Mar. 31, 1838, Lyme, N. H., a. 75. 

Abigail Cook b. Aug. 12, 1768, Lyme, N. H., m. Dec 14, 1786, d. Nov. 9, 1806, a. 38. 

Rachel Nelson b. Jan. 16, 1780, Lyme, N. H.,m. May 7, 1807, <L Mar. 24, 1851, d. 71. 

Jeduthan, son of Abigail, b. Sept. 5, 1 787, Lyme, N. H., m. Mary Burgoyne, Sept. 

29, 1811, d. Munroe, 111., a. 48, leaving several children. 
Abigail b. April 5, 1791, m. Jacob Turner, Esq., Nov., 1809, d. Mar. 26, 1813, a. 22. 
Clarissa b. May 3, 1793, d. Dec. 2, 1796, a. 3. 
Samuel b. Jan. 21, 1795, went to sea, and not heard of. 
Horace b. June 12, 1797, d. Jan. 4, 1798, a. 7 months. 

Clarissa b. Dec. a, 1798, m. Jonathan Conant, Nov. 9, 1820, d. Nov. 30, 1842, 
a. 44, leaving seven children, Lucy d., Josiah, David, Samuel d., Clarissa, 
Chester, Frederick. 
Horace b. Nov. 2, 1800, d. Aug. 3, 1851, a. 50. 

b. Chester b. July 6, 1802, m. Mary S. Flint, Jan. 4, 1834, r. Lyme, N. H. 
Amanda b. June 12, 1804, d\ Jan. 26, 1830, a. 25. 

Mary b. May 4, 1806, w. Abel Blood, d. Feb. 27, 1836, a. 28. 

Asa Nelson, son of Rachel, b. June 20, 1808, m. <L Oct. 6, 1835, Boston, 

Mass., a. 27. 

Rachel) . Ti >- , 1ftl1 . (Jan. 16, 1829, a. 17. 

Nancy \ b ' June X ' 1811 > * j Nov. 18, 1812, a. 1 1-2. 

Nancy b. Mar. 17, 1813, d. July 1, 1831, a. 18. 

Lydia Polk b. Nov. 4, 1815, d. May 23, 1839, a. 23. 

Francis Baker b. Nov. 28, 1819, m. Charlotte Jane Vinton, Sept, 1845, r. Gran- 
ville, Yt. 

b. Chester Dimick, son of Samuel and Abigail, b. July 6, 1802, Lyme, N. H., r. 
Lyme, N. H. 
Mary Spaulbing Flint b. May 8, 1813, rru Jan. 5, 1834. 

• S. D. had twenty children, four of whom died In infancy and are not named in the foregoing list. 


appendix. 55 

. . * 

Samuel Cook L June 23, 1835. 

Charles Nelson b. Mar. 1, 1837. 

Chester Elbridge b. Feb. 20, 1839. 

Lydia Ann K Mar. 15, 1841, d. Dec 17, 1845, a. 4 years 9 months. 

Francis Baker b. Feb. 2, 1844, d. Dec 22, 1845^ a. 11 months. 

Mary Frances b. Oct. 16, 1846, cU June 25, 1847, a. 8 months. 

Almira Buck, an adopted daughter, b. Mar. 7, 1846, d. Sept. 18, 1849, a. 3 1-2. 


Mart W. Emerson. Her grandfather, John Emerson, to. Mary Clapp and resided 
jj in Northampton, Mass. They had seven sons and one daughter, viz : — 

John m, Betsey Hatch, and settled at Strafford, Vt 

William to. and lived in Windsor, Vt. 

Elihu to. Thankful Grant, and resided in Norwich, Vt. 

Joseph to. Cynthia Grant, and settled in Norwich, Vt. 

Polly to. Henry Russel, and settled in Northampton, Mass. 

Harry to, and resides in Northfield, Vt. 
. Theodore to. Betsey Cook, and settled in Chelsea, Vt. 

Thomas to. Lucy Curtis, and lived at Norwich, Vt., became wealthy and removed to 
Windsor, was elected Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in Windsor county, Vt, 
and President of the Windsor Bank. From thence he removed to the State of N. Y., 
. and after the death of his first wife again married. 

Theodore Emerson had but two chi'iren, viz : — 

Mary W. to. Jacob Turner, Esq-, of Lyme, N. H. 

Henry to. Marietta Webster, and settled in the town of Adams, N. Y. 

Her grandparents on her mother's side were Capt Joshua Cook and Mary Morey. 
They were to. in Norton, Mass., removed to Lyme, N. H., and were among the early 
settlers of the town, and afterwards resided in Washington, Vt. She was a sister of 
Rev. George Morey,' of Norton, Mass., and aunt of the Hon. George Morey, of Boston. 
They had three sons and five daughters. 

Silas to. Polly Allen. Betsey to. Theodore Emerson, and settled in Chelsea, Vt. 

Eunice to. Samuel Gordon, settled in Chelsea, and afterwards removed to N. Y. 

Polly to. Chandler Sylvester at Lyme, N. H., removed to Boston, where he died, 
and she married ■ Turner. 

Deborah to. CoL Solomon Waite and Maj. Thomas L. Gilbert, of Lyme, N. H. 

Samuel fit. , and he and Silas settled in Dunham, Canada. 

Joshua m, Sarah Jackman, and resided in Broom, Canada. 


Lavtna Jenks. Her grandfather, William Jenks, was born and lived in the State 
of R. I., and had six children, viz: William, Joseph, Eleanor, Polly, Zachariah and 
Deborah. He died about 1757, and his widow a few years after, leaving their children 
orphans, the eldest about sixteen and the youngest about two years of age. Her father, 
Zachariah Jenks, settled at Lyme, N. H., about the year 1778, and there brought up a 
large family. See the following details. 
Zachariah Jenks b. Dec. 20, 1753, R. I., to. Ruth Jackson, Oct, 1775, <L Feb. 12, 

1827, Lyme, N. H., a. 73. 
Ruth Jackson ft. Feb. 27, 1755, Woodstock, Ct, d. Oct. 29, 1785, Lyme, N. H., a. 30. 
Sarah Tyler b. May 14, 1770, Henniker, N. H., <L April, 1844, Chicopee, Mass., a. 74. 

1. Elias, son'of Ruth, b. Jan. 17, 1777, Woodstock, Ct, to. Lavisa Jackson, June 

24, 1799, d. Jan. 28, 1832, Lyme, N. H., a. 55. 

2. Erastus b. Dec 24, 1778, Lyme, N. H., to. Lucy Cray, May, 1802, r. Lyme, N. H. 
Polly b. July 30, 1780, to. Manassah Dunham, Aug. 18, 1798, and afterwards 

Allen, d Oct, 1847, Western N. Y., a. 67. 


Zelotes b. Jan. 18, 1782, m. Olive Perkins* Sept, 1803, cL July, 1844> North- 
field, Vt, cu 62. 

Harvey b. May 10, 1784, d. Ang. 19, 1788, a. 4. 

Deborah b. Oct. 29, 1785, d. same day. 

Rath, daughter of Sarah, b. Jan. 3, 1789, m. John Culver, Nov. 27, 1807, <L 
April, 1848, Troy, Vt, a. 59. 
3. Azubah 6. Feb. 14, 1791, m. William Harris Latham, Oct. 18, 1809, r. Thet- 
ford, Vt 

Harvey b. Dec 15, 1792, m. Nancy Franklin, Dec I, 1814> and for second wife 
Mary, Franklin, r. Wentworth, N. H» 

Lavina b. Nov. 1, 1794* m. David Turner* Dec 9, 1813, d. Dec 5, 1821, Lyme, 
N. H., a. 27. 

Zachariah 5. Aug. 10, 1796, d. May 30, 1814, a. 18. 

Jeremiah 5. May 27, 1798, m. Hepsibah Tolman, Oct, 1818, r. Walcott, Vt 

Benjamin B. b. April 17, 1800, m. Joanna Perkins, April, 1820, r. Potton, L. C. 

Sarah b. Jan. 22, 1802, d. Nov. 12, 1802, a. 10 months. 

Chester J. Oct 26, 1803, d. Nov., 1845, a, 42. 

William J. May 26, 1805, m. Elizabeth Beck, Dec 5, 1832. 

Drusilla b. Feb. 17, 1807, m. Sept. 6, 1824. 

Sarah b. Nov. 30, 1808, d. Nov. 20, 1821, a. 13; 

Ellen 3. Sept 11, 1810, 771. James Adams, Jan. 26, 1841, r. Lowell, Mass. 

Hannah b. Jan. 20, 1813, m. Bradley Hosford, Jan. 12, 1837, r. Springfield, Ms. 

Elizabeth b. Oct 23, 1815, m. Edwin O. Carter, May 20, 1845, <L Mar., 1846, 
Chicopee, Mass., a. 30. 

1. Elias Jenks b. Jan. 17, 1777, Woodstock, Ct, d, 1832, Lyme, N. H., a. 55. 
Lavisa Jackson J. Nov. 4, 1778, Cornish, N. H., m. June 24, 1799, r. Lyme, N. H. 

Laura b. Oct 17, 1800, m. Harris Jackson, Sept 13, 1831, d. 1832, Lowell, 

Mass., a. 32. 
Deborah b. May 22, 1802, Lyme, N. H., r. Lyme, N. H. 
John J. Jan. 21, 1804, tn, Marinda Cook, Sept. 8, 1831, r. Lyme, N. H. 
Ruth b. Oct 17, 1806, m. William Avery, Dec 3, 1845, r. Hanover, N. H. 
Calvin b. May 8, 1808, m. Betsey Jane Langworthy, May 1, 1840, r. New 

Fane,N. Y. 
Mary b. Aug. 2, 1812, m. Eli Perkins Neal, Mar. 29, 1841, r. Hanover, N. H. 
Lavisa 3. Feb. 23, 1816, m, James Runnels, Jan. 3, 1839, r. Lyme, N. H. 
Dexter b. Sept 21, 1818, m. Elizabeth Fox, Oct 27, 1843. 
Marshall b. Feb. 8, 1821, r. Lyme, N. H. 
Elias b, Jan. 13, 1823, m. Matilda Lamphire, Nov. 28, 1851. 

2. Ebastus Jenks b. Dec 24, 1778, Lyme, N. EL, r. Lyme, N. H. 
Lucy Cray b. Sept 6, 1783, Peterborough, N. H., ro. May, 1802. 

Pringle b. Sept 21, 1805, r. Lyme, N. H. 

Semantha S. J. Nov. 18, 1808, m. Erastus Grant, Oct 9, 1844, r. Lyme, N. EL 

Sophronia &. June 28, 1812, M. David Thompson, June 14, 1842, r. Lowell, Ms. 

Wilbiam Harris Latham b. June 13, 1788, Lyme, N. H., r. Thetford, Vt 
8. Azubah Jenks b. Feb. 14, 1791, m. Oct. 18, 1809. 

Lucy Harris b. Sept 3, 1810, m. Thomas MacKelley, May, 1833, r. Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 
Azubah ^ Jane 28, 1812, <L Oct 8, 1813, a. 1 1-3. 
William Harris ft. Mar. 6, 1814, m. Lydia McElvain, r. Columbus, Ohio. 
Arthur & Jan. 27, 1816, Thetford, Vt, m. Lura Amelia Congor, r. Cleveland, O. 
Azubah F. b. Aug. 16, 1817, m. Danforth Newton Barney, r. Buffalo, N. Y. 
Nehemiah 4. June 9, 1819, r. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Julianna k Jan. 27, 1821, m. Gardner Bowen Murphey, r. Cleveland, Ohic 
A son d. an infant, May 9, 1822. 



Sarah Ann b. Mar. 27, 1823, nu Nathan Hodge Stockwell, Not. 6 r - 1850, r. 

New York city. , 

Mary Ann b. Mar* 27, 1823, r. Thetford, Vt. 

Charles French 3. Nov. 19, 1824* r. Buffalo, N. Y. * kS- 

Marcia Arabel b. June 17, 1826, d. Feb. 29, 1840, Thetford, Vt., a. 13. 
Gracia Isabel b. June 17, 1826, d. Feb. 22, 1832, o. 5. 
Henry Martyn b. May 7, 1828, r. Thetford, Vt. 
Lavina Janette b. Mar. 18, 1830, d Mar. 10, 1832, a. 2. 
Edward Payson b, Nov. 12, 1831, r. Cleveland, Ohio. 
James Kent Shipherd b. April 26, 1834, r. Thetford, Vt. 


Ltdia Gilbert. Her greatgrandfather, Col. Samuel Gilbert, was one of the first 
settlers of Lyme, N. H., and one of the original proprietors of the town. His son, CoL 
Thomas Gilbert, with his wife, Lydia, and children, removed from Hebron, Ct., to 
Lyme, in 1773. They had seven daughters and one son, viz : Clarissa, who m. Maj. 
James Cook ; Anna m, James Pearson ; Abigail m. John Dimick ; Thomas Lathrop m. 
Sally Dimick and widow Deborah Waite; Lydia m. Jeremiah Bingham; Sally m. 
Joseph Porter ; Betsey m. Dea. Adolphus Dimick, and Polly m. Ezra Conant. All of 
whom reared families and <L in Lyme, except Lydia and Polly, who removed to N. Y. 

Maj. Thomas L. Gilbert, her father, had three sons and three daughters. Micaiah 
Moore m. a daughter of Joel Strong, of Thetford, Vt ; Sarah m. Asa Nelson and John 
Dodge ; Lydia m. Thomas Porter Turner ; Thomas Lathrop m. a daughter of Joseph 
Fletcher, of Thetford, Vt ; Jonathan Franklin m. Flavilla Grant, and now occupies the 
old farm where his father and grandfather both lived and died. Pamelia m. Reuben 
Waite. All have families and reside in Lyme, except Sarah who is in Guildhall, Vt, 
and Lydia who lives in Oberlin, Ohio. 


Phebe Kelly Andrews. Her father and his family, details as follows : — 
Lilbrun Andrews ft. 1758, Boxford, Mass., d. Nov. 12, 1838, Lyme, N. H., a. 80. 
Huldy Towns b. Andover, Mass., m, Lilbrun Andrews. 
Sarah Hews b. Feb. 25, 1758, Danvers, Mass., nu Feb., 1787, r. Lyme, N. H. 

Nathaniel b. Andover, Mass. 

Sarah &. Andover, Mass., d. Mar., 1842. 

John Wyman J. Feb. 2, 1800, Pembroke, N. H., m, Rhoda Carpenter, Dec 27, 
1831, r. Lyme, N. H. 

James b, Pembroke, N. H. 

Phebe Kelly b. June 21, 1802, m. David Tamer, Jan. 22, 1823, r. Lyme, N. H. 

Matilda b. Pembroke, N. H., r- Lyme, N. H. 


* Col. Philip Turneb, of Lyme, N. H., is an active, enterprising and useful man, 
an ardent promoter of the temperance cause, and of all moral and social enterprises 
within the sphere of his influence. 

He was one of the selectmen of the town several years, was early appointed to the 
command of a regiment of New Hampshire Militia, and has been in the commission of 
the Peace many years, in the county of Grafton. 

In his younger days, for many years he was a successful teacher of the public schools, 
and afterwards a superintendent of said schools some fifteen years, in his native town of 
Lyme, where he now resides. 


, Capt. John Tukneb, Esq., son of Judge John Turner, was distinguished as a man 
} of ability, good sense, and discriminating judgment, and succeeded to a good share of the 
influence and usefulness possessed by his father. 


Ho was one of the selectmen and assessors thirty-five years, represented the town in 
the Legislature of the commonwealth twenty years, served as town clerk twenty-eight 
years, was a member of the first and third Provincial Congress at the commencement 
of the Revolution in 1774 and 1775, and was also a member of the convention in Mass., 
which adopted the Constitution of the United States. He was appointed captain and 
raised a company of volunteers and served in the early stage of the war of the Revolu- 
tion, was early appointed a Justice of the Peace, and continued in the office until his 
death in 1820, at the age of eighty-one. 

He was decidedly a practical business man, — affable, liberal, benevolent, and arduous 
in his endeavors to promote moral and social enterprises, and was considered, in a meta- 
phorical sense, as a father of the town. 


Hok. Samuel Adams Turner, son of Col. Charles, is a descendant of Thomas, 
third son of Humphrey. He married Lydia, daughter of Elisha Turner, and they now 
occupy the same farm on which her predecessor, John, first son of Humphrey, resided. 
He has been much employed in public business for the last thirty years ; and, by his 
readiness, suavity and integrity, has secured the respect and confidence of his neighbors 
and a numerous acquaintance. He has for many years served as a Justice of the Peace 
and of the Quorum, has been surveyor of land, and ha3 represented his native town of 
Scituate in both branches of the Mass. Legislature* In 1840 he was appointed by the 
Secretary of War one of the board of visitors to the United States Military Academy, 
at West Point, N. Y. 


u David Turner, Jr. He commenced his classical studies at Thetford Academy, 
Sept., 1835. In Sept, 1836, he entered the classical department at Kynball Union 
Academy, where he completed his preparatory studies. In July, 1837, he entered 
Dartmouth College, where he graduated in July, 1841, and where he afterwards received 
the degree of Master of Arts. In Oct., 1841, he entered the Theological Seminary at 
Andover, Mass., and prosecuted his Theological studies one year. In Oct., 1842, he 
removed to Richmond, Va., where he has since been the Principal of a Classical and 
English school," and where he now resides. 


Col. Royal Turner is a descendant of Jacob Turner, of the third generation. 
Jacob m. Jane Vining, and settled in Weymouth, as a farmer, where he had six chil- 
dren, Jacob, Seth, and others. 

Seth, son of Jacob and Jane, m. Sarah Shaw, and had several children, and among 
them Seth. 

CoL Seth Turner, son of Seth and Sarah, b. 1727, m. Rebecca Vinton, settled at 
Stoughton and thence removed to Randolph, where they both died. He was an ener- 
getic, intelligent and useful man, and a successful agriculturalist. He served in the old 
French war, and was at the taking of Quebec. He also served through the war of the 
Revolution, and a greater part of the time commanded a company in the Mass. line. 

After the close of the war, for several years he had the command of a regiment of 
Mass. militia. His patriotism cost him a large share of a handsome estate, during the 
French and Revolutionary wars. He had seven children who survived him. He died 
at the age of seventy-three, highly respected and much beloved by his numerous descend- 
ants and an extensive circle of devoted friends. 

Seth Turner, Esq., son of CoL Seth and Rebecca, though quite young at the opening 
of the war of the Revolution, enlisted and served three campaigns, a portion of the time, 
under Capt. Vinton, of Weymouth, in the Mass. line. He was orderly sergeant, and, 
after the evacuation of Boston by the British troops, had charge of his company, and 


the battle with others ; however, it gave cause for Capt. Drury to prefer charges against 
him of cowardice* Continuing in the army under Washington, at the seige of Boston he 
was stationed at Dorchester, and assisted in throwing up the fortifications at this exposed 

. At the evacuation of Boston by the British, in' March, 1776, he returned to Grafton, 
after having most honorably served with, his company, and there he continued to take a 
very energetic part on the side of the people, officiating in many civil and military 
capacities. He was appointed by the committee and selectmen, May 19, 1777, to take 
command of the company to guard the State stores then in the town. 

Agreeable to resolves of the House of Representatives of June 30, 1781, at the 
request of Gen. Washington, four regiments were sent to West Point to join the conti- 
nental army for three months. In the expedition Capt. Drury was commissioned as 
one of the Lt Colonels. He remained beyond the term of the enlistment, as Gen. 
McDougall writes to him, u at my pressing instance." And adding, " he has conducted 
himself as a faithful, vigilant officer, insomuch that I beg him to accept my thanks for 
his services-" 

Col. Drury continued to take a very active part in the affairs of the town, and in the 
politics of the times, following the Jeffersonian school. Cherishing the idea that he 
could not be too strenuous, and as he was always fearless when he conceived himself to 
be in the right, he often made enemies which at times gave him serious trouble. Here 
was the cause of his having been implicated in the Shay's rebellion, so called, in 1786. 
He says it was u slander from minds poisoned by party spirit or private pique." Though 
his enemies made reason for his being imprisoned, yet he wa3 strenuous and active 
against all known to be engaged with the mob. At the very time of the stopping of the 
proceedings of the courts at Worcester, he was an officer in defence of government ; and 
his 30ns were drafted into the army and assisted to put down the insurrection. He was 
never indicted for any crime, nor was any charge supported against him, although a full 
and impartial investigation was afterwards had be/ore the Grand Jury. For several 
years immediately subsequent to this time, the town testified their attachment to him, 
and their denial of all traitorous intentions on his part, by sending him to represent them 
in the General Court. 

Selling his property at Grafton, consisting of a grist mill, public house, farm, &c, &a, 
he moved to Marlboro', Mass., where he purchased other valuable property. After a long, 
useful and energetic public and private life, and after political party clamour with its 
rancorous seasoning had subsided, April 1, 1811, he died aged seventy-four; and, by his 
request, was buried among the graves of his relatives and friends in the place of his 
nativity. ♦ 

It is a late day for us to think of doing justice to the character of Col. Drury by 
giving anything like a memoir of his life ; but, with a knowledge of there being many 
imperfections in our account, we hope it will not be esteemed entirely useless in aiding 
us to cherish his memory. 

In connection we beg to be excused for inserting the following Genealogical and His- 
torical Table of the Drury's, which we have been at some considerable trouble to pre- 
pare, supposing it cannot but be interesting to the numerous descendants among the 
Turners emanating maternally from this most respectable family. — T. L. T. 




stationed several months in the Old South Church. He m. Abigail Wales, settled in 

idolph and had two children, Sarah Wales and Royal He was an energetic and 

farmer, and accumulated a handsome estate by perseverance and untiring 

stay, and died United States pensioner, and highly respected, a. 86. 

benjamin graduated at Cambridge, 1791, and settled at Milton, Mass., as a Physician. 

John graduated at Providence, R. I., and settled in the ministry at Alfred, Me. 

m. Luther Thayer, settled at Randolph, and had five children. Her son, George 
Washington m. Catharine French, and settled in Boston, where he is now President of 
16 Exchange Bank, and there resides. 

CoL Royal Turner, son of Esq. Seth and Abigail, graduated at Cambridge, 1813, m. 
■ia White, daughter of Maj. John White, of Weymouth, and has four children. He 
las held many responsible offices in his native town of Randolph ; was cashier of the 
Randolph Bank several years, for the last ten years has been President of the same, and 
is a Director of the Fall River Railroad Company. He is endowed with great enterprise, 
energy and perseverance of character, is a useful and successful man of business, has 
accumulated a large estate by his own exertions, and is a person of high standing and 
influence in the community, both as a gentleman and a man. 
g His son, Seth, has been Cashier of the Randolph Bank, eleven years. 

For further particulars of the families embraced in-this notice, see Part Second, Third 

Ltdia Dburt. The following notice of the death of Mrs. Turner, is taken from 
the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, published in Boston, July, 1849, 
by Samuel G. Drake, Esq. 

Died, " Mrs. Lydia Turner, Antwerp, Jefferson co., N. Y., 25th March, ae. 86, the 
relict of Capt. Joshua Turner, and a pensioner for a number of years prior to her death. 
She was the eldest daughter and third child of CoL Luke Drury of Grafton and Marl- 
boro', Mass., and long since the last of his family of nine children. A numerous progeny 
in children, grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren, are scattered throughout the United 
States, to revere her memory. — T. L. T." 

The father of Mrs. Turner, Col. Drury, the subject of the following sketch, was born 
in Grafton, March 11, 1737. 

Possessed of ' good natural abilities, with strong powers of mind little improved by 
early education, he had everything of the practical in his composition. He was brought 
up at a time when the actual grievances of the.Indians, magnified to their eyes by the 
designing French, created a border warfare which spread through the land, the reports 
of which constantly ringing in his ears, were made none the less horrible by their 
having been related again and again at the Winter's fireside. In constant expectation of 
being turned out as soldiers to protect themselves from the tomahawks and scalping- 
knives of a ruthless foe, it is not strange that the youths of that day should have had 
less of polish than a more congenial time would have elicited. It was in this kind of 
school young Drury commenced his tender age ; and the impressions thus early made, 
were not likely to have been obliterated by the times following in his subsequent life. 

As he advanced he is styled miller, farmer and trader. He is engaged extensively in 
the purchase of real estate ; and in fact in all the various business of an active turn in a 
country town. He officiates as constable and deputy-sheriff, as collector, assessor, select- 
man, &c. Often as moderator, as which he was Sept 5, 1774, at a meeting of the town in 
open, hostile rebellion, bidding defiance to the obnoxious acts of the British Parliament. 

As their captain, on the ever memorable 19th, of April, 1775, he led the Grafton 
minute-men to Concord and Lexington. Under the orders of the Committee of Safety 
of April the 24th of the same year, he enlisted a company, received a commission from 
them, and immediately joined the forces at Cambridge, in theLregiment of Col. Ward. 
With a part of this regiment, on the 17th of June, he was with his company in the 
battle of Bunkers Hill, where they had been " ordered immediately to assist at the 
engagement." Here he lost one man. From some reason their Major did not reach 


m ^mmm 

1 a ". : ' ' !>■''■ — 





Ltdia Dbury, 

(Was bora in England, educated 
DRUE Y. < and was cared for by Hugh, her 
( brother, in New England. 

Jambs Hawkins, 

Jr., bricklayer, of Boston. Had' seven' children, 
born between 1679 and 1693. *±*L _.-. 

— — 


Widow of Edward Fletcher, a non-con- 
formist minister, of Dunsborn Rectory, 
Gloucester county, England, and cutler, 
of Boston, N. England. Married Oct, 
1676. Died, 1680. 





Supposed daughter of Edmund Rice, 
of Barkhamstead, Hertford county, Eng- 
land, and Sudbury, New England. Died 
in Boston, April 5, 1675, aged 47. 

Born in England, 
probably 1616. — 
Was a house car- 
penter. He is sup- 
posed to hare 
. come to N. Eng- 
land from London, under the name of George, when nine- 
teen years of age, with Governor John Winthrop, Jr.'s company, in 1635, 
to assist in forming a settlement at the mouth of the Connecticut river. 
He probably remained there a few years, then returned to Sudbury, Ma., 
where he married, lived, and had a grant of land in 1641. In 1646, he 
moved to Boston, where he engaged extensively in business. In 1654 he became a member of the 
First Church ; and, in 1659, a member of the Artillery company, and its Lieutenant. He died July, 
1689, leaving a property of £729 3s. 8d. He was buried in the Chapel Burial Yard, in Boston, where 
there is a headstone, erected by his grandchildren, to his memory and that of his first wife. 


2. Hugh Dhury, 
Born July 19, 1677. Died 
in infancy. 

1. John Dbubt, 

House carpenter, of Boston, was born in Sudbury, Mass., May 2, 
1646. Was a member of the Old South Church, Mar. 2, 1672. A 
Lieutenant in Indian King Philip's War, 1675. He died 1678, in 
possession of property amounting to £562 15*. Sd., all in Boston. 


• Mabt. 

All search as yet has failed to 
discover her parentage. 


1. Thomas Dbubt, ■ 

Farmer, &c^ born Aug. 10, 1668, in Boston. 
Settled in Framingham, Mass., became much 
distinguished in its town affairs, civil and re- 
ligious. Its first Deputy to the General Court, 
1701. First town clerk, 1700, and continued 
11 years. One of its first selectmen, and con- 
tinued 13 years. Schoolmaster in 1713, and 
acted as conveyancer, &c, &c. Lieutenant in 
1713, and Captain in 1719. 

• Rachel, 

daughter of Hen- 
ry Rice, of Sud- 
bury, born May 
10, 1664, married 
Dec. 15, 1687. 


2. Ltdia. 

3. Mabt, married 
William Aldcn 
of Bost'n,son of 
John, of May- 
flower memory. 

4. Elizabeth. 

— n 

5. Mebct. 

6. John, of Bos- 
ton, born Dec. 
26, 1678, died 
Nov. 1,1 702, in 
Boston, of the 

Mabt, =p> 2. Thomas Dbubt, ^» Sabah, 


Nov. 3, Born in Framing- 
ham, Mass., Ang. 29, 

^ | 1690, married in F., 

j | | and had his first 

11. Manoah, child there, Jan. 12, 

12. Mabt, 1721. Soon after of 

13. Elizabeth. Grafton, where he 
was selectman, and often engaged 

public business. In 1743, styled 

Daughter of Capt Isaac 
Clarke, of Framingham, 
born Aug. 5, 1701, mar- 
ried June 10, 1719, died 
April 10, 1743. 

n I I 

1. Caleb, 

3. John, 

4. Mabt, 

5. Rachel, 

>. Ltdia, 

7. Elizabeth, 

8. Micah, 

9. Uriah. 

1. Thomas, 
in other of its public business. In 1743, styled 2. Sarah, v . 
Lieutenant, 1751, Captain, and continued to take 3. Asia ail, 
an active part in military affairs until his death, 
Dec 2, 1783. 

4. Rachel, 7. Mabt, 

5. Thankful, 9. Martha, 

6. Elijah, 10. Benjamin. 


Mabt =8. Luke dbubt, 

Howland, of Conani- Of Grafton and 
cut, R. I., 2d wife. Marlboro'. Mil- 

ler, Farmer, Con- 
stable, Deputy Sheriff, Capt, Lt Col., 
&c., &c., see account preceding this table. 

• Ltdia, 

Daughter of Eph- 
raim Sherman, of 
Grafton, married 
July 26, 1759. 
Died Sept 11, 
1793, aged 57. 

TV 1 rn rrn 

1. Lckb, 4. Mabt, 7. Austin, 

2. John, 5. Ephraim, 8. Luot, 

3. Ltdia,* 6. Aldsh, 9. Thomas. 

* Maternal ancestor of Larkin Turner, Ac 


mmma^m^SS^ 1. 1 ,1 gj il 

•5= W. 

Capt. Larkin Turner is an apt illustration of the force of character. Born in Graf- 
ton, Mass^ in the house of his grandfather, Col. Luke Drury, a combination of circum- 
stances supplied him with his christian name, which he received, without any relationship 
existing between the families, from Dea. John Larkin, of Charlestown, Mass. Having 
received his preliminary education of six months during the Winters, when nothing 
different cduld be found for him to do, at the age of fourteen he was a put out " to learn 
the trade of a shoemaker. Soon, however, he conceived the idea of entering into some* 
thing more active. His ardent temperament suggested to him the sea; and as his uncle, 
John Drury, was in the practice of medicine at Marblehead, Mass., thither he repaired. 
Here, scarce sixteen years of age, he commenced in his new career under that uncle's 
guidance. And, after passing through all the grades of an arduous seafaring life, resulting, 
at the age of twenty-two, in the command of a vessel from the counting house of that 
prince of merchants, William Gray, Esq. 

A strict disciplinarian, severe as occasion called, cautious in management on shipboard, 
and to his crews ever kind, treating them with parental anxiety. During near forty 
years there were few parts of the world to which he had not navigated, and few experi- 
encing less accidents usually resulting therefrom. 

The want of early education beset him at every turn ; but his indomitable persever- 
ance supplied the deficiency. He gave himself instruction as occasion called for new 
efforts ; enabling him, as a merchant and shipmaster, to take high rank in the business 

His modest and gentlemanly bearing at once gained him friends, and caused in him 
to be placed implicit confidence. In 1831, John Randolph, of Roanoke, then minister 
plenipotentiary to the Russian court, did him the honor to make him his confidential 
agent and bosom friend. And in the years 183G and 1837 he was twice sent, to the 
Massachusetts Legislature, to represent his adopted town of Charlestown, declining the 
tender made to him of a third nomination. 

In 1832, after an eventful life incident only to a sailor, and seeing an extra "shot in 
his locker," he concluded to moor his yet sturdy bark in that happy haven, to him long 
wished for, a harbor on shore. This at the present time he enjoys, in the bosom of his 
family, in perfect health, at his country seat in the patriotic town of Lexington, Mass. 

T. L.T. 

Sallt- Gould was Jhe only child of Deacon Joseph Gould — than whom a better 
man, we are disposed to believe, never lived. Born at South Reading, Mass., Dec 12, 
1764, he was brought up in strict Calvinistic faith; but, residing in Boston in 1791, he 
became acquainted with the Rev. John Murry, who, as he conceived, showed him a 
plainer and more perfect path in which to live and by which to die. For years he was 
a deacon of the Universalist Church in Charlestown, Mass., until his death, which 
occurred in 1834. A more charitable or more kind hearted man it would have been 
difficult to find. Always jocose and lively in conversation, few there are who knew him 
will forget the smiling countenance of " Father Gould." He had often been told that 
" his religion might be well to live by, but he would repent himself of it when on his 
death bed." Bearing this always in mind, the last words he was known to utter, were, 
" I wish all to know that I die full in the faith of universal salvation." — T. L. T. 


List of Physicians, supposed descendants of Humphrey Turner. 

Dr. Benjamin Turner, son of Col. Seth Turner, graduated at Harvard College, 1791, a\ 

Framingham, June 16, 1831, a. 66. 
Dr. David Turner, minister and physician, Rehoboth, d. 1757, a. 63. 
Dr. Henry Turner, Quincy, Mass., d. Jan. 21, 1773, a. 84. 


r. John Turner, Fall River, d. Feb. 1799, a. 83. 
Dr. John Turner, his son, Fall River, <L 21st May, 1823, a, 75. 
Dr. Edward Kitchen Turner, Harvard College, 1771, d. at sea. 
Dr. John Turner, East Greenwich, R. I. 
Dr. Daniel Turner, M. D., Yale College, 1720. 

Dr. Philip Turner, surgeon in Revolutionary war, Norwich, Ct, d. 1815, a. 75. i 
Dr. Smith Turner, New Haven, Ct^ d. 1822, a. 63. 
Dr. John Turner, Troy, N. Y., d. 1823, a. 75. 
Dr. Uriah Turner, New York, d. 1846, a. 46. 
Dr. Charles Turner, Pembroke, Mass., d. 1804, a. 38. 
Dr. T. Larkin Turner, son of Capt. Larkin Turner, r. Boston, Mass. 


Should success attend the disposal of this work, and facts sufficient come up, it may 
be deemed proper, at some future period, to issue another edition of what is, as we con- 
ceive, a decided treasure to the name of Turner. For the able compilation of which, 
Jacob Turner, Esq., of Boston, deserves all praise ; and, for the publication of which, 
we are mainly indebted to the liberality of David Turner, Jr., Esq., of Richmond, Vaw 
To make another edition comparatively perfect, it is earnestly requested that all will 
feel interested in correcting the errors of this, and will furnish data, however trivial, 
wherever they are deficient. It will be seen that with a family as numerous in its 
descent as that of Humphrey Turner, whole branches may have escaped notice, which 
all will admit must have been unintentional. Bearing in mind, that in the mutability of 
things human, records and documents for this purpose are perishing, precluding the 
chance of descendants doing that which your neglect renders impossible at a future day. 
To correct such omissions it is earnestly requested that the necessary facts will be forth- 
coming from the parties themselves. 

This concluding article, justly due to the gentlemen above-named, has been inserted 
at the subscriber's request ; and to whom all corrections, additions and inquiries may be 


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